Want to Grow Your Online Customer Base with SEO? International SEO Can Help

Every entrepreneur, whether a successful one or a start-up business owner wants to grow! They want their business to expand. They work towards experiencing brand recall value and which results in better online sales and profits. But all this is possible when the people you are catering to are growing in numbers. We’re referring to the user base here. Every business wants to have a growing customer base. Many online companies depend on SEO for the same. You can implement international SEO tactics here.

International SEO

Are you happy catering to your local customers? Do you now want to expand your user base? If yes, then it’s time for you to say yes to international SEO. When you transform your website into a global site, it will assist you in expanding your business. You can reach out to a worldwide customer base that is waiting for your service and product offerings. Furthermore, international SEO also offers you the scope and capacity to generate a healthy inflow of online traffic. This traffic sources from several other companies that give a boost to your lead conversion activities.

Understanding international SEO

Very few companies and entrepreneurs are aware of international SEO. Simply put, International SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the method of website optimization that enables the search engines to recognize the countries that you want to reach out to, for your business expansion. It also helps you rank your website for a chosen nation, via the preferred keywords in a set of multiple languages.

There’s a lot of things involved in SEO of this kind. For instance, here you need to have content that’s significant for the users in various targeted regions and the time zones. You need to cater to those people who make use of other currencies and languages. Based on the resources available you’ll be able to customize your content independently for every region.

For this, if you want you can reach out to an expert SEO agency for help. Search based on your location. For instance, if you are in Los Angeles, you can join hands with a Los Angeles SEO Firm that provides solutions and tactics for international SEO.

The need for international SEO

The million-dollar question here is that who all needs international SEO? And the answer is any business or entrepreneur who targets various countries across the globe. These entrepreneurs and online business owners want to expand their business all around the world. Wondering if this form of SEO can increase your customer base? If yes, then take a look at the following options and select the one that is applicable for you:

  • Your online business already has a quality global customer base, and you want to increase the list
  • You carry out your online store in multiple countries
  • You are trying to stretch your online brand reach into global markets
  • Your customer base already has customers whose first language isn’t English

How to implement international SEO?

The secret of making any SEO strategy successful is to draw up a plan for the same. For international SEO tactics to work in your favor, you can refer to the procedures discussed below:

1. Research is fundamental

Never underestimate the power of study regardless of your online brand success. It’s essential that you start the international SEO process by researching. It will enable you to recognize the business potential in every targeted region around the globe. Research is always helpful in creating your company’s objectives and goals.

How do you start with this? You may try and research the present status of your global organic search. You will have to recognize the best global languages, countries, markets as well as behavioral trends of the global visitors. Then you can examine your SEO scope in every country as well as the language markets.

Here you can resort to Google Keyword Planner, for analyzing the best keywords. It will help you attract the new visitors from other countries and regions around the globe. Your research will be necessary for getting to know the best and apt keywords for targeting the selected markets of a different language in a better manner.

2. Importance of targeting

Once your research is complete, you can move on to targeting! You ought to target the countries where your keywords will have optimal organic search volume. You need to ensure that keywords are relevant and also competitive. What to do when you find that organic search isn’t sufficient to target a specific country? The answer is you can start by implementing language-based targeting.

It is a smart call as it enables you to develop the best traffic and the conversion traction essentially. From here you can keep moving on to a more country-targeted approach. It will allow you to connect to even more audiences. However, there are online business websites that will do better when they implement a country-based targeting approach.

3. Get onto optimizing

Once you’ve understood the apt internal web target audience for you, then shift to optimization. Here you can optimize your website accordingly. It means making sure that your content is indexable, crawlable as well as relevant for the users.

You probably will have to ensure that the site offers apt targeting signals. It will help you to avert search outcome misalignment. You also will have to manage all kinds of fake content along with many other URL concerns for multiple countries. You have to maintain it in a better way to attain good visibility by adhering to the Google Webmaster guidelines for various regional and multi-lingual websites.

The International SEO checklist

So, you’ve decided to go ahead with your international SEO plan? If yes, then you would also require a checklist. It will help you to stay tuned to all the fundamental aspects. Your checklist thus needs to have the following questions:

  • Have you researched on the potential of your international SEO?
  • Will you use a language or country-based targeting process?
  • How have decided to target the selected audience?
  • How will you manage the translation process?
  • Do you know the best global targeted site format to follow?

To plan your international SEO, you need to have this checklist in order. You can always go ahead and reach out to an SEO agency to help you. But first, you need to decide whether you can pull off an international SEO strategy. You can start this analysis process with the steps discussed above.

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