The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage for Businesses

The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage for Businesses

The use of cloud platforms in technology is slowly growing. With its simplicity tempting over 86% of people, the cloud has become an essential aspect to running programmes and applications through the internet. Cloud computing is not only an assistant for the use of computer programmes, but it also saves companies time, hassle and a huge amount of money in the long run.

It may sound as though it will be a hefty amount, or something rather difficult to set up-due to being a new, clever form of technology. However this is far from the case! Just like the way an electricity bill is paid, cloud computing is the perfect pay-as-you go platform.

Whether you are needing to buy storage in bulk, or an amount for just a couple of days, cloud platforms are flexible to cater for a range of requirements.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a collection of networked, sequenced, computer hardware that works collectively to aid various aspects of online computing. It is a style of digital storage open for business’ to use to store active documents and programmes when on the go.

This storage is not a physical format, however – you cannot touch it. But, you can control it via web interfaces and workstations. A secure and easy to reach location, for employees to access at all times.

Pros of Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has a lot to offer to companies who choose to use a Cloud Storage software.

Compatible, and versatile, Cloud Storage can be used across many different sectors and has a huge number of benefits.  Whether this being security, speed to access, Cloud Storage can be used for storing both documents and applications.

Pros of Cloud Storage


One benefit of Cloud Storage, is the added freedom it offers its customers. With the ability to access this online storage anywhere, employees have the ability to access data at any time, from any location or device.   If an employee needs to take the day off, they can still log on and collect and complete work from the comfort of their own home.

Cloud Storage has been able to connect businesses and develop them in a way that has never been possible until now. A great selling point for Cloud Storage, this digital form of storage with its simple work ability and flexibility, should be considered by a number of businesses.


A fast form of server storage, when using Cloud Storage, this digital storage solution is an effective and secure method for producing work. It can be very beneficial for a company to have a fast form of server storage, as it can improve work efficiency and perhaps improve business through how much work will be successfully completed, to a high standard.

Lower upfront cost

Buying storage, enough for a whole business big or small, can have quite a hefty price tag attached to it. As well as this, there is a process you have to go through of buying, uploading and managing, all while trying to run a company. Luckily, if purchasing cloud storage, then they will run through all of these tasks for you, allowing the storage to be set up within no time at all!

Making this form of digital storage affordable, is the ability to sell this service to businesses.

It was found that many companies would choose to purchase a large amount of storage, however, only a small amount would be used. This could result in up to 10% of the storage purchased being used, wasting storage and vital company profits. With a pay as you use offer, Cloud Storage, aims to reduce the amount of wasted storage and money companies pay for such storage.


One of the most valuable features of cloud storage is the scalability. This is the appliance having the ability to simply and quickly increase productivity when there is an increase in demands. The scalability provides a far better experience for its users as it saves a lot of money. Through the ability to use only what you need, whether it is a small chunk one day, to double the amount the following week.

Even from a burst in traffic and demand, the performance of the cloud will not fail and obtains the ability to keep up with heavy workloads- that can come at any point with businesses.

File recovery

Almost everything completed within the applications of Cloud Storage, is instantly saved onto the platform. This is really beneficial when it comes to recovering files that are accidentally deleted or missing from the computer history.

This increases confidence in the work produced by colleagues and the business overall.

With small mistakes easily made, you can reduce the amount of disaster that is caused, as

there will never be a day or time wasted as work will always be presented with a few simple clicks, and retrieved with ease.

The Cons of Cloud Storage

The Cons of Cloud Storage


As the cloud storage is so easily accessible, it can pose worries about security and privacy as it is close to being a public format. Being able to access the storage from any device and location seems like an amazing attribute, however, it does mean that company work can be seen outside of the office.

A survey conducted by Nexon found that only 3% of cloud server users responded that sharing files outside of the office was private and safe. That is a vast majority of people agreeing that this format is actually not that safe when all the layers have been removed.


A big concern of many IT managers is how cloud storage can become overcrowded very quickly. If a person uses their storage to its maximum, and excessively builds up how much is in them over a short amount of time, it can in fact interfere with the storage of another user. This also will affect the performance of cloud storage for that person which can force them to underperform.

Price Over Time

Even though the low startup costs can be very beneficial to companies starting out, or those with a small budget, overtime cloud storage can actually build up to create a steep bill. Just like leasing a car, paying monthly for only the amount that you use seems like a very good idea financially in the beginning.

However, over time when you work out additional costs, you may realise that you have paid far more than it would have been to buy the storage outright. This can be a huge setback to many businesses, as they use the storage freely, and are then subject to a very large bill at the end of their time using the storage.

So, even though it sounds beneficial having a pay as you use contract when starting your business or storage journey, over time, this can add up in price.

Higher internet utilization

If the internet is used heavily within business hours, then you may find that the function of Cloud Storage will take a hit!  Running solely on the internet, when running Cloud Storage on a slow and overstretch platform, it can become slower and less reliable.

This can be a pain for a company, particularly if the business is growing, as the accessing of the Cloud Storage can become a nuisance and be unable to assist the growth of the company.

This can result in time being wasted while waiting for work to process, as well as a decrease in confidence, as there will be a slight uncertainty that anything produced has been saved and be there tomorrow.



Cloud storage can be very beneficial and effective for the right company.

But, before purchasing your chosen form of digital storage it would be advised to do some research into the benefits and cons of this form of Cloud Storage. By als


o looking at your current situation, you can work out which option is best for you.

With a selection of different storage options available, when it comes to assisting and improving your storage solution, first you must decide which is the best storage solution for you.

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