Top 4 Mobile Forms Solutions for Your Business

Mobile forms

Are you looking to simplify and convenient way to manage your daily business operations? By using mobile forms app, you can collect and manage your business data more easily. It’s more secure comparatively paper forms to keep and store up your time and data because we are an era where technology is driving businesses, and so its help business to reducing costs, improve quality of work.

It’s also helped to auditors and inspection officers from industries like construction, manufacturing, and engineering using paperless processes to manage their checklists and report problems.

On-Field operations are being more difficult because It eliminates the possibility of losses caused due to breakdown, safety hazards, faulty equipment, etc., due to these problems. It is very difficult and time-consuming to manage and fill the paper forms where your Auditors or inspection officers are on the field, where M-form does not only help them to Fill-out form easily but also improve productivity.

Are you looking for the best mobile forms Solutions for your business?

Just build simple forms it’s not going to help you to manage it well, but you need to identify some Targeted features and Services according to your business requirements. Here I mention some leading companies who empowering the business with their best digital forms automation software.

Google Forms for Business

Google Form is a supreme tool for you. Peoples are widely using it world-widely to create surveys and manage data more simply. Try 14 days free trial to check your requirements according to your business needs. Some below features tell you that why peoples are falling in love with Google forms:

  • Create a form as easily as creating a document
  • Send professional looking surveys to customers
  • Analyze responses by automatic summaries
  • Create questions and analyze the results together
  • Make smarter forms

With the help of Google forms, you can see your real-time data in a single spreadsheet.

Streebo Mobile Forms

Streebo mobile forms allow you to build attractive and intuitive forms with just drag and drop technology,So a line of business peoples can easily create a form without having a brief knowledge of IT. Here Some ultimate features are below:

  • Offline Support
  • Rich Media Capture
  • Geo-Tagging
  • E Signature
  • PDF & Email
  • Workflow Support
  • Flexible integrations
  • Data Validations

Streebo mobile forms, providing freedom and flexibility to your field team with anywhere and anytime. Also, you can collect data in offline mode without a cellular network. This will automatically sync when your phone will be online.

Zoho Forms

Zoho Form Allow you more simplicity, where you have a template for every form, and there is a field type for every question, so you can build an awesome form in just minutes. It has a great feature like: –

  • Notify
  • Manage Data
  • Work Offline
  • Share
  • Create

Based on your forms responses it sends personalized emails. You also can create a custom report, assign tasks, review submission, speed collaboration, offline work allows you to manage your whole data even you are offline.

Device Magic

Device magic’s mobile forms and data collection app help user to do daily job reports and vehicle inspections, prepare work orders and compliance Reports, Purchase order requests etc. The best parts of it are:

  • Manage Forms, Devices, from an easy to use online dashboard
  • Native Android & iOS mobile forms app
  • Create business work-flows with a single Form

Benefits of Mobile forms:-

Technology is making things easier, and customers are also a smart thinkers, Especially when you are on a field where customer has many options are available at that time they always thinking about an option where they can save their maximum time, with minimum short answers due to their busy life, At that time physical forms may get them bored. Here I mention some benefits of mobile forms:-

Make Customization easier

Nowadays where drag and drop technology makes customization free from worries or problems like heavy coding, brief IT knowledge, real-time changes in forms.Because the line of businesses peoples are feeling more difficulties to build forms without IT support, where Drag and drop technology give them the freedom to make it without or less IT support.

Serve your customers at no internet zone:-

Because Internet connectivity is a basic need for your mobile forms, in this condition some arias where internet connectivity has served poorly.It increases difficulties  to fill forms, but don’t worried about it, because now on a days most of the companies have Offline support option where you can store all your data offline and  sync it with just one click where your device is online.

Increase the productivity of your inspection officers:-

Sometimes its harder to describe problems from machines through a paper form, where  “Rich Media Capture”  option helps them to capture machine problems easily and make their work faster. And forms are staying them updated with notifications.

One click data sharing:-

Your sharing option is just one click away where you are online, send an email of your survey data or share it from any time anywhere you want.

Easy work-flow and Flexible Integration:- 

Not just a creating forms but manage workflow and flexible integration are must be needed, here a company Streebo have both options where You (Administrator) can control which forms each team member can access, it makes role-based access very simple and data sending to relevant people across department more easily.

So, Google forms, Streebo, Zoho forms, device magic are top companies who give you an all freedoms where you can satisfy all your forms requirements.They also give you a secure environment to your data and great customer support for all problems and Queries. Because “customer delight” is the best way to stay your customer engage with your business.

Finally, what are you waiting for? Choose a product or service according to your business requirements.You can explore more ways after visiting above website. I am sure it will be going to help for those peoples who are looking for best mobile forms software service providers.

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