The 10 Best Outstanding Inventory Management Apps on Shopify’s app store


Outside the creative juice and the enduring persistence necessary to keep the life and competitive advantage of any business, a lot about the success and preserved continuity of your business depend on the condition of your inventory management. Inventory management tells you about the location of your inventory; presents needs you have, to what volume those needs are and more.

Shopify experts and Inventory management apps

Interestingly, there’s quite a handful of apps that can help you optimize your inventory, with a comprehensive offer of services ranging from cataloging your inventory to helping you place orders for out-of-stock entries. The top 10 inventory management apps as showcased by Shopify developers will be revealed in this enlightening piece, Enjoy!

#1. Bulk Product Edit  – Hextom

“Smart people choose bulk product edit”

Bulk product edit easily takes the leading spot amongst inventory management apps. It makes the task of managing multiple products easy. When you have a full listing of products, each having their prices, little modifications would need to be made in time, now, when these modifications are made for every single product, there’s no telling to how much of a work that is. However, with the seamless design of the Bulk Product Edit that work is taken off your hands.

Bulk Product Edit


  • Smart design with a clear user-interface.
  • Specially made to facilitate convenient bulk edits in inventory management.
  • Modify price tags, description, vendor, weight, product type, barcode, SEO, title tag meta-field, etc.
  • Undo changes made at any time you desire.

#2. Syncee

“Unique and easy data importation it’s a kind of magic”


This app provides unique and easy data importation service from Shopify. Essentially, Syncee brings to you a high utility, easy-to-use solution that is thankfully cloud-based. Instant synchronization of suppliers’ data feed file is done with Syncee smoothly. It is crafted in a way that would require no programming skill from its user, with just one click it can be incorporated into your online store.


  • Accepts all major forms of data feed: XML, CSV, XLS(X), TXT or JSON.
  • Constructed to have a simple outlook with an interface that is easy to understand.
  • Able to convert your wholesaler’s price to your Shopify store’s currency.
  • Provision available for scheduled running of tasks regardless of your time zone.

#3. Notify Me – MakeProSimp

Perfect for the running of your business, one for all

From the stables of MakeProSimp comes ‘Notify Me’ a premium app recommended for all solopreneurs and dealers in large stock. This app is perfect for the running of your business as it is designed to keep you informed of any product that needs to be refilled. With Notify Me, you will save yourself time and any loss that would ensue due to product exhaustion.

Notify Me


  • Provides prompts reminders for products that are out of Stock via email and web push notification reminders.
  • Reduces overall search time for out of stock goods.
  • Boosts sales and efficiency by filling up all products that are out of Stock.
  • Keeps you in the know for all things related to your inventory and products.

#4. Easy Inventory – Avorum Ltd.

“Everything is simple with Easy inventory”

Would you like to reduce the overall time you spend updating your store? Then Easy Inventory is the perfect app for you. With this app, you can bulk edit the inventory pricing, quantity, SKUs from CSV or Excel files and barcodes. It further provides revert button in case you make a mistake.

Easy Inventory


  • Allows you personalize the ordering and mapping of fields in your import file.
  • Updates can be done using your chosen key field like Barcode, Variant ID, SKU, Product ID or Handle.
  • Provides the ‘Preview’ option for easy double checking of changes made.
  • An import can be undone with this app, either changed product fields or specific fields.

#5. Stock Sync – Simple inventory update – Stock Sync

“Taste the Automatic update”

Stock Sync is an amazing app that brings convenience to you by facilitating the automatic update of inventory – be it their quality, their price or whatever you so decide, at a daily or hourly rate. With Stock Sync you are given the power to import from supplier’s feed file without having to create new products manually.


  • Assisted and simplified integration of inventory into a single system.
  • Stock Sync is crafted to function well with a wide range of formats such as CSV, XLS, XSLX, XML, JSON, TXT and EDI.
  • Freely set the frequency of synchronization to your preferred frequency.
  • Enjoy boundless utility as you can draw data from several sources.

#6. Xpert Importer – Amazon to Shopify – InfoShore Technology Solutions LLP

“Come to Importing your products, and Let’s Get It Done”

This is the high utility app that is perfect for importing your products Amazon Seller Central account to your store on Shopify. This can be done conveniently in a few clicks, and as such you are saved from all the hassles of manually transferring them. Interestingly, this app is made and designed simply; you don’t need any coding skills to be able to use it.

Xpert Importer


  • This app provides the extra option for you to sync the inventory and price from Amazon seller to Shopify.
  • You don’t need any coding experience to use; it is designed to be easily understood.
  • FBA and Merchant Fulfilled products are imported by this app conveniently.
  • With this app, you can handle products that have variants easily.

#7. Lion Restock – Back In Stock Alerts – Lion Apps

“Increase your revenue and revive your sales better than best”

The Lion Restock App helps you increase your revenue and revive your sales by keeping your customers up to date and informed with email notifications to customers specifically for products that were at one time out of stock. You can be sure to optimize your sales with the help of this app; you will also save time and reduce by a great measure customer support emails.

Lion Restock


  • This app saves your time immensely. The time that would have been spent sending emails for support.
  • The app does all the work by automatically notifying your clients via mail of an updated stock.
  • Doesn’t need to be specially coded, works instantly.
  • Boosts sales traffic and conversion by the prompt involvement of customers.

#8. Back in Stock – Back in Stock

“Renewal in stock – see the light!”

Back in Store app is the refreshing intervention that helps you stop losing sales even when your inventory is exhausted. This apps provides a platform for your customers to sign up for an alert that will tell them when their desired product is available again. It is the perfect app that will help cue in your customers when there is a renewal in stock.

Back in Stock


  • Easy to install and runs immediately.
  • Help generates a constant following from your clients.
  • Keeps you updated as to what your customers want.
  • Provides scheduled alerts to you as to the demand trend in your store.

#9. In Stock Alerts – Swym Corporation

“Have a Break. Have Stock alerts”

In Stock Alerts, offers a refreshing option for those who would like their clients to subscribe to out of stock products. It also provides email alerts as prompts to your clients, so they are kept in the loop and informed once your products are available.

In Stock Alerts


  • Smooth and seamless integration of the In Stock Alerts app with your store on Shopify
  • Provides easy personalization of the look of the In Stock Alerts module.
  • It comes with a clear and informative dashboard studded with analytics and key metrics.
  • Offers information that is detailed on the product having the highest demand and details on the users subscribing to alerts.

#10. Vend Point of Sale – Vend

“Boasts your sales the only way to fly”

Vend Point of Sale boasts of a user base of over 18,000 retailers through the US. It has been described as a powerful POS ideal for the premium customer and inventory management. Outside the normal data services provided by a good POS system, Vend goes further to run a web browser that is compatible with any computer or iPad in any part of the world due to its online POS software.

Vend Point of Sale


  • Vends works with any computer.
  • Provides easy management for products, customers, multiple orders, and inventory.
  • It seamlessly syncs inventory in real time from different locations to Shopify.
  • Provides added value due to its provision of internet services, along with its Online and Offline work capacities.

The world has easily gone past the rigorous methods engaged in ideal inventory management. In the array of apps discussed here, we’ve seen that it is possible to have your clients pre-informed about a pending release, updated on a renewed stock, modify and edit your bulk product inventory conveniently along with handle multiple orders. All of these actions are vital and performed at some point in the life of your business. All that’s left for you is to take advantage of these interventions and boost the sales and traffic on your products.

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