What We Know About the Upcoming Samsung Galaxy X

Rumors, speculations and bit of official news from Samsung are the building blocks of the great expectations of the new foldable-screen smartphone that we are eagerly waiting for. The technology behind this, as some call it ‘iPhone X killer’ took some time to mature, and it seems that the moment has come.

Samsung has been pioneering in many devices, such as phablet, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that they’ll be the first ones to apply the newest technology.

Upcoming Samsung Galaxy X


This is the technology of the future, and we share this belief with Samsung. The consumers are getting bored with small upgrades to something that isn’t completely fresh, new and original. But, are they really ready? Is the market going to embrace the Samsung X? The chances are it will. According to the surveys the company has conducted there is a considerable market for what Samsung has prepared. This only means one thing: there has to be much more to it than a folded screen.

Call me by my name

Call me by my name


So far, there is no official information on the name of the new Samsung launch, initially known as Galaxy X. However, rumor has it that the new phone may actually be named Galaxy F, where F stands for “foldable”. Some leaks suggest that Galaxy X will, in fact, be a gaming phone. Be that as it may, we will just have to wait and see what Samsung is cooking up.

Save the date

Initially, Samsung hinted that the release of its long-awaited new device could happen in November 2024. According to the announcement that came from the CEO of the Samsung’s mobile division, DJ Koh, we could hear more details about the Galaxy X at the Samsung Developer Conference in San Francisco, and the device could even be unveiled on this occasion. Mr. Koh admitted that the process of producing the first truly foldable phone was “complicated”, but claimed that Samsung has “nearly concluded” it.

However, November is just around the corner, and there is still no official statement on whether the device will be released this year, let alone offered in stores. Moreover, there has been increasing speculation of whether or not the launch will take place this year at all. Leaks suggest that it could happen in 2024, at one of the two most popular tech expos in January at CES 2024 or in February at MWC 2024.

According to some earlier findings, there are two possible new Samsung releases. The first, limited release will be aiming lower, targeting the gaming niche (allegedly Galaxy X), whereas the second one will follow in the second half of 2024, focusing on a large-scale commercial use. It does sound like you are reading a prophecy, but, for the time being, that’s just what we’ll have to settle for.


Well, with all of the advanced features and the high-end technology, you cannot expect the Galaxy X to come at a cheap price. Some initial estimations are that it could cost approximately $1,850. It remains yet to be seen if the speculated price brings us value for money, or is it all about the foldable design. The truth will unfold!

However, hopefully, there’ll be enough money in your wallet. For certain,  once Galaxy X arrives, it’s going to be much easier to choose a phone than a wallet. In case you’re in doubt about the latter check out the best money clip wallets 2024 review.


Rumors about the new Samsung being a gaming phone have already been mentioned, and if there is any truth to this leak, we can expect some powerful specifications. If there’s one thing that’s certain about the Galaxy X or whatever its name might be, it is that it’s going to be foldable. When folded, it is going to resemble a wallet, except that there will be a small part of the screen left visible for incoming notifications. This will be done using a 6-axis sensor which will be able to detect when the phone is folded and based on it expand the second display with additional functions. In addition, the new Samsung will allegedly be released under the Galaxy Note line and, therefore, it will be compatible with the Note’s S Pen stylus and resembling the Galaxy Note 9.

OLED display panels

It is speculated that the Galaxy X could have a seven-inch display. No wonder it is foldable! But what happens when you fold it and put it in your pocket? Can you easily break it? The really great news is that Samsung’s upcoming flexible OLED displays may be used for the Galaxy X. Not only are OLED display panels flexible, but they are also unbreakable! Haven’t we all been desperately waiting for this to happen? This cutting-edge technology is the company’s year-long project which was introduced at CES 2013 for the first time. If we judge by the time it took this idea to mature and turn into something feasible, we can really get our hopes up about the Galaxy X. In addition to this pioneering technology, according to some leaks, the phone could have as much as four rear cameras!


When it comes to high-energy consuming smartphones, it seems like we got used to the battery that can’t make it to the end of the day. Well, apparently, this will not be the case with the Galaxy X, as its superior battery could have a capacity of an astonishing 6,000 mAh.


The fully flexible Galaxy X will be able to fold across its length which makes it a perfect fit for your pocket and gives it a totally futuristic design.



When stretched out, it transforms into a 7’’ screen, similar to an average size tablet. Besides, if you liked having a framed screen, there are some bad news for you. Apparently,  Galaxy wants to completely get rid of bezels in its newest release and introduce an all-screen design.


It seems like Samsung is trying to work its way up the sales rankings with its upcoming Galaxy X device. After a 20 percent decline in sales in 2024, the company may be coming back on top in great style and if what we heard through the grapevine is true, the comeback could be for good. As for the consumers, well, if the OLED technology starts to gain ground, the biggest draw is that we will not need to worry about carrying our oversized devices that can easily slip out of our hands and break.

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