Top 5 SEO Lead Generation Tips for Business

The novel Coronavirus has been an ongoing catastrophe that has left the world in dismay. People around the earth are trying to cope with the new regulations and completely different lifestyles for quite some time to survive through the burdensome circumstances. The world is turned upside down by a microscopic virus that can be barely seen by the naked eye, disrupting plans, deals, policies and proposals all around the world. Furthermore, the pandemic situation has caused the worst economic imbalance throughout the world, leaving the powerless people in extreme discomfort.

SEO Lead Generation Tips for Business

The major highlighting thing that has been a positive outcome in this adverse situation is the rise of digital marketing and many online platforms in the business, education, health care and much more sectors. The evolution of technology is clearly visible in the modern world with its wide applications in every sector, without engaging in physical contact. From getting groceries & products delivered to your doorstep to getting health consultations online and running businesses through the virtual network, technology has made everything simple with just a touch of a screen.

It is the best period for any business to make a massive impact in the digital world with just the right planning, strategy and execution.

Small businesses struggle to make ends meet due to their insufficient funds, lack of cutting-edge technology and mere social media presence. But at the same time, digital marketing has given more meaning for small businesses to expand and grow a massive potential target audience for their products/services. Businesses also benefit from this online advertising as it cuts costs for the physical infrastructure required (building, storage for hardware, etc.) and every employee can work at the comfort of their homes, disconnecting physical presence.

Before going deep into the topic, for those of you who do not have the basic knowledge of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and lead generation, the following paragraphs would explain it in simple terms:

Digital Marketing:

Everyone knows what marketing means in layman’s terms, but when the concept of digital is prefixed to it, it is a baffling question. Digital marketing is the process by which any business can promote and hustle its products and services to potential customers through online tactical marketing skills with the help of many virtual applications and platforms. In simple terms, digital marketing is the online method of attracting customers without meeting them in person and convincing them to be our potential clients for a longer period. The primary reason for its success is that it reaches maximum people in a shorter period due to its massive outreach advertisements through every possible social media.


The abbreviation for SEO is Search Engine Optimization. The immediate names that come into the minds of people when the name SEO is mentioned are Google, Yahoo and Bing. The popular search engines are the places where there is always a heavy load of user traffic at any point in time. So, a Company or business tries to use of this vast potential market to buy or request their products or services. Therefore, to appear on the top pages of these search engines, a business has to stand out from the crowd with the products or service they provide, and hence, to do this, their website or social media accounts are filled with basic or frequently used keywords by customers in their everyday life. In simple words, SEO is getting a targeted number of users to a website/ social media accounts from a search engine’s natural rankings.

Lead Generation:

The principal objective for any business is to acquire a potential lead for its products/services. A lead is the potential customer interested in the business’s products and services and is readily available in the market to make a purchase. The higher the quality of these leads, the higher is the revenue generated by the business. But companies choose to go for quantity over quality for a higher profit percentage. Not every person who has a slight interest in the Company is considered a lead but converting them into buying their products or services is the actual lead generation conclusion.

The only drawback many businesses do is that they target the mass audiences for marketing while they should consider only the people who are interested in their Company as people have different needs and preferences. Finding that delicate balance is not a simple task, so going with a professional, such as one of the best lead companies, is always a viable solution.

In simple terms, lead generation is the transforming a stranger into a person who is interested in investing in the Company for their products and services. Some examples are job applications, live or virtual events, complimentary coupons, blogs, social media posts, etc.

Lead Generation

The above paragraphs have brought the basic ideas and perspectives of digital marketing to unclear people. Now let us come to the prime topic of gaining lead generation tips for your business in optimized ways. The five best tips for SEO Lead Generation are as follows:

  1. Optimizing Homepage of The Business Website

The first step for any business to survive in the modern digital world is to create a website of its own for users to interact, seek help and get knowledge of what the Company provides as its services and products. A Company without a website is considered lost in the digital era as technology has reached even the remote village, making it mandatory for a Company to establish its presence on various online platforms. So, every user has to come and visit the website’s homepage for their needs and preferences, forcing the Company to spend a significant amount of resources on the Company website.

In order to appeal to a large part of the population, the website should first appear on the leading pages of the search engines organically using the right keywords to attract many audiences. Once the website starts to catch the people’s eye, try to stand out from the crowd by using specific keywords that are unique to your products and services. By making it local, many people would be captivated by its proximity and foolproof aspects. Create exciting content, video marketing strategies and customer support services 24/7 on the website to capture a major set of loyal customers in the long run.

  1. Connecting People at The Local Level

Whenever any events or businesses happen in your primary base, claim your listings to the people so that the slightly interested audiences may get transformed into a potential customer upon admiring the ideas, innovations, products or services of your business. International customers can be appealed to by putting out engaging content through social media accounts or on the Company website, and they might not have the liberty to check out the physical functioning of the Company. Hence, if they are interested, they are obliged to do the business at least once and determine the quality of the service or product.

The local audiences can review your functioning, so there is no scope for irresponsible blunders and faulty functioning. If you can positively appeal to the local audience, they can provide you the next level of development of your Company by referring to their friends, family and colleagues. Providing high-quality services, asking for regular feedback and getting positive reviews is the consistent way to sustain your business at the local level.

  1. Design Blog Pages for Your Company

Blogs are the constant way to keep interacting with your target audiences in an entertaining way and the terrific way to keep them posted on your new products and services. It can be done by providing fresh content, peculiar keywords, vivid images and engaging social media activities. People are in constant need of new content due to the ever-evolving applications and products in the digital world, and hence, blogs like those can create the attraction businesses require. By posting regularly, people would get a bit of trust through those promising activities and, therefore, an opportunity for expanding your customer base.

The blogs can be made with unique keywords specific to your products and services, improving your rankings in the search engines organically, leading to greater reach. Publish your blogs with useful, interesting and easy-to-read content for capturing a comprehensive set of audiences on a larger scale. By making the blogs understandable for the common person helps in gaining more customers due to our simplicity. Adding separate side heading and relevant links to credible websites to support your statements will help people easily & quickly find what they are looking for and gain their trust.

  1. Interact With Your Audiences on a Personalized Level

The important thing for a customer to stay in business for a longer period is to make them feel special on every purchase or any association with the Company. The most pleasing way is to engage your customer with their personalized email address. It is one of the best bets to connect the audience on a personal level, and the results speak for themselves. However, the modern world has transformed into a new category of email marketing as people would have to register their email on the website, and by that, the Company sends personalized gifts, coupons, services and product information to their subscribers.

Statistically speaking, these personalized emails have been opened a lot since they are sent personally. This technique can help you gain more leads as there would be a review option attached to the mail, or that option is kept on the website, to which a link will be provided in the mail.

  1. Investment In Social Media Applications

The new hangout place for the most of the people in the digital era is the social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and much more. To boost your customers, investing in some of the giants of social media is really promising as most of the potential customers are socially very active, and hence, advertising in this source can reap significant returns. Social media applications have become the new hangout place as the world is restricted to physical contacts.

Making your presence felt in social media can do wonders as people now are searching many products and services through social media applications, giving a potential market for companies to gain a higher customer base. Optimizing your social media accounts can enhance your visibility in the digital market, and it is the best way to gain traction and easy publicity.


The above information can serve as the necessary elements to achieve their primary business goals and objectives for any business. It can give significant profits and a broader & larger customer base within a short period using considerably minimal efforts. Getting leads is the only way to expand any business, and hence, using digital marketing and social media applications, the growth of a business can be expeditated in a positive and smooth manner.

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