Scope of Digital Marketing in future as Career

According to the analysts, Digital marketing is one of the most rising sectors and the globe should get Digital by 2024, thereby generating more career opportunities. The digital economy continues to expand ten times faster than the conventional economy.

Different items grab your eye when surfing the internet, such as funny memes, gifs, photos, viral videos, advertisements, Smartphone apps, etc. Have you ever wondered who’s making those advertisements or memes? How do they even know what the theme is? If all of these questions pop up in your head and excite you then the best choice you can make is a career in Digital Marketing.

Scope of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is one of the most exciting and flexible sectors, a thriving industry not only in India but across the globe. With nearly all businesses going online in their marketing activities, demand for digital marketers is growing at a rapid rate and opening doors for lots of job seekers.

The career scope in the industry attracts the masses, and this is one of the reasons that different professionals are learning the course to get into the industry. Digital Marketing’s current market status shows it is at its peak and will remain so for obvious reasons. The average wage package for a digital marketing professional is Rs 5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh a year as of 2024, according to Experienced professionals earn in the range of Rs. 15- 25 Lakh.

Pros of Digital Marketing

  • Even with the increasing gap between the demand and the supply of Digital Marketing professionals, the digital marketer’s average salary is much higher than in other industries.
  • It provides various career opportunities. When you enjoy coding, you can pick a web design career or go for digital marketing if you like blogging.

Cons of Digital Marketing

  • One of the greatest cons of a digital media career is that it lacks structure. Such formal education or qualification does not occur in the respective region.
  • In short, digital marketing is crucial to any business. Most self-disciplined marketers have no real expertise that helps them to deliver professional services that affect a company.

Why Digital Marketing?

  • The world is going digital and by 2024 all businesses around the world, including India, will have an online presence, creating a lot of career opportunities.
  • You can dress up boring formals as you like so say bye bye-bye.
  • The field is democratic. With technology evolving every day, you need to continually develop your digital marketing skills so your career continues to grow.
  • It provides various career opportunities. If you love coding, you can go for web design or if you’re a born blogger, go for marketing content, etc.
  • You don’t have to spend sleepless nights mugging formulas you will never use in your life.

Major Roles in Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Executive:

Social media jobs are one of the coolest jobs but don’t just mistake it for Tweeting and Facebooking, it’s more. As an executive/manager in social media, you are expected to track the current developments in social media and prepare plans, accordingly, constantly communicate with the marketing department and customer support staff, produce premium content or video, etc. Knowledge of all the social media platforms and a great deal of creativity is a must for this role.

  • Content Marketer:

If you think you could write better than you already have on the web, then you’re perfect for this role. A content marketer ‘s responsibilities include creating content that has all the qualities to go viral, ensuring content is well promoted through SEO, coordinating with other teams, incorporating their inputs into content, following content trends, etc. You’ll need an impeccable knowledge of the English language along with a lot of imagination to get into content marketing.

  • PPC/SEM Expert:

These people create the sometimes useful and sometimes irritating ads which we mentioned above. We create a lot of leads for the business and hence competition for PPC practitioners is strong. You can handle PPC / SEM keywords, break ad classes, optimize landing pages, produce data, provide recommendations for ad copies and graphics, etc.

  • Digital Marketing Director:

You may argue that this is one of the top Digital Marketing positions. To achieve this position, one must have at least 5-7 years of Digital Marketing experience. The role of Digital Marketing Manager / Director is accountable for budding strategies for the overall marketing development that will drive more traffic, undertake digital marketing campaigns, enhance and regularly update the website, etc.

  • Web Developer and Web Designer:

They are the people who are accountable for those awesome websites you find on the internet. Web developer and web designer terms are used interchangeably but a web developer’s role is a specific one whereas web designer does many things. As a web developer/designer, you will be responsible for the engine, coding, and alteration of websites to make it beautiful and user friendly. Moving into this position includes advanced knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, and web programming.

  • SEO Executive:

If the company does not have people who can promote it, a well-designed website will be of no use and the company hires SEO executives who ensure that the company’s website is all over the web. Executives of the SEO services are responsible for getting website traffic and improving Google rankings. They have to make sure the website content is search friendly, conduct keyword research, research on SEO tools, build and submit sitemaps, etc.

Scope in Digital Marketing

The most wanted job prospect in modern years is digital marketing. Statistics reveal that the digital marketing industry is booming worldwide-in the very first quarter of 2017 providing 8 lakhs jobs. In the first quarter of 2024,, the biggest career site, revealed and promoted work opportunities for as many as 13,000 digital marketing practitioners through its platform.

In the past year (2017) the USA itself generated 49,000 qualitative digital marketing jobs. However, 91 percent of top employers view qualification as the primary requirement for recruiting, while 48 percent can pay qualified applicants a higher wage. So internet marketing training during the hiring process proves highly rewarding for you.

It serves as a recruitment tool for digital media leading to a lot of work openings for young people. There is nothing regional, therefore; it’s a national alarm for graduates who are all looking for an inviting career. Now let’s get a brief over the benefits of a career in digital marketing. Benefits of using Digital Media as a profession

  • Massive Job Opportunity:

The magic weapon for brands and companies is to be secure, eco-friendly, reachable, powerful, customer experience, and observable digital marketing. The work openings in digital marketing are rising as more and more companies enter the online bandwagon for a broader market-reach. Unlike other employment sectors, this arena is an all-season field. Too tempting, people, to turn a blind eye!

  • Flexibility:

The digital marketing industry is celebrating a very open culture. With technology development skills and methods, empiricism retains a significant portion of it and this moves you up to be the next marketer standard. Within the digital marketing sector, there are countless sub-branches such as SEO analyst, Social Media marketing director, online reputation management director, digital marketing manager, PPC specialist, and so on. And so is the selection of compensation packages.

  • Higher Paid Profile:

One of the highest-paid employment profiles is the digital marketing profession. Google says the senior digital marketing manager’s national average salary is $95.415 and it’s Rs 447, 346. The real wage continues to test the acceleration theory – ever-rising – by at least 30 percent YOY.

  • Digital Marketing Certification:

Sixty percent of professionals think that certification has led them to a new job. It is therefore ideal to join a digital marketing institute to get experts to certify and grasp marketing tools and techniques.


Each passing day, online marketing services are gaining momentum. The opportunities for digital marketers are immense, as more and more people are getting online. The details above will help you embark on a digital marketing career.

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