Top 10 AI Tools for Social Media Management in 2024

AI Social media management tools have been the talk of the town. Content creators and businesses have started shifting their marketing strategies in line with social media.

In this digital age, where everyone spends most of their time scrolling through their social media feeds, it becomes important to post engaging content for sales.

Since it is almost impossible for humans to handle the continuous posting schedule, analyze data metrics, and understand audience preferences, here comes the need for AI.

AI social media management tools are the ultimate game changer for social media influencers and digital brands. Here are the top 10 AI social media management tools in 2024.

1. SocialBu


SocialBu is one of the fastest-growing AI social media tools because of its highly effective and engagement-driven algorithms. The AI algorithms used by SocialBu generate extensive data and custom reports that provide you with crucial details you can use to guide your decisions.

This social media tool can schedule content on all popular social media platforms. It uses NLP-trained algorithms to crawl your content and determine which is most valuable to your audience.

In addition, Socialbu is a top-class Twitter management tool to schedule tweets and grow your reach on social platforms. Its flexible pricing plans make it a terrific option for digital creators and businesses.

Features and Benefits

  • AI-powered analysis and custom reports
  • Efficiently optimizes social media profiles
  • Adaptable pricing that is reasonable for your needs
  • Uses machine learning algorithms to analyze your audience
  • Plan and publish content across multiple mediums
  • Allows you to collaborate with your team easily

Pricing Plans

14-day free trial

Standard: $15.8/month

Super: $49.2/month

Supreme: $165.8/month

2. Buffer


Buffer is another great social media management tool that uses AI to provide robust engagements. What makes Buffer the choice for many content creators is its simple use-interface which simplifies the process of scheduling.

It leverages AI text generators to produce the best ideas and generates posting schedules based on your follower’s activity on your page. Buffer’s team collaboration makes it easy to communicate with one another and move between tasks.

Its integration with common social media sites makes managing all your accounts in one location possible. It is an effective tool for companies of all sizes with scalable pricing choices.

Features and Benefits

  • The simple-to-use drag-and-drop scheduling tool
  • Integrated analytics to monitor engagement and performance
  • Flexible pricing to fit various budgets
  • Integration with all social media platforms
  • Seamless collaboration with other members

Pricing Plans

Free plan: Limited features

Essentials: $6/month (1 channel)

Team: $12/month (1 channel)

Agency: $120/month (10 channels)

3. Later


If you are looking for a social media management tool with powerful AI, then later is what you need to look for. Teams working with Later can strategically create posts for your brand.

It uses AI algorithms to refine large relevant data so that you can adjust your social media accordingly. In addition, you can use Lately to analyze social media metrics, enabling you to choose the perfect window to reach a larger and more active audience.

It offers an intuitive dashboard that you can easily go through to schedule your posts, with affordable pricing plans making it a good choice.

Features and Benefits

  • Primarily for Instagram with a visual planner
  • Create numerous tweets simultaneously
  • Simple to schedule social media posts
  • Analyse metrics across channels

Pricing Plans

14-day free trial

Starter: $18/month

Growth: $40/month

Advanced: $80/month

4. Crowdfire


Need help coming up with content for your social media pages? Don’t worry. Crowdfire’s clever AI-driven algorithm makes the job easier by recommending content to post.

The Social-media manager works with all the popular social media apps providing you with all the useful data to analyze your growth. It also tracks all the people who have followed/unfollowed you so you can keep track of your followers.

Posting and scheduling are much simpler on the crowdfire, so you effectively post all your content in less time.

Features and Benefits

  • AI-driven recommendations for your social media posts
  • Data analytics and custom report to give you insights
  • Customizable scheduling options
  • Integration with all social media platforms
  • Flexible pricing options for content creators and businesses

Pricing Plans

Free: Limited features

Plus: $9.99/month

Premium: $49.99/month

VIP: $99.99/month

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another top-notch AI social media tool that offers advanced capabilities such as keyword monitoring and social listening. The AI tool provides you with in-depth information that gives you a clear understanding of your social media progress.

It allows you to automate your tweets and schedule them. In addition, Sprout Special admins can also manage direct messages.

The social media tool is integrated with advanced CRM capabilities to develop and maintain strong customer relationships.

Features and Benefits

  • Extensive keyword monitoring and social listening
  • Integrated CRM feature
  • In-deth data analytics for better performance
  • Automated tweets to respond to your followers
  • Seamless collaboration with team members
  • Scalable pricing to suit various budgets

Pricing Plans

Standard: $249/month

Professional: $399/month

Advanced: $4999/month

6. Zoho


Zoho Social leverages OpenAI’s incredible Artificial Intelligence abilities to meet your social media management needs.

The platform’s real-time monitoring and keyword tracking make it a great tool for quickly crafting social media strategies. It seamlessly works to bring you key data analytics so that you can stay on top of your social media optimization game.

Its AI assistance enables you to simultaneously create quick and effective posts, banners, and texts for your pages.

Features and Benefits

  • Integration with OpenAI provides Seamless services
  • Real-time monitoring and keyword tracking
  • Custom reporting and analytics tools for data-driven decisions
  • Team collaboration features for flawless workflows
  • Various pricing plans to accommodate different budgets

Pricing Plans

Standard: $15/brand (9 channels)

Professional: $40/brand (9 channels)

Premium: $65/brand (10 channels)

7. Planable


Planable AI is another innovative AI Social media tool with great functionalities. The social media tool allows you to customize workflow approvals and provides a clear content calendar to manage your social media posting smartly.

Planable’s AI wingman can pick up and complete the text where you left off. Thanks to its automatic publishing and sync on/off feature, you can save time and focus on content planning.

The social media tool integrates with all the popular social media platforms and offers a centralized solution for all your social media management needs.

Features and Benefits

  • AI-based Intuitive content calendar and approval workflow
  • Automated publishing and sync on/off
  • Customizable templates for consistent branding
  • Integration with popular social media platforms
  • Swift communication and collaboration features
  • Flexible pricing options to accommodate various budgets

Pricing Plans

Free: Limited features

Basic: $11/user

Pro: $22/user

8. Lately


Lately is a big player in AI social media management tools; the All-in-One tool has many features to drive social selling. Teams working with Lately can utilize the platform to create, schedule, and publish posts across all the popular social media platforms.

It diligently analyses content and fetches creative ideas for your posts based on audience engagements.

Features and Benefits

  • Custom reporting and analytics tools for data-driven decisions
  • AI-driven powerful video and text creator
  • Customizable scheduling options
  • In-depth data analytics for better performance
  • Seamless collaboration with team members

Pricing Plans

Single-user plan-$179/user/monthly

For the Enterprise plan – contact them

9. Vidyo


If you are a visual-content creator searching for AI social media management tools, Vidyo is what you need to look for. Vidyo uses AI to generate creative videos, turning your long podcasts, vlogs, animations, and other videos into great short video content.

Using the platform, you can create accurate podcast transcriptions in seconds. It can also create time stamps for your video for easy navigation.

Features and Benefits

  • Turns long videos into bite-size videos
  • Create highlights from long videos
  • Transcribe videos into rich text
  • Integration with popular social media platforms
  • Scalable pricing to suit various budgets

Pricing Plans

Free-limited Features

Pro- $29.99/month(300 video uploads)

Pro+-$49.99/month(500 video uploads)

10. Emplifi


Emplifi is an intuitive social media marketing tool that helps teams to build effective social media strategies. The platform uses groundbreaking GPT-3 AI technology to produce highly innovative and creative content for social selling.

It also suggests trending hashtags to reach out to your target audience. Moreover, this social media management tool flawlessly schedules posts and recommends the best time to reach your target audience on social media.

Features and Benefits

  • Generates AI content using GPT-3
  • Seamless collaborations and clear workflows
  • Schedule and publish content on all social media platforms
  • In-depth analysis and data-driven decisions
  • Flexible pricing options to accommodate various budgets

Pricing Plans

Essential plan-$200/month (10 posts profiles per  month)

Complete plan- custom price

Bottom Line

From lightning-fast analysis to efficient scheduling, making collaborations easier, and crafting short videos, AI-powered tools set new limits in social media marketing.

On the contrary, When deciding which AI social media tool will suit your needs the most, you should consider your brand’s motive, target audience, and the goal of your digital growth.

Therefore, look for the tool to empower you to level up your social media game and boost your engagements efficiently.

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