Important Web Development Points to Consider While Rebuilding Your Site


Rebuilding a website is not an easy task and if in case you are considering to make structural changes to the site, then there are various things that the developer should consider related to functionality and approach.  Driving a website rebuilt without any careful consideration could result in serious consequences and even the traffic of the site may be affected. No matter how complex the site is, during web development it has to support its traffic, and also respond smoothly and quickly to the people using it.

During the rebuild, web developers should consider various aspects of the development process and ensure that it continues to provide a quality experience for the coming years. Here in this piece of writing, we will discuss the points that are important during web development.


Whether it is a simple website or a complex one, a website needs to be scalable when necessary and continue to operate effortlessly as the site develops and grows over time. During the rebuild aspects of the design like image compression, caching strategies, optimizing the front end, codes should be considered keeping the scalability of the site in mind.

Considering technology

Web development of a site that is rebuilt involves lot more than just content and design. One most important component is technology. It is important for the developers to know how personalization and automation works together to deliver a business message. Before you consider the design, evaluate whether the technology that you are using will support the organization and help to achieve the desired brand experience. For this, you need to determine ways in which you can change processes, reduce operational costs and find gaps.

Web addresses or URLs

Whenever a developer goes through a redesign or rebuild of a site using a new technology, it means that all your old URLs will change, causing great confusion to the search engines trying to find out where the old pages disappeared. One important solution that the developers should consider is to use the 301 redirect map. This helps to automatically redirect the search engines to the new page location. For pages that are not recreated, it is recommended to use a 404- page not found for the web visitors where you can offer a site map or a search box that can help them to find what they are actually looking for.

Valid codes:

Developing a website as per is increasingly becoming important and it ensures that your webpages are displayed consistently across all the platforms that include Mac, PCs, smart phones and etc. and also the web browsers that are accessed by each. Having a valid code decreases the chance of an error that prevents a search engine from indexing and crawling your pages. In case you have not validated your site before, it is time to upgrade.

Responsive and mobile friendly:

Mobile devices are gaining huge popularity and so it is very important that web development of your site focuses on creating a mobile friendly site so that it can easily reach out to more users while on the go and help to boost business growth. Google’s latest algorithm says that a site that is responsive will attain a higher ranking in the search results. Web developers should consider responsive strategies in order to keep the site updated as per the market needs.

User experience:

Developers should also consider the non-page factors like the navigation in your redesign and its impact it might have on the visitor’s UX. Before you start with the rebuild, consider the current user experience of the present site and what improvements can be done. Consider the navigation, optimization for varied devices, page load time and etc. The users should be able to easily browse around the site with clear CTAs, drop down options and links from the navigation bar. If in any case, your pages don’t load quickly, then have a look at what is causing the slow performance and correct them.


Testing is very important for your new website so that it ensures that there are no errors in the site and it looks perfect. Each and every aspect of the site should be thoroughly checked to find out that all the functionalities work. Check whether your contact forms, payment checkout process work correctly or not. With proper planning, reviewing and support options, web developers can enjoy a smooth launch of the website later on.

There are various project specific considerations during web development of a site that is rebuilt. Considering the above points will make a great difference and ensure that your site meets its goals and business objectives.

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