Have you ever imagined the amount of digital data that is being created every minute? The amount of digital universe data being created is overwhelming and still is growing every day and the need to protect it is inevitable.

2 Key Benefits of A Virtual Data Room for Your Startup


In recent past, data security and confidentiality have become a subject of interest in all spheres of life. The fear that private data can be used for the wrong reason is real, and that is why you need additional protection for your PC – be it personal or for work in your startup.

Essential Information About Virtual Data Rooms

Governments and conglomerates have partnered with private online Virtual Data Room (VDR) security providers to safeguard their data and ease their operations. Even though the approach has achieved noticeable progress, a lot is supposed to be done because hackers and rogue employees are still frustrating the efforts made by leaking confidential data to the public, for example, the 2016 Panama City bank data leak scandal that embarrassed a bunch of prominent world leaders. The scandal reignited the debate concerning data security.

Data security experts attest that a Virtual Data Room (VDR) is secure. The service is widely used and accepted by both growing and established businesses. The reason why they have embraced VDR is that they assume it’s confidential and secure. VDR goes beyond just shifting your data from local storage to cloud storage. Virtual meeting rooms are highly favored by buyers, attorneys, and other professionals especially when they want to review sensitive documents. Businesses intending to carry out pertinent business dealings in an efficient, private, and secure way with the external entity cannot resist the VDR idea. VDR is highly preferred by both businesses and governments because it prioritizes security and privacy.

What to Consider When Choosing A VDR Provider

Check The Security Rating And Certifications

Before settling for a particular VDR provider, check the security rating and certifications. The highest certification and rating is IEC 27001 and 27002. If the provider you settle on has such qualities, your data is safe. Data security experts say that these certifications are not only attractive numbers but they are an assurance from an independent body that the provider you have chosen is legit and safe.

Vet The Other Integrated Platforms Security Tools

The other important thing you should to do is to vet the other integrated platforms security tools. The paramount question you should ask yourself, do you truly need to integrate any other tool? The reason why you should seek to answer such question is that public email is not secure and if you sync your data with other tools or platforms, the security of the tool you have chosen definitely will be undermined. Why then choose a tool that publicly leaks your data to another tool?

Consider The Size Of Your Business And Its Future

Finally, before settling on a particular online data provider, consider the size of your business and its future. During an M&A procedure or open round funding, you can opt for small online data room provider but the provider can only help you at this level. If you’re concerned at your business’ future, big and established online VDR provider can offer you options which will support your business needs as your business grows.

2 Key Benefits Of A Virtual Data Room For A Startup

2 Key Benefits Of A Virtual Data Room For A Startup


It Saves Time, It’s Secure, It’s Efficient

Investors selling their startups or raising funds for capital can use VDR because it gives potential investors an opportunity to interact with your data in real time. The efficiency helps in facilitating a due diligence process. For instance, if you create a prompt, other parties are informed about new documents that need urgent review in real time. The VDR points out documents which have not been viewed. To ascertain if all documents have been viewed, the checklist function helps you to track each document’s status.

As your startup’s online data warehouse, VDR helps you to store and organize all related documentation in order to ease access and save time. Related documentation such as contracts, financial statements, intellectual property licenses, and permits are organized in a manner in which a potential investor will access them since VDR allows multiple-user access.

Its nature to allow people to meet, collaborate, share and review information, creates room for users to conduct due diligence and other business related activities in secure settings. In addition, VDR creates archives of data activities relation to logs entry and exit times. You can tell the individuals accessing your startup because VDR keeps the records of users accessing data and the duration.

Unlike other kinds of collaborative and file sharing systems, VDR provides Startup owner with different privilege levels. For example, a startup owner can set privilege levels at any entry points by either granting or provoking access.

To keep your data safe, VDR features restricts file viewing, remote file deletion, copy, and print watermark. The features provide the highest capacity use for your business in the most secure way for each file accessed. The features listed below help to make access more secure and stable:

  • Two-digit user authentication.
  • Constant document access audit to ensure security in mobile operation platforms
  • Creation of limited file access between users.
  • Data room limitation in regards to IP and time.
  • Implementing time constraints and monitoring access

VDR Can Observe Financial Resources; Have Lower Setup And Operational Cost

VDR Can Observe Financial Resources


Since when VDR were constituted, banks immediately embraced the facility due to its secure and confidential nature. The online storerooms are cheaper compared to physical file rooms which include printing, stapling, copying, paper files, and holders. All cost related to physical file room has been minimized to zero since all data is found in online file storage systems, for legal review and due diligence. In addition, lawyers do not have to send endless reams of documentation. Communication between departments and other parties outside your business are rendered paperless hence easing every single operation. Financial startups have greatly benefited from the services since each transaction can be traced and trailed.

The online virtual data rooms have been a secure place for big financial providers, especially those who have merged. Since they have many operation areas, their transactions are kept private and confidential. Data is protected without requiring add-ons. Features like Single access and scrolling functionality, different languages eases mobile device use. Also, iOS and mobile device application for Android has given mobile phones users a chance to enjoy online banking services regardless of their physical location.

Final Thoughts

Even though the upfront costs are high, in the long run, VDR saves you money. After you have sought VDR services, you don’t have to travel to a physical location since you can track your business progress online. If you calculate the amount of money saved on printing, office personnel, fuel, and delivery, you will realize how much you will save after embracing VDR.

In terms of due diligence, VDR makes sure that the user takes steps needed in order to be in compliance with legal requirements before transacting with your business. The software is designed to detect any minor change, edit, deletion, or addition. For a buyer or seller to complete his or her transaction, VDR creates an automatic log that can be used as proof to legal compliance. If your startup facilitates either selling or buying a product, VDR can help you to make sure due diligence was adhered to.

As a startup business grows, it contributes vast data to the growing data bank. Your responsibility as a user or service provider is a crucial aspect of data provision and protection.

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Have you ever imagined the amount of digital data that is being created every minute? The amount of digital universe data being created is overwhelming and still is growing every day and the need to protect it is inevitable. https://pixabay.com/photos/business-documents-smartphone-3224643/ In recent past, data security and confidentiality have become a subject...