Why Hiring Software Developers is Difficult

Why Hiring Software Developers is Difficult

A software developer is a high-demand position today as many businesses turn more focus to their online presence developing quality websites and apps. This is to further cater to the evolving demands of digital consumers for faster and more convenient solutions for almost anything from communication to shopping to making mobile payments and more.

Companies also realize the benefits of having customized software to help them with internal operations. Building and maintaining a robust software stack for business has become more relevant as companies strive for efficiency, automation, and technological innovations. However, hiring a developer can be challenging for several reasons.

Need for Qualified Developers

Many developers lack formal education and learn their skills on their own. While this is commendable, you also want someone qualified to create your software. It is much easier for many employers to hire either vetted developers or the ones who took formal courses, as this gives them a foundation for trusting the employee’s skills. However, this traditional hiring method has been relative to today’s software developer shortage.

Finding someone with a specific certification related to the type of software you want may be hard to find, but worth it if you are able. This helps ensure that you get the right person for the job; hence tasks will be done faster with fewer errors. But try to balance it out between finding the qualified ones and recognizing potential and talent to give chances to new and even self-taught developers.

Competitive Market

As the software products market continues to grow, the gap between the demand for capable software developers and low supply can grow bigger as well. More types of software are being introduced daily, and more are yet to be conceptualized and developed.

Many developers juggle multiple clients and cap the number of people they can take on. If you find a developer you want to hire, make a quick decision to offer a competitive salary because it is likely that another offer will come to them soon. In today’s competitive market, compensation is one of the most critical factors in a software developer taking a job.

Lack of Specific Expertise

A company’s software should be customized to fit its specific needs. A developer should understand your business’s general purpose and operational needs. It is not a one-size-fits-all thing.

There are great developers, but your search gets even more narrow when you need someone in your specific niche. Having job posts with specific qualities that you are looking for and accurately describing the project you need to be done can help you find the developer that fits the job. However, there is still a chance that seeking the developer you need will be difficult due to the skills gap in certain specializations.

High Cost

Developer salaries are pretty competitive because there is such high demand and not enough qualified developers. In 2024, the median salary of a software developer in the U.S. was $110,140.

Therefore, you can expect that hiring a software developer will require a significant financial investment. Software developers will most likely build and run your tech stack, which can account for a major part of your business, especially if you are a digital-first company. However, it is important to note that companies run on a budget and getting the highest-paid developers is not always the best option.

If you want to cut costs, you could hire part-time and remote software developers as needed. Even if a developer is not in your office 24/7, they can still know the ins and outs of your software needs and complete the job satisfactorily on a part-time or inconsistent basis.

The Bright Side

Software development will continuously grow, increasing the need for capable software professionals. The good thing is that more people appreciate software development as a career and are considering learning or reskilling to adapt to trends.

Hiring a software developer today can be challenging, but it can bring great benefits to your business. Consider adjusting your approach to finding and hiring them to become a competitive employer and get the best developers for your business needs.

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