10 Ideas for Multilingual Business Account in Social Media

Business Account in Social Media


Although many big and small international companies are at least temporarily slowed down by the global coronavirus pandemic, it is certainly a great time to start doing business online. With so many people still staying at home after the lockdowns were partially or completely lifted, there is a great temptation to skim through the feed and find something that you need, or maybe tell your friend about it. Indeed, some latest social media trends show that more people contact businesses through social networks in particular. At the same time, word-of-mouth marketing is also on the rise, much owed to social media again. If this is not a great opportunity then the world economy might lose all hope for returning to a prior level!

10 Ideas for Multilingual Business Account in Social Media

Running an international or multilingual business is not an easy task. You always have to consider the difference in culture and language, know how language works for different demographics, and there’s many more factors. Fortunately, there is a number of tips and tricks you can use to improve the performance of your business, no matter how many countries or languages you target.

  • Always do the research. While this seems like an obvious idea, it is not always apparent for every enthusiastic beginner entrepreneur, especially while trying to reach the bigger (and multilingual) audience and go online internationally. This is particularly important for multilingual businesses, as by doing research, you will know which additional languages and cultural nuances you will have to apply to create your posts. While researching your audience might seem like a very hard task to perform, you can always use help from a vast variety of tools.
  • Make use of tools available on social media. Many social platforms, such as Facebook or Twitter have a number of tools that would boost your multilingual productivity, like showing the visitor demographic statistics or publishing the same post in different languages.
  • Use additional tools to boost your business’ effectiveness. There’s a huge number of different social media tools that will help you accomplish nearly every task required, from scheduling your posts, to finding relevant content to publish on your page.
  • Post in many languages. Again, seems like an obvious idea for a multilingual business, yet, not every social media user (even if it’s a business owner) is aware of such a valuable feature. In order to reach the audience as great as possible throughout the globe, you can and should post the same entry in different languages. This way, you will eliminate this unnecessary barrier and attract more people to your products, services, or ideas.
  • Double posting. Alternatively, you can create a couple of separate posts for every language you want to reach. Not only this will eliminate the language barrier as with the previous option, but also show deep respect to your audience.
  • Do not trust a translation to a machine. Many social media networks have their own tools to accomplish the previous two points. Yet, most of them are not ready for natural translation that would consider the cultural differences and other things that make your business work.
  • Hire a professional translator. To post in different languages, you will certainly need an interpreter you can trust. This task is quite easy to complete as you can always find online translation services reviews and look up the top translation companies at IsAccurate.
  • Add visual content to your page. Many people do perceive visual information better, so adding an image or a video to our post might be a fine idea. This is greatly applicable to multi language business as you can easily tell by showing images with no caption at all, which, however, bring a powerful message.
  • Consider cultural specifics. Different languages have their own common phrases untranslatable into other languages. Use them to reach your diverse audience naturally.
  • Post for different audiences at different times. Your multi language audience might be spanned across different time zones. Consider this in order to publish posts at the most suitable and effective time of the day.

The More Languages, the Bigger the Reach

Account in Social Media


To have more people view your social media business page is always a good thing. In order to reach the bigger audience, it is always a good idea to reach it in its native or at least most familiar language. This does not mean that you have to run and search for a team of professional translators the moment you decide to go multilingual or international. While you should invest generously into developing your lingual capital, you must do this steadily and carefully, by doing research and considering even the tiniest nuances in language and culture differences.

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