SEO Backlink Strategy Guide 2024

What is Backlink?

A backlink refers to the hyperlinks included directing a user from one page to another. For example, say you have an escape room company, and you post frequent blogs and articles about the escape games and events held at the different escape rooms around the world. And you have a post that talks about the ten best virtual escape rooms to enjoy with your family. To make it easy for the reader to understand your content and find it informative, you include links to those online escape games in your article. These links are known as backlinks, and they will boost the traffic flow and crowd of the game companies you have mentioned in your post.

Similarly, if someone talks about one of your escape games and links it to your webpage, it becomes a backlink for you and brings more user crowding and clicks to your website from that single post. And if you multiply it with the multiple backlinks from other websites, imagine how much revenue and traffic you can get in a short period. It will help you get your web pages featured on top of the organic search and result page in a cost-effective and optimized way and elevate your overall ranking in the market. What’s more? The Google algorithm focuses on websites referred by more users and having more backlinks distributed on the internet. Therefore, the more you have suitable backlinks in your posts, the better they will perform once you upload them online.

So, how can you accomplish it? By creating user-friendly SEO content and practicing strategic backlink techniques. Here is an SEO Backlink Strategy Guide from our side that will help you take your business to a greater height in 2024:

I. Understand the fundamentals of link building

Link building is the crucial part of creating your website and promoting your business. And in 2024, it will be a valuable part of the SEO strategy in the marketing industry. From fixing your hyperlinks to making one-way backlinks and improving the performance of your website connections on the search engine, it is all part of the link-building fundamentals. You can take the help of practical marketing tools and software applications for detecting customer visitation and click rates on your web pages and social media posts.

When Google entered the world of the search engine, things changed for everyone. It targeted and gave a higher ranking to the pages linked more by the users. And this algorithm has provided web browsers with quality content for a long time and kept those titles trending for a longer duration in the market. So, before you sit down to plan for your backlinks, remember why it is so necessary for your website and how you can make full use of it to grow your business.

II. Get high-quality links.

The next step involves for you to get high-quality links. There are certain things to remember while adding backlinks to your website, such as the page ranking and how influential and reliable the sitewide authority is. You will see the difference for yourself after implementing it. For example, your website will get more benefits and recognition on the organic search page if you add a link from a well-known site rather than some non-recognized blogging page. And while you may struggle with getting the links, no sooner do they pay a lot for your web page if you manage to get one for yourself.

You can rely on different marketing tools to find how relevant a website is and its domain rating and ranking. While you may find a decent link to a big website, but it won’t pay off in the end if it isn’t relevant and has low domain authority. Also, if the site’s theme won’t match with yours, it will only drop your view rates and create bounces instead. It vastly matters how you work on getting quality links for using them on your page.

III. Focus on good content marketing

After getting the high-quality links, placing them suitably in your post, and using the necessary means to make it relevant to your topic, the next part comes to publicizing it to get more views. And how can you accomplish it? Through content marketing and promotion. That’s right, waiting for your posts to have a boost in views and more clicks won’t work. You need to rely on different marketing strategies and advertising sources to generate traffic for your content and website.

For starters, you can implement visually pleasing formats like pictures, diagrams, and infographic charts in your articles or blogs. They both are beautiful to look at and easy to share and create backlinks for your page instead of the usual text-based details. Also, creating lists and putting originally-researched data in your content makes it reliable for sharing and suited for linking for a long time in any industry.

IV. Use more email strategies.

It is always a great idea to expand your website influence through powerful backlinks with the help of email outreach. The idea is to find and link with other bloggers and content writers without getting labeled as spam. Here are some steps that you can follow to achieve it:

  • Search for linkers who would like to connect with you. Use your keywords and create backlinks through any link analysis tool on the websites that you find suitable.
  • Once you have found a linker suiting to your idea, you can find their email address through a contact finding and reaching app or application.
  • After you have found their email address, send them a well-written letter/text for reaching out to them. Remember to be friendly without dropping your professional nature. In this way, you can create more space for personalization and generate efficient backlinks for your website.

V. Be mindful of the Black Hat links.

A black hat link is named as such when it goes against the rules of the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The penalty varies, but it isn’t even worth the little reward you may be able to dish out for your business. So, to avoid getting the black hat links, only go for creating white hat SEO links that do not guide the user to any spammy blog or some shady website.

The Google algorithm works in various ways to corner such websites, but as far as the measures are concerned, they first detect those websites that they find are falsely benefiting from the system at the expense of the user’s interest and search results and put it under the review process.

And once your post gets tagged for black hat links, it will only lower your performance and push you back down. But you can recover from the penalty by removing the bad backlinks and filing your article for reconsideration. Hence, the good way to deal with it is by keeping your profile clean and devoid of shady links and guest posts, as you wouldn’t want to lose your audience build-up and views by making black hat links and getting charged for damages.

VI. Build proper and working links.

Sometimes, to build and design backlinks for your website, you need a little more than just the ideas and resources. A well-laid-out strategy is equally vital in this process. Let us understand this whole process through the steps discussed below:

  • Use more links to resource pages. Resource pages are meant purposely for being linked. Thus they are the ideal choice for target backlinks. You can mix keywords and search strings on Google to find resource pages.
  • Analyze the page and see if it will be appropriate for linking your content to this website. Keep in mind its rank, authority, and theme.
  • And finally, when you are satisfied with your findings, send a proper and personalized text script to the authority/author.
  • Remember to find your broken links and fix them regularly. More linkages usually cause one of them to get faulty and disrupt the user experience on your website. So, it is better to have them repaired soon.

VII. Add new stories and case studies.

One of the biggest influencers in creating backlinks for your website is new stories and case studies. When you use real-life examples, they help in boosting your link-building action. Case studies with a positive outlook and a beneficial conclusion provide a relatable source for your readers and create an emotional connection between them and your posts. It helps the customers to stay hooked to your articles and come back to your website time and again. And such loyal and subscribed customers will aid in sharing and spreading the word about your website and company by intercommunicating your content with others.

Therefore, to gain backlinks and boost your organic traffic, you can combine the reader experience and authoritative white-hat backlinks to spread awareness about your content on other platforms and build a relationship with other content writers and website owners. Also, paying attention to your broken links and fixing them makes you come off as an authoritative person with real and believable facts that people can rely on at any time.

VIII. Go for advanced backlinks.

Often, people miss out on linking to your website when talking about your brand. And many times, other content creators end up using your images and infographics without mentioning your website. And here’s where the advanced backlink strategy comes in handy. You can use the reverse image searching techniques and run applications to track the websites with unmentioned sources of your brand and gently persuade them to add suitable links to your page on their posts where you have a mention.

Apart from working on your content, you can feature yourself by interviewing on Podcasts to advertise your brand and spread awareness regarding your enterprise. Since they are available on any topic, you can benefit tremendously by being a guest there. It will save you the time of preparing and editing guest posts and gain easy links by talking about your work and business.


The above list was our guide for strategically building backlinks for your website in 2024. We hope it will be beneficial for your business and help you grow and flourish in the market in the upcoming future. You can add your methods and design more unique ideas to further expand your SEO backlink tips in 2024. Start from one step and take it slowly, and you will be comfortable following and implementing them without any trouble in the long run.

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