It’s Time Your Business Got a Mobile App. Here’s Why

Every marketer knows that to survive and even thrive in today’s digital landscape, they need to adopt multiple channels of communication. Usually, when people think of that, they picture social media. And while that’s not wrong, it’s not exactly utilizing everything a business has at its disposal. Or, rather, what the customers have – smartphones.

According to Statista, the number of people in the world who own a mobile phone is set to pass the 5 billion mark in 2024. That’s an insane amount of people tapping away at a tiny screen every day. Yet most businesses never think to take advantage of this to reach their customers directly where they are: through a mobile app.

The average person has around 80 apps installed on their phone, and many download new ones each month. A business who can create an app that’s convenient and useful to them will see a return on investment from that platform.

That’s a pretty good argument for any business to start thinking about creating their own mobile app. Still not convinced? Then have a look at these six reasons why having a mobile app is good for business.

  1. More Channels Equals More Profits

Any new platform or mode of communication opens up new ways to reach customers, which means more ways to make profits. Businesses want to utilize relatively inexpensive modes of communication to reach as many people as possible. Mobile is perfect for that. Plus, a mobile app is a direct line to the customer, with push notifications making it that much easier to reach them.

Another big advantage of mobile apps is online booking and payment. These days (millennials especially) prefer quick and easy ways to book and pay for services via their phones.

  1. Building Stronger Relationships

A mobile app allows businesses to create their own information space. Of course, all of the other customer touchpoints still matter. But a mobile app helps get customers further along the sales funnel in a much more focused way. It also provides a way for companies to put forward a friendly face that customers can trust and relate to. Which is something that’s sorely missing in many industries.

Apps are also a pretty easy way to stay on a person’s radar when it’s sitting right there within easy reach on their phone. People are much more likely to remember something when they’re constantly seeing it, after all. Making this a more viable option than trying to get them to remember the company website.

  1. Increased Customer Loyalty

By allowing for convenient functions and personalization, an app can help create a more loyal customer base. Functions that allow them to save on time or effort, like booking or paying ahead will keep them coming back. Special offers, promotions, and loyalty programs provided through the app will increase that incentive even more.

  1. Streamlined Operations

Mobile apps aren’t just for customers – they can help streamline business operations too. From integrating time management throughout the workspace to creating a platform where important group conversations can be shared.

It’s actually quite common for businesses to create mobile platforms that allow their employees to collaborate. Just keep in mind that sharing any important files or information over a mobile comes with some security concerns. So consider placing additional security systems in place – like online VPNs, password managers, as well as two-factor authentication on the app.

  1. A Continuous Supply of Analytics

Businesses who understand their customers will invariably do better than those that don’t. A mobile app allows for a lot of insight into what customers want and how they interact with the business and app. This, in turn, can help companies improve the way they offer their services, and help do away with business activities that aren’t profitable.

An app can provide a lot of data about the customers as well, including their demographics, interests, and in some cases, their geolocation. Businesses can learn a lot from this information and tailor their entire customer experience to align with their audience’s needs.

  1. A Competitive Edge

Even with all of the benefits that a mobile app provides, shockingly few businesses are jumping on the opportunity. There’s virtually no competition in this area yet, creating the ideal space for an innovative company to monopolize the market.

It won’t stay that way forever, of course. But a company who starts using mobile as one of their marketing tools now will have a much bigger foothold in the future.

In Summary

There are billions of mobile users the world over, and their attention is a rare commodity that companies have to fight for. Many turn to social media, yet few take advantage of the untapped mobile app market. Those who do turn their marketing efforts to mobile now will reap the rewards while competition on the platform is still low.

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