Ways to Read Fast

Speed reading is an art by which you can save much of your time but it is a quite a challenging habit which is developed in once personality. It is the most common requirement of everyone in their busy and tough schedule because we have to read out some sort of information every moment whether at the workplace, at university or even at home.

Therefore, the ability of fast reading makes our work easier and bails out precious time. Reading fast doesn’t only emphasize to study lots of material quickly but also evolve to absorb and understand that information.


However, you are already overloaded and wishing to perceive knowledge instantly and effortlessly to boom up your career or obtain higher scores in the academic examination. Fortunately, different ways are available to make this wish come true. Let’s check out some of the ways by which you may improve your reading speed per minute. There are certain factors that should be considered an individual in order to improve their reading skills. Some of them are illustrated below:

  • Set A Timer

The timer can help you moving towards fast reading. First, check your reading speed than how many words you read in per minute and then set a target of increasing capability of moving fast while studying. Remember, reading actively will take time and effort; most importantly needs more and more practice. Further, beginning with baby steps like making sure to spend 10 to 15 minutes of practice every day to enhance your speed and gradually cut down your time as much as possible.

  • Start With Easy Material

In order to develop a habit of reading fast; take some easy comprehensions initially. After practicing those take some advance material and read out loud. Repeating the verb, again and again, will upgrade your reading skills. You can also prioritize reading material on the basis of your interest like if you love sports so read sports articles on websites and sports page in a newspaper. But don’t bound yourself to just study your favorite essays otherwise your dream of getting outstanding speed will remain a dream.

  • Use Speed Reader Apps

Now some apps like the Speedy Reader, Spritz, and Fast Reader are available on Microsoft apps store and Google play store to help you in getting your desired speed. These apps have wonderful options for checking your performance on a daily basis. They also provide reading the different material and give you special tips on a regular basis; in this way, your skill of studying fast goes up to the mark. Therefore, install these apps and start practicing with it on a consistent basis.

  • Don’t Read Every Word

Train your eyes to skip unimportant words because those words take much of your time. So you better try to scan material and jump over those which give no sense. By leaving effectively those small words proves that you are gaining more out of your experience. Keep remembering it is not easy to carry out; because when you skip important or relative words so whole passage will lose its meaning. So be smart and sharp while using this tip.

  • Avoid Temptations And Distractions

Studying quickly requires full attention and concentration. Remove all temptations, minimize external noises and be mindful when you engage in reading. Study every section carefully and consciously so that you understand side by side while reading any text. Use your finger and pointer to focus every sentence, it could easily minimize your time and make you capable of reading a page in 2 to 3 minutes while others take 7 to 8. One more thing which is also necessary to elaborate here is to ensure that you understand passage meaning in the first attempt; because repeating reading material just to make sure whether you grasp or not simply wastage of time. After reading summarising all information will also enlarge your lessons and make you able to speed reading.

  • Join A Speed Reading Class

It is better to enroll you in any speed reading class; because a teacher guideline will boost up your speed reading skills. During class, you shut the door of laziness which might come when you practice alone. Further, you can easily be strict with yourself and will be able to pay full attention in getting proficiency swiftly reading. Test, assignment, task, project and the most important compilation within a class are some elements which will keep you motivated all the time. So you continuously measure your growth and work on your baseline.

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