Top 5 Ways to Use Social Media to Bring Traffic to Your Site

If you are ready to start your business and promote your brand online then having a social media marketing strategy is absolutely necessary for you. A good strategy will bring you a lot of web traffic of potential customers. If your brand already has a digital presence and you are wondering how you can bring traffic to your website from social media pages, then here are the top 5 ways to achieve success.

  1. Opting for the right social media channel

It is the most important step of getting your web traffic. You should choose the right channel which aligns with your business targets. Make sure you have a clear idea of your goals. Ask yourself if your goals are realistic and draw out a plan on how you think you are going to achieve them. Use demographics to find who your potential buyers are and what they are looking for. You have to keep in mind that you don’t have to be present on all the social media channels. Just choose the ones you think that will help you to achieve your goals.

  1. Contents that you need to post on your social media pages

After choosing the right channel/channels, you need to create contents that you will post on your social media page on daily/weekly basis.  Generally, visual contents such as images, videos get more attention than written posts. So, make sure you post a lot of visual contents on your Pinterest and Instagram pages. Also, you should periodically check what your competitors are posting on their social media pages. Try to use services like stormlikes which will keep you way ahead of the game.

  1. How often you should post contents on your social media pages

There is no perfect time for posting contents. The best you can do is using ‘trial & error’ method. Post contents all the time and by ‘trial & error’ find out what time you get the maximum traffic to your page. Research and try to find out how many times the top competitor brands post their contents on their social media pages.

  1. Try posting different contents on different medium

If you create an image post and publish it on every available social media channel, the person who will see it in the first channel will skip it later in the next channel. That’s why it is best if you post different kinds of contents on different social media pages. That way, if the person sees your image on the first channel, you will have a second chance to grab his attention on a different medium by a different type of content.

  1. Tracking results

It is very important to measure your progress periodically. Use Google Analytics Social Reports to track your results. Try to plan your next move on the basis of that result. There are several services that will help you to measure and enhance your SMM effort with a fee.


If you follow the above 5 tips, you will be able to get a huge amount of traffic to your website. No matter what type of contents you are posting, make sure it is unique and genuine.

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