What Encourages Employees To Perform Better At Work?

Employees who perform to the best of their abilities are an asset to their organization. They bring in their positive energy into the work environment and are able to deliver higher satisfaction to customers. Since they are highly engaged, they become good at problem-solving and more productive than others.

Ever wondered what encourages employees to perform better? What triggers positivity in them towards their work? What motivates them to give in their 100% ? Here are 6 highly recommended ways that contribute to employee satisfaction and encourage them to deliver their best work:

  • Appreciation :

Who doesn’t like being appreciated? It is a fundamental human need and makes us feel good about ourselves. When employees get recognized for the efforts and their contributions are acknowledged publicly, it boosts their self-confidence.

When a customer leaves a positive feedback for an employee and you appreciate them for it, it makes them feel important. This is very powerful in making them feel valued in the company environment and pushes them to keep performing better.

  • Clear guidelines:

When employees don’t know what their role is, or what they are supposed to do it can get chaotic for them. If they are suddenly asked to deliver work without any clear instruction, they may feel overwhelmed with the confusion and start panicking.

When managers set clear goals and define expectations from the very beginning it paints a clear picture for the employees. This gives them direction and encourages them to focus better on their work in order to fulfill said expectations.

  • Growth opportunities:

A major factor that contributes to employee engagement is being offered learning & growth opportunities. Businesses that invest in employee training software enjoy the benefits of a workforce that is motivated to deliver better results.

Moreover, training employees helps in enhancing their skill set and helps them learn better ways to do their jobs. This boosts their performance and allows them to tackle all kinds of work challenges.

  • Perks and benefits:

Different companies provide different perks and benefits to their employees to ensure their experience of working with the company is positive. Company benefits include basic employee needs, and perks are offered to stand out from the competition.

When employees are provided attractive perks and benefits, it makes them happy about coming to work and keeps them productive. For instance maternity/paternity leaves, employee discount, remote work flexibility, free health checkups, etc. are some of the perks that win employees over.

  • Good work-life balance:

Business owners often forget that employees are human beings juggling work, personal life and personal interests. Helping them build a good work-life balance increases their work efficiency and can make them feel cared for.

Providing employees flexibility to work remotely is a great way of helping them balance work and personal life efficiently. This will definitely be appreciated by those looking after old parents and young kids, and it will start reflecting in their performance positively.

  • Approachable management:

When managers, HR pros and employers keep communication channels open, it becomes easy for employees to come forward with any issues. Knowing that they will be supported if they approach for help makes them feel comfortable.

Even a simple one-on-one meeting with an employee to ask them how they have been doing and if they want to discuss something can do wonders for employee motivation. It makes them feel like the company/manager cares for them and encourages them to excel at their work.


Now that you know what encourages an employee to become a high-performing asset for the company, you can direct your company’s efforts to ensure employees are provided the right work environment.

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