Top 8 Marketing trends to watch out for in the near future

2024 has been quite the year for marketers around the world, with several opportunities opening up. As we roll towards the second half of the year, marketing stalwarts have already started studying the possible vistas that 2024 has in offer for us. From voice search and other AI applications taking over to social networking ruling the digital marketing scenario – if predicted accurately from the surveys on customer expectations, 2024 is going to be a big year. So you better be ready with the perfect plan to dodge the share of marketing challenges the following year comes with to make the most out of it.

If you are feeling a little lost and a lot unprepared, then I have got the list ready for you to give you a better insight into 2024 and the distant future of marketing.


Here are the eight most crucial marketing predictions that you need to tap into to usher success into your company in 2024 and further.

1. Seamless voice search to be the need of the hour

According to surveys, more than half of the requests and search queries will be made by voice search in 2024. Although voice search has been around for quite some time now, 90% of users still complain about poor quality results. Even after the advancements made in the field of smartphones, search engines and websites equipped with voice search facilities have not been able to process the sound clearly due to incomprehensible dictions. So you cannot sit back and relax after you have incorporated voice search into your website. You need to ensure that the application can process requests, even with speech defects or unclear words. Moreover, you need to understand that there is a lot of difference between text and voice requests. For example, the user may type in “the best assignment help for English essay” but will say: “Where do I find the best assignment help services to write my essay?” So you need to be SEO-ready for both types of searches.

2. The online map will matter

Thanks to GPS-enabled smartphones, we now know that Google knows our location. Plus, our IP addresses give analytic tools a scope to narrow down the geographical ambit. But that isn’t enough. When you put yourself on the map literally, the search queries narrow you down to as the nearest option as a result. Considering the expanse that the US is, people may not find you unless you are listed with specific locations. For example, tagging your brand on the ecosystem map at Manhattan, or more specifically, Greenwich Village will make you more findable. This way, you will also appear upwards in the search results when someone adds a “Near Me” tag in their search query.

3. Chatbots will take over

According to Salesforce, 35% of consumers have said that they prefer chatbots as customer care executives over human assistants. But when we talk about bots, it is not just for customer service. You can also use chatbots to drive engagements. Program the chatbots to extract data from the users to turn it into a personalized experience for them. Include informative bots as shopping assistants that can help visitors choose what to buy. But, like voice search, you need to make the service as simple as possible for your users. About 70% of sites today have chatbots, but they are not very high quality. If you want to increase conversion, you need to make it easier to work with them. Ensure that they respond almost immediately and provide answers corresponding to the question only.

4. The focus on video will remain

Video marketing has been a favourite among digital marketers for a few years now. It seems it is not going to vacate its office in 2024 or the near future either. 83% of companies have reported that video content has increased their conversions. When you start a piece of content with a high-quality 2-minute video, the chances are high that you will attract attention faster due to the desire to watch it. Moreover, videos can help your users understand the product or service you sell more quickly than any chunk of content. Suppose you buy an oven. Although it comes with a manual with detailed instructions, you find it easier to follow a demo video, don’t you? Do not stop using images and text altogether. Maintain a blend with more video, fewer pictures and limited text.

The focus on video will remain

5. More people will sign up on YouTube

It wasn’t until 2024 that digital marketers recognized the boon that YouTube is for companies, and ever since there have been no stopping digital marketers. As of now, 87% of digital marketers actively use YouTube. With it’s the ever-growing audience and a whopping number of 5+ billion videos shares, YouTube should be a part of your marketing strategy in 2024.Based on data from 2024 and 2024 and a little forecasting, it was found that shopping videos in ‘Haul’ and ‘Unboxing’ formats can help your users learn more about the product and make a better decision. Videos on ‘Which Product to Buy’ and ‘Shop with Me’ structure have also proved to bring in better conversions.

6. Social networks will continue to rule

Today, social media is irreplaceable when it comes to a marketing plan, and 2024 isn’t going to be different either. With one and a half billion users being highly active on Facebook, Zuckerberg’s brainchild is a haven for better conversions. So you might as well get your team to brainstorm for a social campaign for the coming year. Instagram too can be your doorway to your Narnia of better brand value and sales, if played to its strength, especially paired with hashtags. WhatsApp also has a vast database of 1.3 billion active users as on June 30, 2024. So add it in to your social media mix too. However, remember that the algorithms of social media platforms are ever-changing. So you need to be very careful with your marketing tactics here.

Social networks will continue to rule

7. Content personalization would be a mandate

Even while casually surfing on the net, a user wants to find what he likes. This means that marketers need to personalize the content that they publish. Now it is, of course, impossible to design marketing for each user. But if you analyze your audience according to different indicators, such as demography, interests, or geographical distribution, you might be able to do the impossible. Unlike any of the above trends, content personalization will never lose relevance. Moreover, evergreen content will help you enhance your brand value.

8. Long-tail keywords will gain prominence

The need for SEO remains constant, but the dynamics and rules change. So you need to be well-rehearsed with the new regulations of the various Google Analytics tools. Companies are unsure how to optimize their content so that search engines choose them over anyone competing for the top ranks. This is where on-SERP SEO will come in to give a substantial competitive edge to brands practising it. Moreover, with voice search dominating the scenario, long-tail keywords will take over the throne leaving behind shorter ones. Other than long-tail keywords, keywords in the first person will help your content get a better ranking too.

If the predictions are made right, then we can say that 2024 will witness the most disruptive changes in the marketing scenario. With the above predictions, I am sure that you will be able to put your best foot forward in 2024. Just give in your 100%, and your company will shoot for the stars and beyond.

Here’s to the hope that 2024 brings you the success that your efforts deserve!

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