The Advantages And Disadvantages to the social responsibility of business

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What is social responsibility ?

Social responsibility of business or corporate social responsibility affect the people and organization performing and conducting morally and with the sympathy toward social, cultural, economic environmental issues. Determining for social responsibility help individuals and organization and has a positive impact on the development of business and society.

The social business decision is not just a matter of counting short terms dollar or cent, but they consider the future impact on today’s choice of people, community and the reviews on the customer. We have discussed some of the pros and cons of the business social responsibility that will definitely help you in decision making and performance improvements.

Benefits of social responsibility

One of the main points that come in everyone’s mind is the reputational benefit that accumulates to companies supposed as environmentally and socially reliable. Many companies have found the advantage to adopt the corporate policy and practices. Most of the people are grateful to businesses that adopt practices consistent with the public’s values.

Improve Marketing and Public Relation

You have to build friendly relation socially and environmentally. The more you will interact the more you attention and resources are devoted to worthy causes. This is one of the main responsibilities of the business to increase friendly interaction. Try to get valuable things from your public relation and avail the amazing benefits for your business


Italian TrulliWhen employees are treated as stakeholders in the business for which they work, their morale and productivity tend to improve which helps the corporate to build profitability to Assassins Creed Jacket. Give benefits to your staff like monthly bonus or increment that will surely increase your productivity. If you will serve your employees well, then they will show more interest in their work.

Enhanced Learning Opportunities

It is also necessary for the staff to enhance their learning opportunities. If they will learn more so they can increase their skills and knowledge that would be helpful for your company to build up with amazing ideas and inspiration. There is no limit to learning that’s why you should always enhance your learning opportunities. You will be capable of answering the question and easily resolve each of the problems.


Business social responsibility is too costly for small businesses and we must say that it is one of the major disadvantages. But with the passage of time, everything gets to manage and you can easily success your business. It is not easy to make a profit but critics argue that the CSR of companies is simply to make a profit.

Less Money Given to Shareholders

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It is one of the main problems that is faced by the shareholders and employees that they get less money. Some of the percentage of profit diverted to charitable activities. The more product you will sale, the more you will get profit and then profit will equally divide by the shareholders and other staff. It is the main fault that is faced by many of the employees.

High Expense

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A newly establish a business can easily incorporate CSR principles into its physical design and operation and whenever you will start a business, it definitely required high expense. Your expense will depend on your business. If you have an older business, a major investment may be required in recapitalizing with more energy and efficient equipment. So, we can also say that high expenses are also a disadvantage for the business social responsibility.

Resources Must Be Used for Non-commercial Activities

If you are serving your resources for a social purpose so we must say that it is not beneficial for you because it is only building your social values not helping you in getting profit.

It is also a disadvantage for a business social responsibility because you can fulfill your responsibility and do not get benefit from it.

Business Social Responsibility is an idea or philosophy that corporation should behave responsibly toward the environment and society. It has many advantages and disadvantages that will help you to improve your worth and give you success and learn something from the disadvantage and try to compete with it. It might be difficult for you, but when you will learn you can take advantage of it.

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