Useful Tips to Measure Your Website Performance  

Just like other business owners, you’ve invested a lot of money and time to improve your website to create a healthy online presence for your customers.  You’ve hired some professional website designer, developer, content writer to make your website looks great. These are the first steps and you’ve done it properly in an effective way but, the next concern is how your website is performing in the online market to make sure your ROI (Return on Investment).


There are many KPI metrics used to measure website performance around the web. You’ll come to know about the areas where your website performs well and what are the areas need to be improved in term of traffic and popularity.

Here are some key factors to check while measuring your website performance. Let’s see the elaborated version of KPI (Key performance indicators).

Measure Your Visitors

Measuring your visitor’s reach and its impact on your website is the most important part of KPI. You can use Google Analytics to make your job easy. You’ll get actual results of a total number of visits and unique visitors from it. You can tally the new visitors with returning visitors to have a comparable result.

Measure Your Traffic Generation Sources

Traffic is the most vital factor in term of your business growth. There are many sources from where you can get traffic to your website, like – Organic, Referrals, Direct, Email Marketing, Paid Traffic, Social Media. You have to put a watchful eye on every possible source to implement extra effort on the particular zone.  You can get segregated report according to demographics, geography, and interests from Google Analytics. It can help you to know your potential customer better and also you can innovate new marketing techniques according to your traffic sources.

Measure Your Bounce Rate

Bounce rate is the key factor of your website content and information. People visit your website and then leave immediately, it means they are not getting the information they are looking for. That’s not a good sign for your website and your business. You have to be careful about it.

Conversion Rates

Another term to measure your website performance is conversion rates. All you are doing in this field is just comes to a big zero if you can’t convert your visitors into a valid customer. You can do all the SEO works, create social media presence and hire guest blogging services professionals to increase your relevant traffic source but you need to increase this conversion rates as much as you can for the betterment of your business.

Local Area Promotion

By using KPI you can able to know your local market and its current rank position. This is the most vital part of measuring your website performance. If you can perform better in local search results then it’ll help you to grow your business and popularity in the global market easily.

So friends, measure your performance by KPI and keep the information of geolocation to target as your business areas.

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