5 Mind-Blowing Tips You Might Be Missing In Optimizing Your E-Commerce Business

E-Commerce Business

Whether you are selling a small piece of jewelry or big appliances, you need to market your product with content.

With content, you say?

Yes! Creating free and valuable content builds the credibility of the business. It keeps people informed, and people show more interest in the brand. Not only that, it gives you something to share on social media as well. And we know the importance of social media in today’s time.

The great thing is that content marketing is an amazing way to convert prospects into customers, and it also helps in retaining existing customers.

But the question is, how many companies are paying attention to curating the content?

Sadly, there are many companies that don’t pay attention to the importance of creating free content.

Now, the question is, how can eCommerce firms like yours create content that is liked and needed by the followers?

Don’t worry; we are here to help you with 5 Mind-blowing tips you might be missing in optimizing your e-commerce business:

Make how-to videos:

You want to hook customers to your product, make how-to videos, especially if you sell niche products on your website. If you have a YouTube channel, then it should be as impressive as the product.

If you are selling lipsticks, then your how-to videos should include how to pick up the shade, which shade looks better on which complexion, how to extend the stay of the lipstick on lips, etc.

Make how-to videos

Videos should not be only limited to promoting lipsticks of your brand; there can be informative videos on how to protect your lips if you wear lipstick regularly, lipstick hacks, some DIY tips for beautiful lips, and so on. These videos encourage customers to come back to your channel, which builds the credibility of the business.

This way, businesses are giving away something to the viewers for free, which acts as an attraction strategy to sell something related.

The catch is to go beyond your product and connect with the viewers with how-tos.

Answer your FAQs in a creative manner:

Every eCommerce site has Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page, which is used to deal with the common questions of customers. These pages offer support to customers and rank high in search engine results. FAQ pages are an important piece of content; as a business, you should go all out to make them engaging, and customers should be satisfied with the answers.

Answer your FAQs in a creative manner

You need to understand that your customers have questions about your product, and they need to be answered creatively.

You can use FAQs to get an idea about the most asked questions of customers and build the content around them to boost your business in search.

An awesome FAQ page engages customers and demonstrates your expertise as well as show your personality (which should be pleasant to retain customers).

Rely on photo-heavy content:

Go and get that camera out! You are an eCommerce site, you sell products and for customers to believe in your products you need some awesome shots.

There are small companies that use beautiful pictures as part of their content strategy. They look beautiful and compel viewers to buy the product. You will see all sorts of businesses that focus on photo-heavy content.

The photo-heavy content gives the idea to the viewers about the look of the product, which helps them in taking decisions.

  • Post beautiful shots of what you sell in your blog posts
  • Flank the blog posts with your products, but keep in mind to do it tastefully, no spammy and self-promotional stuff

Keep all your business-related social media updated:

This is a huge point when you want to engage customers. Many times businesses build a beautiful site but forget about the importance of social media in promoting their products.

Social media plays a major role in driving customers. Many customers come to know about your products through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It is essential for your business to keep all your social media accounts up to date.

Post daily, tell about your products. You can first address the issues and then offer the audience with solutions; this is a fail-proof selling trick.

business-related social media updated

When you set up space, where you provide your viewers with information, you are separating yourself from businesses that are giving the hard sell. By doing so, you inspire more trust as well as authority in your industry. And you will generate a huge amount of traffic through the outlet.

  • Consider setting up different social media accounts for your business
  • Don’t make the content overwhelmingly branded.

For example, you are a skincare brand. You don’t have to hard-sell your products. You can share common skin problems and offer them the solutions through your products.

Another way is to share the benefits of the ingredients of your products. This way, you are not doing the hard sell, but you are giving your audience the benefits of the ingredients of your products.

Take stand:

Yes, take a stand; it will help you to be a little righteous and brings you into the public eye. There is a site that sells beauty products. No doubt, they have hundreds of blog posts related to beauty and appearance, but the thing that stands out is that they don’t shy away from the tough stuff.

They welcome discussions about wearing or skipping makeup is right or not. They talk about how society perceives women who wear makeup. They also highlight the issues women are facing globally.

This type of attitude of business builds respect; it shows that you, as a business, are not only concerned about money.

We can conclude that taking a stand on issues is impressive.


Content matters. With great content and products, of course, you can build a wide customer base. The material that you create inspires existing customers and the audience you aspire to reach. Use the above five tips to optimize your eCommerce site.

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