How to use Social Media for a local business


Social Media was once just a like a little more than a communication tools for everyone, however, business-minded people found its significance to their businesses through Social Media Marketing. Realizing the fact that these Social Media sites (i.e Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.) made it possible to get instant updates and feedbacks with a smooth communication, it’s a great advantage for local businesses to become more successful with their goals if they plan their Social Media marketing strategy wisely.

Before we invest into something, we need to learn first which strategy works best. As a business owner, you need to think about what’s in it for you if you take a step towards using Social Media to help your business increase the sales and investing in Social Media platform thinking that you’ll get a better ROI (Return of Investment) which is obviously possible. Understanding how to efficiently use the popular Social Media platforms is a great help in making all your marketing efforts become even more successful.

Facebook: Keep your fans and followers informed

There are numerous businesses out there, may it be big or small, and they want to get connected with people using Facebook. Make sure you’re building connections that matter to your audiences. Understand and accomplish your specific business goals and Facebook will help you focus on what you are planning to achieve. Reach out to new customers proactively. Your fans can follow your page and reach out to new prospects can also help boost your followers. These people will see the posts on your page and make sure it’s something interesting for them to keep following. It has to be a professional page with information only relevant to the business for you to gain followers that are only interested to the line of business you’re doing.

Twitter: Short and simple, but productive

Sometimes, the best way to get someone’s attention is by saying less. Make sure your Twitter bio is short and concise since this is the first page people see when they land in your page. Twitter is an easy to use platform that is very effective when it comes to promotions. Twitter is different from Facebook because this allows local businesses to promote their products and services to everybody who may be interested, even to those who haven’t followed the page. We know what the impact of using hashtags is and this strategy works in local businesses as well. Create a unique hashtag for your business and insert your brand into conversations using well-known hashtags connected to your business. Make sure that your Twitter business page shows your business name, the brand logo, and important details like the services you offer and your beliefs.

Instagram: Share every special moment your business

Show your local business’ personal image and make great opportunities using great photos. Use your Instagram profile to share your business’ culture, business achievements and outlooks to your audiences. Instagram is more about the picture you post, so it has to be great quality photos together with an interesting caption and hashtags. You can also share your stories through Instagram Stories and provide a fun and easy way to with your followers and have a greater chance to have them invest in your products or services.You can generate many leads for your local business by growing your Instagram page.

Youtube: A platform for video contents

Many businesses around the world are using videos to promote their company, introduce their products and explain what they do with their businesses. Your YouTube profile can be linked to your Google+ profile, which allows Social Media marketing more seamless when it comes to accessing multiple channels. YouTube marketing is significant most especially to small or local businesses because your videos will have a chance to go viral and get a lot of views from your potential clients. It can be shared to any other Social Media platform and this will give you a chance for your business and products to be recognized and will help you generate a large amount of traffic to your website.

Linkedin: Maintain Professional image

LinkedIn is the most well-liked social media site for professional ventures. This social media platform was designed for career-oriented people, organizations and companies. Whatever it is that you want to do like generate leads, or building business brand awareness, even to establish partnerships;this platform can help you connect with millions of professionals around the world. Your business LinkedIn profile should be of great quality. Create a company page that is offering opportunities for your prospects to learn more about the company as a whole. Make it more effective by talking about your company, your team members, and any relevant contents. This helps customers feel secured in doing business with a start-up or small or local businesses.

Google+: Enhance Google App and Youtube

Google+ is an internet-based social media network owned by Google. It is outlined to link Google’s products like YouTube which is very valuable for businesses that upload a video to introduce their products and services. This handy tool is a great help to your business when it comes to search engine rankings because this is a rapid way for new content to get indexed.

Pinterest: Promote Important Content

Pinterest is a platform that allows users to pin things (blogs, tutorials, photos or videos, and ideas) to a pin board. This makes the users to go back to what they wanted to look when they have the time. This platform also helps you implement a marketing strategy for your business to increase sales and brand awareness. Make sure your Pinterest account looks on-brand or a business account. Your bio must contain words that are relevant to your brand. It should be like your brand’s name but with helpful keywords so Pinterest and the users would know what your business is about. Customize your profile and add board covers to make it more consistent to your brand. You also need need to learn about using perfect colors and icons to make it look great. Be active in your Pinterest profile. Set a time for you to source your contents and to check what’s ‘Pinned’ from your site.

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