7 Popular JavaScript Frameworks that will Rule 2024 and years Ahead

7 Popular JavaScript Frameworks

The year 2024 will end in just a quick span of four months and many developers out there are still working on the old tactics. Time has come to unfold the best trends that are unleashing in the world of web development. If you will not bring these trends into action, you are bound to get buried by competitors who would obviously do.

Unlike other industries, trends in web development change at a faster pace and sometimes it becomes hard to keep up. But, failing in doing so can make you lose the race. The year 2024 has been very promising when it comes to web development trends.

No doubt, all the frameworks have one goal in common and that is to facilitate development. But, what sets them apart is, how they tackle the goal of web development.

So, here is a list of frameworks that will rule in 2024 and years ahead:

1. Vue.js:

It is quite a surprise for many that this framing which is still growing into maturity has turned out to be a competitor for React and Angular. Vue.js is a one-man project, developed by an ex-Google employee and doesn’t have the support of an IT company behind it. Still, the growth of Vue.js community is outstanding.

Here are some of the key benefits of Vue.js:

  Low entrance threshold, this makes amateur master Vue.js faster than Angular or any other framework.

  It offers easy integration with HTML templates, enabling developers to write components swiftly.

  Small size of Vue.js makes it easy to integrate into projects without experiencing any slow down.

  With Vue.js, it is possible to monitor development in real time.

2. Next.js:

Backed by Zeit company, Next.js is a lightweight framework developed for server-rendering and static react application. The number of such web development app will tend to grow in coming years. Although, it might not be suitable for the development of big projects, when combined with Next.js, it offers the same simplicity as offered by Vue.js.

Here are some of the benefits offered by Next.js:

  It includes server-side rendering, along with code splitting.

  It offers universal JavaScript support

  Webpack, React, React Router and React DOM is already built-in, which makes it easy to use

  Next.js is backed by a company which guarantees the support of framework.

3. React.js:

Created by Facebook, React.js offers unmatched scalability, when you choose it for the project. React offers a sense of stability in which many new frameworks lack.  For large-scale projects, React.js is almost shoe-in for usage. It is presently the most popular JavaScript library, which even allows you to create reusable UI.

Here are a few benefits offered by React.js:

  High volume of adoption means it will be easier to expert React developers for in-house as well as for outsourcing.

  React.js allows structuring of components.

  The framework helps you in developing SEO-friendly pages.

  It can also provide a seamless mobile experience, which can be paired alongside your web application.

4. Angular.js:

Angular is a live-wire that sits adjacent to React.js at the top of charts when it comes to JavaScript frameworks. Angular has been developed after the two years of hard work and the lessons of these two years aided in the development of Angular 2 and other future versions. Angular.js is where your search ends if you are looking for a scalable and future-filled framework.

Some of the benefits that come with Angular.js are:

  It is full of features like templates, dependency injection, forms and more.

  Since it is maintained by Google, you can be confident that it will be used for a long while.

  Angular uses Typescript, a superset of JavaScript.

  Pre-rendering of content on Angular.js’s server allows for faster browsing and better SEO

5. Ember.js:

Ember.js is a framework that is focused on getting things done more swiftly. Ember is a more pompous framework, which rapidly gets your application into production. With Ember.js, you get several external tools to make it easier for the project to get started.  The inclusion of plug-in like CLI, allow for the quick start of the framework.

Looking at the benefits of Ember.js:

  If you are following Ember structure, it becomes very easy to build apps with this tool.

  With Ember inspector allow ease of inspection to developers.

  Ember inspector can be used both while developing and debugging issues.

6. Aurelia.js:

Aurelia is a framework composing smaller modules, which has restructured app development. It allows developers to use the pieces they need or use the framework as a whole. Its modular infrastructure offers many useful applications to developers. Support for ES 2015, ES 2016 and Typescript gives framework the flexibility to be used in a diverse range of JavaScript development solutions.

Here are some of the benefits offered by Aurelia.js:

  This framework is known for its low learning curve, giving developers to spend their time in writing productive code.

  Many developers welcome the streamlining of simple MV architecture.

  You can even opt for module piecemeal if you do not need a complete framework.

  You will find this framework quick, practical and of service in a variety of situation.

7. Bacbone.js:

Backbone.js has been around from a quite a long time but is prevalent even now. It has been utilized not only in legacy applications but also in new projects that require a less prescriptive framework. It is still regarded as powerful and relevant tools by the developers.

Here are some key benefits offered by Bacbone.js:

  1. With Backbone.js, you get solid community resources and support.
  2. It is lightweight and also provides bare bones of the framework, thus allowing the developer to use what they need.
  3. Developers can select their templating engine according to their own choice.
  4. It is quite easy to handle and can be operated by amateurs without any difficulty.
  5. This framework is the best choice to develop an application the way you see fit.

That is all about the JavaScript framework that will be on the top of the chart in 2024 and year ahead. Choosing the right framework amongst these depends upon the project requirements and skills of your developers.

Good luck with your web developing endeavors! For more such updates, stay tuned.

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