Top 7 reasons to use WordPress for your business

Since 2003, WordPress has powered 43.3% of the web. It means that this platform has become a solution for many industries like education, government, business, etc.

As per the latest report, the market share of this superlative platform is 64.1% in the present year. and

You can use to maintain and build a site on your own. Whereas, assists to develop a site using the software of WordPress. You need to use managed hosting with this.

So, what makes WordPress the prominent choice for your business?

WordPress is worth the choice. So, take the time to explore this magnificent platform!!

This platform is highly regarded for its resilience, extensibility, and accessibility. It is good because it can scale the website for multi-national cooperation and solopreneur.

You will not regret choosing this platform.

Top 7 reasons to use WordPress for your business

  • Open-source and free

This is a leading open-source CMS. Any business can implement WordPress. You can change and inspect the code as per your requirement. This superlative platform is available for free. You can install and download WordPress on a server.

It can be customized, modified, or extended to suit the used cases. This platform is not tied to any particular vendor.

  • Hosting will be under your control

WordPress is inexpensive and simple to host. It requires an MYSQL database, a server with PHP, etc.

  • Extensible and adaptable

The ecosystem of themes and plugins is the greatest strength of WordPress. It will empower the users to add and customize the features to their website.

The theme identifies the appearance of WordPress. It will also influence the experience of the user.

You can build a blog, portfolio, store, or marketing website. It has also got solutions for people who prefer bold color, minimalism, and typography. WordPress can even serve the purpose of those who seek design-dominated full-bleed images.

The extensibility of WordPress goes beyond plugins and themes. Changing the appearance of the website is as cool as installing the different themes.

  • Multilingual websites

Do you have your business in more than one or two countries? If yes, then you require localized websites for each of them.

WordPress websites can be customized and are easy to duplicate. You can manage websites in a variety of time zones and languages.

  • Accessible

Inclusivity and accessibility is the top-most priority of any business website.

Does your website prioritize the accessibility risk? No!! Please note that you are excluding millions of people with mobility impairment and vision.

WordPress is keyword navigable and accessible. It will maximize your visibility.

  • Security

Not even one website or CMS is 100% secure. One day or the other we see new security threats popping up. Hence, you must use a platform that gives serious attention to security.

WordPress pushes security patches and updates. Hence, the best choice to represent your brand.

  • Easy maintenance

Your website requires maintenance now and then. With WordPress, you can:-

  1. Update the CMS as per new versions
  2. Update themes and plugins
  3. Manage the comments on the website

Where to find proficient WordPress developers for the project?

1. Go for referrals

If you have great pro networks then go for this method. But if you have a limited list, then chances are pretty low to hire the right developers.

2. Turn to the employment board or hiring services board

You can check platforms like TrustPilot, IT Firms, GoodFirms, and Clutch. There are endless opportunities.

The most effective method to overcome potential risks

  • Understand your objectives

You must be clear with the goals. Have a detailed and clear vision regarding the requirements of your project.

Figure out the traits of WordPress developers. Write down the expertise and skills your developers must possess and be clear about the project budget.

  • Write a detailed description of the job

You must elaborate before you make plans to hire WordPress developers. Consult the agencies and check their proposals. And analyze whether they suit your requirement.

  • Proven track record

Make sure to check the proven track record of the WordPress developers.  Ask the developers to share the details of the clients and go through their portfolios. Contact their clients and learn about the company, working style, and corporation.

  • Company’s culture

The barriers in culture can replace unique talents. You must hire WordPress developers who carry a similar wavelength as yours. So, before hiring WordPress developers make a list of personae, ethics, and objectives.

  • Access with recent codes

There are high chances of personal conflict when releasing the code. Hence, be clear that you would be the sole owner related to the accounts at Clouds, TFS, GitHub, or any other platforms.

  • Check the portfolio

It is a mistake to hire WordPress developers without examining their case studies. Do not just rely on the best visuals, carefully analyze every project. Check with them if they have done work similar to yours. Give them an outline and see whether they understand anything about it.

  • Check the service testimonials

Read carefully the testimonials and feedback shared on the company’s websites Also, check the ratings given by the clients.

  • Flexibility

Get an idea of whether the WordPress development company is flexible or not. Also, check the NDA before signing the document.

  • Do not go by lower fees/ quotes

Avoid or get fooled by WordPress developers that offer cheaper services for a low-quality product. You do not want to own an app that is non-consistent.

  • Best tool for project management

There are numerous tools for project management. A good WordPress development company will assist in delegating, tasks, segregating, etc. They will quantify the tasks with the advanced tools.

In a conclusion

If you are convinced to go with WordPress, then ensure to choose the right service provider. Check their web hosting plans and testimonials before hiring them.

Before we sign off, we will recommend you take maximum time before making the final call. Concentrate on the small things behind the curtain.

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