14 Terrific Strategies To Engage Your Instagram Audience

Instagram is the busiest social media network with over a billion active users every month; half of them are active on a daily routine. It is a visual marketing network that’s perfect for developing loyal audiences. The platform contains a massively engaged audience. Many brands and businesses are fighting for feed engagement here; how do you earn the perfect share?

Here are the fourteen terrific strategies which help to multiply Instagram engagements for your business or brand.

Instagram Engagements

Let’s start from first before jumping to the grabbing engagement strategies. Engagement rates are the measure of the follower’s loyalty on any social media network. In simple words, it is the measure of their interaction and interest towards your pictures, video contents, and story posts that brings the way for marketing success. The tremendous critical metrics for engagement rates are:


It’s a critical factor you should monitor regularly. It would be best to notice how fast you are getting new followers than to notice the total number of followers.


Likes are one of the metrics that contribute to your engagement rates. It’s an indicator of how famous your profile is among your audience.


Monitoring comments provide you what your fans think about your content. Writing comments is the best sign of their involvement in your post.

Reposts and Shares

The number of reposts and shares is also essential additionally. If a user shares your post with their circles, it clearly shows they liked a post you uploaded.

14 Terrific Strategies To Engage Your Instagram Audience

#1 Grab Hashtags

Many still underestimate the power of hashtags in Instagram. Selecting the right hashtags for your content will help your content gain more Instagram impressions and boosts user engagement substantially. It is necessary to get the right hashtags for your content; so you can utilize many online hashtag research tools. You can search for any hashtags, and the tool gives you all the metrics you want to get about it.

Your hashtag should be related to your business, products, posts, brand, and the points you will convey.

#2 Perform Giveaway Contests

A perfect comment you can receive is one when a user tags your post to their circle. These comments increase your engagement rates on Instagram and drive a new user to your target audience. You can grab lots of comments via running frequent contests and comment picker instagram.

Perform Giveaway Contests

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#3 Upload Meaningful Contents

What’s the best way to gain more engagement rather than posting meaningful content that makes users engage?

It is not just your attracting captions and the actual image that matters, but also the type of content. You need to give content that gives users your product’s real value.

For instance, as a fitness brand, you can share your client’s before-after pictures who have succeeded in your training services.

#4 Post High-Quality Contents

While Twitter-like platforms are about micro-interactions and conversations, that is not the part with Instagram. Uploading high-quality content is better than frequently uploading to increase Instagram engagement.

So, what do you need to do?

Naturally, you want to limit yourself to two or three attractive videos or pictures per day. Though you post good content, you will face engagement rate damage due to your follower’s fatigue. Users may show disinterest in your content if they get your spam high; it results in an engagement rate drop.

#5 Use Stories On Instagram

Users on Instagram spend more than 25 minutes on Instagram stories per day. It’s the feature’s popularity that above 250 million people use it every day.

Sharing blooper videos and behind-the-scenes images is the perfect way to engage your audience.

#6 Use The Right Filters

Instagram’s primary goal is to attract audiences with huge visual content. Another simple move to do is using the filters of Instagram. Every Instagram filter contains its unique appeal and can place distinct dimensions to your pictures.

Use The Right Filters

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#7 Try Feed Themes On Instagram

Feed themes on Instagram are another perfect way to attach a visual plea to your content.

While many people use filter options, not everyone is bringing the feed themes. The extra appeal grabs more attention from a large crowd and gains engagement for your business or brand.

#8 Use Geotags

You can use geotags apart from hashtags to mark your stories and posts discoverable.

Local and small businesses utilize this feature to the fullest by providing location tags to their stories and posts. It helps to bring local audiences to your product or business.

#9 Pick The Correct Posting Time

Posting the content at the right time brings you the excess of Instagram engagements. You can enlarge your engagements by uploading interesting content when your targeted audiences are active on the platform.

Now, how will you get the right time to upload content on Instagram?

You can use the analytical tool on Instagram to get the data on your followers’ active time on the platform. Then uploading gives you a sudden rise in the engagement rate within a short duration from posting time.

#10 Highlight Your Instagram Stories

You have a short moment to convert a user into your follower when they land on your Instagram profile page. The highlight feature on Instagram is the unique one to grab the most visitors into followers. Stories on Instagram are available only for 24 hours, but you can extend your story lifetime through highlights. Highlighting your Instagram stories is the quickest way to attract more audience to your brand or business.

#11 Give CTAs To Your Content

Inviting your targeted audience to engage and requesting them to comment is worth beneficial, so it’s essential to place CTA(Call To Action) in the captions of your post.

What Call To Action(CTA) do?

It encourages audiences to spend a long time on your content and engage with your post via comments. It’s useful and straightforward to gain more Instagram engagement. You can utilize this trick in your campaign to achieve your goal quickly.

There are two types of CTA on Instagram: Bio-Link and Engagement.

Engagement Call To Action

The primary CTA(Call To Action) is for engagement. Engagement rates on any social media platform are critical. When a visitor makes a like or comment to your post, they say yes to your content. These little yeses turn into big over time and also turn to sales in the future.

It adds more benefits to have a high Instagram engaged audience. High engagement picks the algorithm, and it helps to reach the top of all posts with the given hashtags. All these points derive that engagement is more important in any social media platform to shine. Every content needs to grab engagement via invitations for discussion and some kinds of questions.

  • Have you tried this before?
  • Have you done this before?
  • What’s your thought about this?
  • A or B – vote for your favorite one.
  • Describe this in one word, etc.

Apply something that gives sense to your content. It improves engagement rates to your posts effectively in a short period.

Bio-Link Call To Action

The second CTA(Call To Action) directs the audience to the clickable link in your profile bio to make the next move. Instagram owns the audience where you can lead them to your business page or your website. Separate your Bio-Link Call To Action(CTA) from the main caption with some attractive color solid lines. It gives your bio link CTA a different look, and it’s one way to move your audience to your target link.

#12 Engage With Your Followers Via Comments

The perfect way to raise your engagement rate is to interact with the audience who love and comment on your content. Spend some time every day interacting with your people and comment on your content.

How does it help you to bring engagements?

Giving a reply to the user’s comments makes them feel more special. Then, they recognize your brand or business quickly and stay loyal to your brand and regularly interact with your profile. You can raise the engagement rate in this way soon.

#13 Monitor Similar Profiles

This skillful trick helps you to gain your competitors. Monitor their profiles regularly to get the kind of content they are posting. Move a step forward by engaging with their audience.

Search and get the profiles that are similar to you. Interact with their fans and ones who comment on their content. You can develop the audience relation in this way.

#14 Monitor and Optimize

Analyzing data constantly and optimizing your content is the final step in the puzzle. If you get to know what goes right or wrong in your posts, you can bring out the perfect content with higher engagements.

So, what do you want to do?

You can utilize the native Instagram tool to monitor your post performance and grab the audience’s behavior. The only thing you need is an Instagram business account to do that.

You want to notice your overall brand or business engagement rate, additionally.

Are You Ready To Boost Your Engagement Rates On Instagram?

The marketing success secret on the Instagram platform is your engagement rate on the network. You want to analyze to get the strategies that boost engagement on Instagram for your business or brand. These terrific strategies and tricks will help you to achieve that.

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