10 Factors to Consider Before You Think About Doing SEO for Your Business

Trying to figure out why your website is not working the way you intended it to? One of the most common reasons for this can be a lack of SEO utilisation. The world of SEO keeps on evolving and changing every day because of the new algorithms introduced frequently. However, there are some fundamental principles that remain constant, and if you know how to ace the game of these, you can easily make your web page rank at the top level.

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation refers to the ways by which you can improve the qualitative and quantitative traffic on your website through the help of search engines. The best part about SEO is that it ties the user base with the owners of the brand and helps them grow. No matter the industry, SEO can benefit any business with an online presence, from clothing stores to breakout escape rooms to grocery delivery services.

Why is the Importance of SEO?

The use of SEO allows potential leads to see your brand and webpage and helps in the engagement from the organic audience. Knowing what people are looking for helps establish a connection with the customers. When you go to the Google webpage and search for a particular brand or piece, the search results are automatically saved with google algorithms. Google combines these search results to give an optimised search page to the users.

SEO is a combination of keywords, phrases, images, and speed, which, when appropriately used, helps in attracting organic traffic. The organic shares receive a larger amount of click shares which helps in the expansion of business. And what is better than having customers without spending huge

sums of money from your pocket. The generation and usage of backlinks is also an essential part of SEO that helps spread information about your brand.

Top 10 Tips to Consider Before Doing SEO

It is important to understand that the use of SEO can be tricky and can take ages to figure out. So, you need to examine each factor before going all-in with your resources carefully. To ease the process for you, we have prepared a list of the top tips you should consider before utilising SEO for your business.

1. Ace the Speed of Your Site

Earlier, we used to wait for the web pages to load for straight-up 5 minutes. But now, if a web page takes more than 15 seconds to load, we shift to some other website. This is how quickly the mentality of customers has changed because of the plethora of options they get. The slow pages can frustrate the users and hinder them from buying your products.

This delay can be because of a huge load on the webpage because of many users trying to access the only site. The next possible reason could be some error in the programming. You must eliminate these chances of delay so that your page is active and being used by the users effectively.

2. Linking to Other Websites:

The importance of external linking is unavoidable. And yet it is the most common error while forming a webpage or website. When you are linking to other websites, you must link them externally to authorised content pages. A regular linking to trusty websites helps google in recognizing the data and thus, ranking it on the search page.

Link to pages only that add some value to your content. Otherwise, your content would be of no use. You can notify the other website when you are linking them. If your post is valuable to their business, there are chances that they might link back to you. This further increases the chance for sharing the posts or blogs and opens your page to a huge base of customers.

3. Writing for the Audience:

Another most common mistake that website designers and content writers make while writing content is that they focus on writing for the Search Engines. However, it is important to serve the search engines, and it is also imperative that you put the main emphasis on writing for the audience base. Because ultimately, they are the ones who will be reading and buying from you.

Many online websites can help you examine whether the content is safe for the users or not. It is pretty contrasting, but writing helpful content that values the needs of the customers will help you get rewarded by the search engine follow users. This also comes with the added perk of helping build trust and enhancing the user experience with your audience.

4. Ask for External Linking:

When the sites that have been authorised by Google link to your website, it helps in raising the ranking of your webpage. Some ways by which you can do this is either by writing for their pages. You can register for them and include your links on their pages. This will attract the customers from their page to yours and hence generate organic traffic.

You can also do this by cold-emailing to the web pages, and if they find your content useful, they will automatically rank it for you. Remember that content marketing is all about making the most of the data by linking and engaging people.

5. Write Unique and Useful Meta Descriptions:

The first instinct of a user is that they judge how well the page or the product would be by looking at the meta descriptions. Writing these descriptions can be difficult, and hence, you mustn’t just blindly copy descriptions to your page. One great way to ensure that you are getting the best out of your meta description is by making it catchy and a little informative. You should not be using the same meta description for every site, or there will be no differentiation for your page.

6. Use Simple URL Structure:

Remember when we used to use crazy fancy usernames for our social media accounts and then regret them later? In the same manner, fancy URLs might look great at first glance, but repetitively they can get monotonous and challenging to use. If the users are not able to read or understand your URL, chances are pretty high that the users won’t be able to either.

7. Build a Strong Social Signal:

Social media plays an integral part in deciding the success of your webpage. If you are a newbie to SEO, then social media is your best friend. You should focus more on creating content that is share-worthy across social media platforms. Adding share buttons to the posts makes them visible to the customers. You can even hold social media content and link to other social media personalities to create awareness about your product.

8. Use Right Keywords:

Keywords are words that have been formulated after a series of searches from the users by Google. They are one of the most important things while you are writing an article. The keywords can be short for 2-3 words or longer for 4-5 words. Another aspect is where you could use keywords with images. Google is now using images as an important part of SEO for ranking websites. The right keywords, when used in image names and texts, help in better navigation by the customers.

9. Be Consistent:

Whether it be any field, the key to attaining success is actively consistent. There are many benefits to this. First, you can bring up more content that helps you get better feedback from the audience. You can easily examine which content is more readable and favoured by the customers and which is not, and thus, plan your content accordingly.

Another benefit of consistency is that it helps in notifying the users about the new products or new blogs. This will be a long-term benefit as it will keep the customers aware of when to check the webpage again.

10. Use Web Analytics:

Web analytics is a way to check what is being favored by the customers and what is not. This is a beneficial tool as it helps in deciding the direction of the content you should produce. Web analytics also help you in figuring out where you have been going wrong and where most of the customers are from. This will directly affect the flow of consumers on your page.


When you are creating content, think of the quality rather than focusing just on the quantity. Content that looks well sells well. Some additional tips like updating the content regularly and creating backlinks to your page are beneficial. You should also have a close eye on your competitors’ work and analyse how they can attract more customers.

We hope these SEO tips were helpful for you. If you follow these tips and use them consistently, your traffic and rankings are bound to go higher. Whether you are a newbie or an old horse in the industry, these SEO tips would still help in the growth of your business.

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