15 Web Development Tools Checklist that you follow in 2024

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Building a website for the business is a crucial task for owners, just because it involves various factors to keep a check every time. The checklists are the most essential tool for organizations to handle day to day work.

You can deliver the most promising product for your customers using a web development checklist. A perfect checklist can shape up your website traffic, ranking and link building popular.

The ultimate purpose of these web development tools is to keep track of the ongoing projects and complete them on time. You can manage the tasks in between web development teams and coordinate easily.

In this article, we have enlisted the top 15 web development checklists that cover almost everything from front-end to SEO.

1. The Essential Pre-launch Checklist

A website should include this practical checklist that follows:

  • design elements to analyze before launch
  • functionality
  • cross-browser testing
  • SEO and content editing

2. Website Launch Checklist

This is the most effective checklist created by Fraser Boag, a Glasgow developer.

This tool allows you to:

  • check items as you complete each and every task
  • grey out un applicable items
  • reset the checklist for your next project.

All your changes will get updated using cookies, so you can access the checklist at any time in your web development process easily.

This checklist includes content, benchmarks and performance, compatibility, accessibility, analytics, and etc.

Things include these following features,

  • content editing
  • navigation usability
  • links testing
  • GDPR compliance
  • HTML and CSS validity
  • styles and scripts minification

3. Checklist for Web and Mobile Apps

Ben Cheng explains every important thing you should focus on before launching a website and he also explains the reason behind all these choices.

This checklist presents items in the following areas:

  • performance
  • security
  • broken links
  • compatibility
  • SEO/social
  • nice to have, for example, 404 pages, print stylesheets, and more.

4. Database Testing Checklist

A smooth database can ensure a fast and secure website or app. For data analysis, you must have a database probably.

In this checklist, you may find items including,

  • database integrity
  • stored procedures
  • field validation
  • constraints
  • security
  • transactions and more.

5. Back-end Best Practices

These are the essential guidelines to ensure backend architecture best practices.

It’s comprehensive, including practice on:

  • data storage solutions
  • security
  • server environments
  • application monitoring, and etc.

All these checklists ensure to organize your teamwork effectively and you can launch your website or app as you desire.

6. A Front-end Deployment Checklist

If you are coding the landing pages, Fred Rocha’s deployment checklist can be your best friend.

It’s ideal and includes the technical front end items including,

  • check performance
  • validate the markup
  • check the console for JavaScript errors, and more.

7. The Front-end Checklist by David Dias

The motto of this checklist as it describes is “ a perfect checklist for modern websites and developers”. This tool is very simple and interactive, once you enter the project’s URL you’ll get complete data including the areas:

  • head
  • HTML
  • web fonts
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • images
  • accessibility
  • performance
  • SEO

This checklist ensures each and every item based on their priorities including various factors such as deserve high, medium, or low priority.

8. Death by a Thousand Cuts Checklist

This tool is attractive and responsive with clear explanations about implementing every task in your React app. You can easily manage the tasks and it’s fun to work with this checklist.

9. Cross-browser Testing Checklist Before Going Live

This checklist ensures the looks or works of your website and apps that help you to launch the most appropriate website for all browsers and platforms.

Among the following items, you’ll find the list as follows,

  • element alignment
  • HTML and CSS cross-browser issues
  • font rendering
  • API connections

10. Checklist for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

This checklist includes every item that you must consider to check that ensures to reach out to many users.

All the items are grouped according to their preferences here,

  • provide text for non-text elements
  • organize documents to read without stylesheets
  • color contrast
  • appropriate structure and HTML elements for documents
  • expand acronyms and abbreviations for better appearances
  • logical tab navigation, and etc.

11. The A11Y Project Checklist

This A11Y Project checklist can organize various elements under this headings:

  • content
  • global code
  • keyboard
  • images
  • headings
  • lists
  • controls
  • tables
  • forms
  • media
  • appearance
  • animation
  • color contrast
  • mobile/touch

12. Front-end Performance Checklist 2024

Vitaly Friedman ensures an updated overview of problems to ensure fast and smooth user interaction in your sites.

This checklist includes the following factors:

  • Getting ready: planning and metrics
  • Set realistic goals
  • Define the environment
  • Asset optimizations
  • Build optimizations
  • Deliver optimizations
  • HTTP/2
  • Test and monitor

These are the issues that you can resolve very quickly and gain positive performance results in less than an hour.

13. The SEMRush Website Migration Checklist

There are various factors that contribute to migrating a website. Here are a few reasons that need you to migrate including, change from HTTP to HTTPS, change of domain names, or a new framework or CMS.

SEMRush even provides a free online interactive checklist that helps to manage this process. You can also download this checklist in PDF format from the official site.

14. The Complete SEO Checklist for 2024

Backlinko offers this super comprehensive SEO including multiple checklists.

In this checklist, you’ll find,

  • an SEO basics checklist
  • a keyword research checklist
  • an on-page SEO checklist
  • a technical SEO checklist
  • a content checklist
  • a link building checklist

15. On-Page SEO checklist for 2024

On-page SEO is a single page optimization on your website, which is very essential for higher Google ranking. Nathan Gotch – (GotchSEO) shows his on-page SEO checklist step by step, that  includes,

  • SEO performance
  • crawling and indexing
  • keywords
  • content
  • images
  • video
  • links
  • user experience (UX) and design
  • user interface (UI)
  • rank your page in the local pack
  • structured data and etc.

Bottom Line

Now you know the most effective web development checklist that includes different categories. All this checklist ensures page load speed and works as a key component to achieve ranking in top search engines.

Each and every web development aspect works for the web presence and ensures to include all this and achieve your desired end result. With these checklists, the web development process is much easier to handle.

Thanks for reading, Cheers!

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