Top Trends Which Will Help You Dominate the SEO Game This Winter

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To master the art of SEO, there are many roads to travel and techniques that are must to follow. It is a part of the game about staying one step ahead of our rivals. Stressing around keywords and wasting your focus shouldn’t be the reason for time waste. As the good news is, you’re the pilot of your time machine – making the best out of it is in your own hands.

As the trends and techniques are a slave of time, they keep up with the pace of change as the time changes. For survival in the competition and be dominant, one has to be aware of how the search engines are changingwith their way of working. According to which you can adjust your SEO strategy and your content before the rivals have any chance to catch up.


The ship of the SEO industry is always in a fleet, so it is beneficial to remain aware of the ongoing evolutions. While Google’s old habit is to always introduce a change when nobody is expecting like they introduced the following in the last few days:

  • Launching a new look for search refinements to ‘people also search for’ features.
  • Changes to the request recrawl limits, the daily limits versus the monthly quotes.
  • Return of ‘Search by image’ & ‘View Image’ buttons in image search with extensions of Google Chrome after they were removed in the second week of February.
  • Dropping the support for Meta news keywords tag.
  • In the coming weeks, Google will move more sites to mobile-first index.
  • With the launch of AMP Stories soon, Google is ready to tackle Instagram and Snapchat.
  • Chrome browser to mark all the non-HTTPS sites as ‘not secure’
  • AMP article will now need larger images

SEO becomes a challenging game with over 200 factors provided in Google’s algorithm. But that isn’t just enough, you need to be aware of the real reason that makes it challenging – it’s the rapidly changing rules of the game. With the search engines always looking for a reason to improve their performance, they shift shapes of the ranking factors and also new ones arising out of nowhere. To stay ahead of the game during the coming summers, following this prominent trends will help you gain momentum.

So brace yourself, the summer is coming:

A structured data

structure data

A way for formatting HTML using specific vocabulary, guiding the search engines the right way to interpret content is by structured data.

Structured data provides a way to enhance your search listing with Knowledge Graph panels and rich snippets, which boosts your listings CTR by about 30%, also several practices have provided results showing an increase in clicks and boosting the ranks.

With the increasing diversity of search results, it provides an opportunity for you to stand out. Get to it right now, before your rivals do so.

  • Stand out of the crowd with personal branding


Personal branding remains the core strategy for the SEO since many years. With the help of personal branding, it is easier for you to secure guest posts, attracting more traffic to your website and building user trust.

But shockingly, very few number of SEO agencies have taken advantage of this strategy. Also, the social media platforms like Facebook and Quora continuously refining their algorithms to favor individual posts over those which are branded.

As this strategy will be adopted to gain the advantage by many companies and organizations. Leading towards more growth but also impacting the competition – so watch your steps and build your strategy according to it.

  • Hear your client’s name echoing with the voice search

google voice

Every SEO is still skeptical regarding voice search, Google reports say that 55% of teens and 40% of adults are using voice search on a daily basis. The ratio of voice search is growing faster than the typical search. Voice search calls for a new keyword research routine as it uses conversational and normal sentences instead of the complex sounding query language.

  • Rise of the SERP features

serp features

SERP features are on an increase by providing knowledge panels, featuring snippets, local packs, and so on. They are stealing the searcher’s attention and amount of clicks from the organic listings. So, #1 organic ranking isn’t the only way to get the maximum of the traffic possible.

You should consider the evolution the Google SERP has been through, going from the top 10 blue links to something that makes you feel like you’re attending the KumbhMela of India.

It provides a critical analysis of your ranking within these features of SERP and monitors the features that show up for your keywords.

Keywords which can be stealing the potential traffic from you.

  • Survival of the fittest and the fastest


Fittest is the one who can adapt to the changes as the theory of the Darwin says, fastest is the one who climbs the ladders of the search ranking with the lead. Being speedy is a big factor, not just with the ranking but it’s a major UX factor.

UX impacts the rankings and it is the biggest loop of some sorts! While Google wants a page to load in under three seconds.

Necessary for every SEO to first take a Google’s page speed test, then jump to content analysis and then specify the page you want to test.

In a couple of moments, you’ll be provided with on-page factors calculated for you.

UX has always been as important for the SEO – to some degree. But following the trends mentioned above will help you gain some heat in your performance during the summers. Providing a level up to your services while picturing all the changes that are going to be introduced by Google along with newer trends. Work hard to raise your performance bar and become the one who starts the trends instead of following them.

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