Top 12 SEO trends for 2024 from Google and the Expert

Ever Heard that saying by Einstein? It sums up you can not do the same thing again and again and want a different output. It is insanity to expect new results by following the old style. We are all pretty much like that, doing the same things in SEO and expecting our site on the first page of Google. We have come so far in SEO and know the basic terms, strategies, and mechanics about it as well as Google’s algorithm updates. But, interestingly, do we all get the same result?

We have still got competitors ahead of us. One thing is for sure, trying something new is a trend that never runs out of time. In this rapid technological era, you must be well versed with what exactly is going on in SEO. Go on to read this blog, this what you should be doing in 2024 for SEO.

Here are Top 12 SEO trends from most popular search engine we all love Google and from SEO Experts.

1. Concentrate On User’s Need Than Just Keywords:

They take what they need. Preparing a content and including your targeted keywords has been an old style. Preparing a content what your users seek is the thing that can work for you! So, expand your span of thinking, contemplate as if you are a user and think what you would be searching for.

Generate the content which is meaningful and knowledgeable for users. Most importantly, relevant!

Because most of the time Google shows high-quality article as a result of your search query.

2. How Can You Forget Basic Source? Devices!

Well, ” What is essential is invisible to the eye ”. You ought to see from which devices your traffic is coming from. Experience of users differs based on devices they use. It can be PC, Mobile, and Tablets. Optimize your website on how it is performing in these devices.

According to Google, In 2016, (more than 50 percentage)an estimated 62.9 % of the population worldwide are using mobile phones. By 2024, The expected number of mobile phone users in the world is 5 billion. Based on this data, you need to make sure why it is extremely important to make your website mobile friendly?

3. Build Your Brand

Use your SEO strategies as promoting your brand and reducing its invisibility to people through many channels.

You can take it this way. You introduce yourself before anyone you meet or anywhere you go. The introduction is important.

Here as well, You can make people know what your site is all about. Most of Professional SEO Services provider company use this Mantra. Make sure to mark your brand name on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin!

4. Game Changer: AI

What is AI? Artificial intelligence. In simple language, AI is intelligence demonstrated by machine. Google is busy producing wonders by making the perfect AI.

Now that I am writing this, we all are aware of a virtual assistant who is there for you waiting for your command in real time.

This will be tough for SEO. AI makes sure about in depth information and solving problems. Again, Make resourceful content.

5. Link Building – Quantity or Quality?

In SEO, Link building is one of the most essential tasks and ranking factors. The more you build links, the more it will help you to rank better on the search engine.

But, As per SEO experts, the quality link is more important as Google is updating and coming with new every now and then. Your low-quality link will to directly affect the SEO.

6. Search Before You Write:

This is a very simple task. Search just search a little more before you write. It is important to come up with a new idea and extremely rich content.

Blogging is more significant than SEO. Blogging is the number 1 traffic increasing factor. Create the content which attracts maximum people.

7. Make The Way Clear for Your Users: Traffic Channels

There are important channels where traffic is coming from:

Direct Traffic: This is where people directly search for your brand and comes to your website.

Organic Traffic: Organic traffic is a natural click. Nothing is more important than natural clicks in SEO. Google find your content or website valuable and shows to the users as a result of the search query.

Referral Traffic: Traffic from other sites which is referring to your website. Link building plays an important role to generate a greater amount of referral traffic.

Social Traffic: Traffic from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. A great way to make your brand recognition to users. You can share your content and reach to the maximum people.

These are traffic channels you must be taken into consideration. Analyse using Google analytics where your sector is not performing as each channel can affect other channels.

8. Don’t Miss Quora

You can not just rely on keywords you have searched on Google Keyword planner or any other tools you are using. There are keywords you miss. What can be a better source to find that keywords than Quora? You can make a great content by just answering user’s questions.

Mostly, the long tail keywords that you are missing. For example, “ What are the top Professional SEO services provider companies?

9. Content Marketing Strategy

We have seen that producing a great content can help you to reach to the audience but, promoting your content is equally undoubtedly vital as a process of getting the audience back to your site.

Combine your content marketing strategy with your SEO will get you more traffic. Here is a tip. Republish and update your old work won’t get any harm.

10. Voice Search

Voice search is increasing and will be increased continuously because of two major reasons. Increasing of Mobile users and AI.

Ask your question and you will be given an appropriate answer by Google. You can generate the whole new content based on what users are asking.

11. Featured Snippet

Featured snippet is a card what you see often when you are searching for something by just asking a question. That snippet shows the exact relevant answer.

It is up to you to use it in an SEO. Prepare an answer which is brief and relatable to what is being asked.

12. Last But Not Least, Speed!

You can not ignore the speed factor. People use 4G and cannot be patient if you are website is taking a more time to load.

So, this is the point. You are going to miss out your lot of users who have been stayed there if your site loads properly less than 3 seconds.

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