Best Tools for Web Designers to Use

Everything and everyone has a limit. Only “nothing” lasts forever, that is why we, as responsible individuals should make amends, research, and adapt to the constant changes that this universe brings. And it’s not just about making changes, we have to seek for the best in order to maximize the effort that we put to what we do and reap a more plentiful bounty than expected. Only fools will say no to this, and they will feel the slow pace of dispatching what is truly worth every drop of blood and sweat.

This is in fact a must if you are a web designer. Every single day, people are getting better and smarter, more creative and hungry for excellence when it comes to web designing, meaning the competition is continuously growing and is spreading at a fast pace. Before you even see it, web designers will be at every corner and direction. This is not a good sign if you are an old school web artist, so that’s why it’s time to rethink your fight plan. And the best way to do it is to know the latest and best web design tools for 2024.

Actually there are a lot, even endless applications and tools that you can use for web designing. As a matter of fact, they are everywhere too, but it’s better to know the secrets of the trade rather than keep what is or what will become obsolete.

Here are some of 2024’s Best Tools for Web designing, pick one or two, or just pick them all! What’s important is your abilities will be boosted further and your efforts be doubled to maximize profit.

Best Tools for Web Designers
Best Tools for Web Designers

1. Adobe XD

A very reliable alternative to Photoshop, Adobe XD is the latest design program from Adobe HQ. It is great for web designing because it is specifically made for mockup designs and prototyping. It offers a mixed collaboration between Photoshop and Illustrator and is a big favorite among designers this year.

2. Sketch

Probably the largest competitor of Adobe nowadays when it comes to design space is Sketch.  Gone are the days of using Photoshop as the easiest solution for mockups ever since Sketch gained the mainstream support.

It is not only cheap than any other Adobe products but also being offered at a one-time fee, not like the monthly payment required for an Adobe CC. It also has a substantial open source community of designers who develop and release their own plug-ins for the software. You can definitely find it easy to use, extend, and even fit for a wide range of design work like icons and mobile apps.

3. Plant Version Control

Thankfully this year, Plant has offered an alternative for version control for coders, making their lives easier. It offers a solid and full GUI control over everything plus a strong backend. Also the GUI offers support for non – coders, killing the stigma of the command line. Plant Version Control also offers a plan, which by the way is free for you to test out.

4. Principle

In today’s design work, UI/UX animations have already become the standard. Clients expect you to incorporate animations in your design once you build them a mockup.

Even though Principle is a Mac-only tool like Sketch, it could still be considered as the best UX animation software available in the market. Importing Sketch or even PSDs into this tool as animating elements is an easy breeze. Principle is indeed a great tool if you want to make your website designs and mobile apps livelier.

5. Figma

Protyping has just been made easier because of Figma. It supports every stage of the design process plus collaboration with team members. The best part however is that you can show and share your own designs, mockups and even export a CSS file inside the program. This is an indispensible tool that every web designer should have if they want to have an easier and more productive career.

6. Presentator

Another collaboration tool that is going strong this year is Presentator. It is included in our top list of web design tools because you can use it for free. But it doesn’t stop there.

Presentator is an open source collaboration tool for designers who can run it directly from the web browser. It’s as easy and simple as uploading and sharing your designs with your team members or clients. You can even decide the file permission access for a certain user you invite. Thus, some people can just have a read or view-only access while others can input notes or comments.

7. Webflow

Another cool and must see tool is Webflow. It is actually more than just a designing tool, it’s like an all in one package that is really made for designing and creating websites, with lots of options to choose from while making it easier and more reliable for you to do your magic. Webflow comes with a complete CMS Engine, plus hosting and client access for client websites.

8. Vectr

There are only a number of free graphic design tools that work well and perhaps Vectr is the best one available today.

You can start using it for free for any project design you have with either its browser or desktop app. In case you find it very useful for your works, then you can upgrade for a fee to get ahold of their premium assets or custom add-ons.

9. Iconjar

Managing iconsets was made easy by Iconjar. It gives you the option to make custom folders in the program or create tags for your icons based on type. For instance, you can just search for “arrow” to find all the arrow icons from all the packs you have.

Certainly helpful for designers whose into using different iconsets. It also has a free trial so you really have nothing to lose. Let’s just hope that it’ll get a Windows update in the near future because it’s only available for MacOS for the moment.

10. Fontbase

Finally, a website designer should always have a Font managing tool, and one of the latest is Fontbase. First its free and runs on all three Operating Systems, iOs, Windows, and Linux. Second, you can test and play with different fonts or just download straight from google. And third, it has a visual GUI for all fonts, making them organized by collection, foundries and custom folders.

And if you want something handy and on the go….

Here are some mobile application apps for logo making:

  1. Logo Maker Plus

This app is already an expert in creating innovative emblems. It has a wide array of fantastic templates that you’ll want to create more than one logo. You can even use their templates to craft an unconventional image or inscription.

The Logo Maker Plus categories are marked with symbols making it easier to find the right one that you need. You can also customize the tools panel according to your needs. Multiple visual effects are even available in this app which allows you to embellish your logo to make it more refined and presentable. Maybe the only con of this app is that it contains annoying ads, so if you’ll be using a logo app regularly, it is best to purchase its ad-free account.

  • Installs – 5 million +
  • Requires Android – 4.2 and up
  • Average rating – 4.7 (from 98,307 users)
  • Last update – May 25, 2024
  1. Iris Studios and Services’ Logo Maker

This app is proud of its huge database of templates as well as multipurpose tools. It provides a professional photo editing functionality that makes it stand out among logo makers and developers ever since it was released last Sept 1, 2017. An interesting idea of handy stickers is a plus too!

  • Installs – 1 million +
  • Requires Android – 4.2 and up
  • Average rating – 4.7 (from 87,279 users)
  • Last update – September 7, 2024
  1. Light Creative Lab’s Logo Generator & Logo Maker

This app’s simple and eye-pleasing interface surely attracts many users and logo makers. You won’t be looking for a particular button or feature since everything that you need is right at your fingertips. It has professional tools and a large spectrum of colors which you can use in crafting your extraordinary design. Moreover, there are around 2,000 icons and more than a hundred unique fonts that you can access in this app.

  • Installs – 1 million +
  • Requires Android – 4.0.3 and up
  • Average rating – 4.5 (from 48,329 users)
  • Last update – February 11, 2024
  1. Bhima Apps’ Logo Maker & Logo Design Generator

You won’t be needing the help of an expert in using this app. With its simple and easy few steps, you can already choose the right style and pattern that you envision for your logo. It offers categorized logo designs, a large collection of stickers, different types of backgrounds, as well as magic and paint brushes which you can use for drawing sparkling texture and prints or adding texts with your own handwriting.

  • Installs – 1 million +
  • Requires Android – 4.1 and up
  • Average rating – 4.4 (from 9,846 users)
  • Last update – August 24, 2024
  1. James Thomas Carter’s Logo Maker – Logo Creator

In this app, you can find 1,000 exquisitely designed icons and 30 textures that you can use in creating an astonishing logo design. Furthermore, you can rotate your composition in 3D to check its look in real life. With its many editing options, you will definitely come up with a brand identity that will take your business to a higher level.

  • Installs – 1 million +
  • Requires Android – 4.0 and up
  • Average rating – 4.3 (from 24,173 users)
  • Last update – December 19, 2017

These are just a few of the latest and best tools for web designers this year. I suggest that you make time for research and learning to even find more cutting edge tools that will help you hone your skills and show the world how talented you really are. Talent comes from the artist, showmanship comes from the tools. Cheers!

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