How Social Media Management Tools helps to save your Time and Boost your sales?

Social Media Management tools

Managing your social media is crucial in developing your online presence and boosts your sales. At times, you may be confused about the implementation of the right way. Yes, we got you an answer. Social media management is better employed by using a few social media management tools.

These tools allow you to cover all aspects of social media platforms and improve your presence and traffic. Ultimately, it leads to an increase in your sales. Starting from understanding your target audience to improving your reach, everything requires a basic analysis. To explore more on the social media management tools, read this article till the close.

Here, we explain the top 10 exclusive tools that you can use to enhance your sales through social media management and social media marketing. Here, we go!

Top 10 Social Media Management Tools

Social media is a powerful tool that helps you reach a wide range of people. Hence, managing your social media is vital. Now, glance at the top 10 social media management tools that help you boost your sales and save time.

We have also stated the features for your better understanding. Check it out and make a pretty great choice.

1) Revive Old Post

It is the prime social media management tool that you can use to revive your old content. Further, it allows you to fetch desired pictures from your blog sites and upload them in all your wanted social media shares. It is one of the social media scheduling tools which allow you to specify the time and days wherein you need to share.


  • Suitable for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, And Tumblr
  • Controls include title, hashtags, tags, and texts in the post
  • Share any media that is allowed in the particular social media platform
  • Automatic fetch of hashtags
  • Pricing begins from $75

2) Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is a professional social media management tool that you can use to make graphics, videos, and even posters for your social media handles and web pages. Sharing through email is also possible in this case. It is easy for anyone to upload it on your device and cloud storage. The unique characteristic of Adobe Spark is you get access to around thousands of free online images.


  • Highly professional tool
  • Multiple fonts and design access
  • Get access to ultimate and professional fonts
  • Sharing through social media is possible
  • Easy to transport via emails
  • Top-notch layouts and colors
  • A limited free plan is accessible
  • Pricing begins from $8.99/month

3) CoSchedule

Management concerning organizing makes an accurate combo. Only when you organize things way better, you can effectively manage onto them. There is an interactive tool named CoSChedule, which you can use to schedule your social media posts using its social calendar feature.

The social inboxing feature is also feasible in this case, as you can build your community with this. Supporting your customers by answering your customer as fast as you is an advantage. Campaign performance can be traced instantly. No matter what, you can gain valuable insights and boost your sales using this social media management tool. The Analytics features you find in CoSchedule identify the best content for your social media handles.


  • Works as a prime social media scheduling tool
  • Improve your online sales by actively interacting with your potential audience
  • Best suitable for social media networking sites
  • Increase traffic, reach, and engagement
  • Allows you to share effective content on perfect time
  • Fetching of Analytic report is possible
  • Pricing begins from $9/month

4) Canva

Canva is making a revolution in the field of design. Anyone can use Canva with ease in a minute. You get default templates wherein you can just edit on things and create a wondrous design. Almost most of the graphic designing experts have switched to Canva to make revolutionary designs.

Though one party is not satisfied with the ease in the design feature of Canva, most people find Canva as a gift of the present design domain. The Presence of free Canva templates makes it popular among designers. Not only designers, but it is also a proper tool for non-designers.


  • 100+ free templates
  • More templates in the paid version
  • Uploads storing options
  • Handy illustrations, shapes, frames, and much more
  • Free stock photos
  • Suitable for almost all the design types
  • Paid versions start at $9.95/month
  • Compatible with presentation
  • Make an attractive corporate pitch, presentations, menu, and so forth.

5) SOCi

If you are a multi-location marketer, here, SOCi is for you. You can manage your local presence much straightforward with this wonderful social media management tool. The tool allows anyone to create and share libraries.

Having worked in multiple locations, it becomes difficult for anyone to keep on branding consistency. In such a case, if you operate your online sales and presence with the SOCi social media management tool, it is an added plus. Being also a social media scheduling tool, you can optimize content and share in on your desired time and date.


  • Maintain accuracy
  • Consistency is at its top
  • Business listing and networking is possible
  • Sending notification for real-time responses
  • SmartBot for conversational feature
  • Chatbots linked with FB messenger
  • Pricing depends on the custom needs of the purchaser.

6) Google campaign URL builder

Collaborating with different influencers is key to a massive improvement in your business. Additionally, there is a chance of getting huge traffic. When more people visit your site, there is a huge chance of many becoming your long term customers.

So, it is the hidden strategy that you find on Google campaign URL builder. You can easily host any of the campaigns, track it, and set up is done with ease. All you need to do is filling on a few parameters to employ a campaign. The marketing partners find it is an easy and straightforward method.


  • Campaign organization
  • Data management
  • Track campaign performance
  • Easy to find service
  • Performance on a good phase

7) SocialOomph

It is one of the coolest social media management tools, as stated by most of its users. Here, you can easily manage your client’s social media postings and schedule. It means you can employ it for social media marketing and digital marketing purpose.

You can also set a timer to delete the outdated content. The feature is known as a self-destructing poster feature. It is the prime feature that sets this tool unique from others. It reduces your work of manual deleting and checking.


Easy to use

  • Scheduling is possible
  • Check the specific time
  • As you schedule for posting, you can also schedule for deleting
  • Publishing limits can be ser
  • Creating value-added blog posts is possible
  • Get feed entries without interruption
  • Ease to publish
  • Work well as a team
  • Manage your clients handle as well

8) Sendible

Looking for a cool social media management tool that covers around 20+ social media and networking sites? If yes, check out Sendible. Sendible has been a reliable social media management tool that you can use for social media, social networking sites, and even blogs.

At times, people use it for their websites too. It is purely a social media scheduling tool. You can organize your mail listings, blogs, and so forth. No wonder if someone says it as one such prime tool everyone should use to boost their sales.


  • Check messages
  • Respond to chats instantly
  • Everything is availed in your dashboard
  • Social network scheduling
  • Interactive calendar planning
  • Reviewing of your campaigns
  • Positing is regulated
  • Accessing multiple networking sites
  • Availability of 14-day free trial
  • Pricing starting from $24/month

9) Wistia

Social media management tools are always crucial in boosting the sale. Because, with a proper posting schedule and design, you can attract all the potential customers. Yes, we talk about the attractiveness of a profile. You can work on exclusive videos to attract the crowd.

For the same, Wistia is of great help. You can organize the videos and playlists effectively. They include recording and video editing.


  • Work on customizing videos
  • Video making and editing
  • Quality recording feature
  • Add CTAs
  • Ad-free service
  • Viewer data is accessible
  • Target existing viewers
  • Limited free account
  • Paid pricing begins from $99/month

10) Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one social media management tool anyone can use with ease. You can create, shape, and manage posters. Further, you can add infographics, demographics, statistics, and other data. It covers around 35+social media or social networking sites.

You can add filters to the existing social media posters, and add elegance to the new posters. Social media scheduling is possible is a high level. You can promote your posts anywhere at any time. It is easy to look at the target viewers.


  • Post scheduling
  • Save time and energy
  • Ease to use, manage, and share content
  • Best content promotion
  • Auto-schedule setting
  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Pricing begins from $29/month

Things to Consider While Choosing the Right Social Media Management Tool

Choosing the right social media scheduling tool needs proper analysis. On knowing the below-mentioned factors, you will understand exactly what you need.

  • Pricing

Check to price is mandatory in purchasing the right social media management tool. It is because most of the services offer discounts with authenticity. So, choosing the one with minimal cost and perfect service is fine.

  • Reviews

Choosing the tool that has high positive reviews and usage is the best choice. In short, it is a wise choice. The more you read reviews, the higher you get to know about the tools’ pros and cons. Ultimately, it allows you to make a great choice.

  • All in one tool

If you can find an ultimate all in one tool, don’t pause, afford it instantly. For the same, just check the pricing. If everything works well with your needs, you can go on with all in one tool.

Why Use Social Media Management Tools?

  • Schedule your posts

Now, using social media scheduling tools, you can schedule the perfect time of posting. It saves you time and does its work without fail.

  • Delete outdated content

Certain social media management tools also self-destruction. All you need is to set the time, rest will happen automatically. A perfect tool to stay updated.

  • Get insights

On getting the insights, you can easily find what is needed and what is not. It can help you in formulating the accurate strategy demanded to boost your online presence. Ultimately, improving sales is possible.

  • Create graphics

Now, you can also create attractive graphics using social media management tools. Attractiveness is the key to a wide reach. Through good posters, you can make your audience aware of your products and services.

Merits of Using Social Media Management Tools

  • You can keep up the social engagement for a long time.
  • You can manage multiple social pages at the same time.
  • It is simple to use and handle.
  • You can handle your client’s social media handle easily.
  • Boosting sales is much easier with all these social media management tools.
  • Teamwork is possible with these tools.
  • Social media scheduling tools make your schedule easier.
  • Increment in social accountability is observed through these tools.
  • Through keywords and hashtags monitoring, you can boost your online presence and sales.
  • Through Analytics, you can analyze all your social performance. With these tools, it becomes easy and straightforward for anyone to increase their engagement.

Closing note

Hence, every social media management tool has its characteristics. It is your wise choice to choose the best one. To choose the best, you need to have little patience to analyze everything you need. You can read reviews and recommendations to strengthen your decision.

No matter what, if you get employed with a social media management tool, be ready to witness a huge positive impact on your sales and online presence. Businesses always need a proper way to grow better. Here, you always have social media to guide you. And, social media management tools are there to make your social media journey way better. Happy reading!

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