The Ultimate Guide to Designing Advertising Logos

Designing Advertising Logos

Advertising is one of the most competitive industries. We see daily advertisements on social media, magazines, television, billboards, and commercial vehicles. These advertisements are designed to make you aware of, remember, and interested in the products and services offered.

Good ad design is one of the most valuable investments you can make as a businessperson. It is also one of the most resourceful. So it’s no surprise that some of the best advertising agencies in the world and their logos are booming.

Throughout the advertising world, first impressions are the most important. If you want your potential customers to trust your first impression, you need to make a perfect first impression yourself. To instantly convey the quality of your agency’s work, you need a brand that reflects your style and experience. A good advertising logo does just that.

A good logo always comes from a professional custom logo design service provider with a creative mind.

You decided to set up your advertising agency and require a custom logo design. Easy, isn’t it? Not really.

To create a unique and memorable advertising logo that stands out in your niche, there are many things you need to follow. First, this guide will tell you what you need to know to create an attractive advertising logo. Read on!

How To Design Your Advertising Agency Logo

Without hesitation, let’s see how you can create an incredible advertising logo design promptly.

Understand the “Why”

First, you need to understand why your advertising agency needs a logo. Then you have to decide why it should be awesome.

Logos have a huge influence on how a brand is observed. This has a lasting impact on the first impression of your business; give your customers the information they need so they can decide if you’re the one they are looking for.

Now that you know your logo’s importance to your advertising agency, you need to make sure it’s perfect. The logo is used on all branding needs, such as marketing material, business stationery, website, and even on your social media accounts. So you cannot compromise on your logo. A tremendous professional logo conveys what your business stands for.

Check Others For Inspiration

It may sound silly, but checking out others for inspiration is the hardest part of the design process. So consider some of the following tips to simplify the process.

  • Brainstorm ideas and pen them down on paper.
  • Think from your audience’s viewpoint.
  • Don’t ignore ugly ideas.
  • Get as many ideas as possible from as many people as possible and get as many perspectives as possible.

Find The Right Logo Type

Now that you have an idea of what your logo should look like, it’s time to research different types of logos and pick the right one for your advertising agency.

The types of logos to choose from:

Wordmark Logo: You can easily use your company name as your logo.

Emblem: It is very similar to the combined letters, but it also contains graphic elements.

Abstract Logo: A logo that uses geometric shapes to create something exceptional for a business.

Pictorial Logo: Use an image that represents your brand logo.

Mascot Logo: A logo that uses a typeface that expresses the personality of the business.

Combination Mark Logo: A combination of a wordmark and an easily noticeable logo.

Lettermarks Logo:  Ideal for brands with long and difficult-to-remember names.

Choose The Right Color Palette

Choosing a suitable color scheme definitely sets the character for your complete aesthetic, but it also helps your brand connect with your audience.

The colors you select for your advertising agency logo are also the feelings and relations you want to arouse. For example, if you want to deliver a sense of competence and modernity to your audience, black and white is the best option.

You can choose a third color to highlight your monochromatic shade. But if you want to induce eagerness and creativity, you can choose colors such as red (vigor) or orange (triumph).

Choose a striking color palette that highlights the qualities you want your audience to connect with your advertising agency, and choose not more than three colors.

Fonts Matter

An appropriate font can make a logo stylish and eternal, not only will it complement your logo, but it will also be eye-catching.

Here are four different fonts you can use to make your logo attractive:

  • Script fonts look like handwriting. An elegant calligraphic font can make your logo elegant and personal.
  • Sans serif fonts don’t have a footer, making them simple and clean. They work well with modern logotypes.
  • Display fonts are decorative fonts that can make any logo attractive and stylish.
  • Serif fonts are great for retro designs.

Choose The Design and Style Type

You may have gained a better understanding of the brand and found inspiration. It’s time to convert it into a logo. Many different elements come into play: typography, colors, shapes, and more. Simply isolate each element and determine how they can contribute to the whole logo design. When it comes to logo design, you first need to choose the right design and style. Here are some styles you can dig into.

Minimalist and Modern Logo – This shows how fresh and modern your branding can be. It revolves around simple lines and minimal details.

Classic Logo – More durable, but may look dated.

Retro Logo – Immediately reminds the viewer of the past. This style is trendy now.

Quirky and Fun Logo – Perfect for new and impending brands, the style is based on the use of colors, graphics, and symbols.

Handmade – Ideal for brands that want to showcase handcrafted products. Although this style is very comparable to retro, it can be paired with a fun, minimalist design for even more influence.

Note: you don’t have to stick to one design. Instead, you can combine the designs mentioned above according to your branding needs.

Little Advice

Keep your advertising agency logo design simple and original. Do not feel obliged to follow the crowd or copy your competitors to design a logo.

Following the trend is a good choice, but they hitch and hike. An effective logo design is the one that stands out from the competition. Make sure your logo reflects your advertising agency and your long-term goals. It must be unique, not only because of the brand. But, like any business, you need to design it carefully to be independent.

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