5 Reasons Why Social Media Influencers could be The Game Changers in Digital Marketing

Why Social Media Influencers could be The Game Changers in Digital Marketing

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In an era where marketing has gone digital, and people all across the globe are constantly looking for products and services online, Social Media influencers indeed have a major significance.

Now with advancements brought in the sector of marketing, marketers are constantly looking for platforms and digital forums which could be used in order to voice their opinions, promote services and products across a wide clientele, regardless of geographical barriers. Reportedly, 45% of marketers are looking for scopes to increase brand awareness through social media. And 67% of marketers are already using Facebook as one of the Social Media platforms that can help them reach out to maximum potential buyers.

Now, if we are to look at things from the perspective of a digital marketer, then at one point of time or the other, we would feel the need for that big push and market influence which could help us pitch new ideas to the clients and sell new products in a rather compelling manner. This is where the role and significance of Social Media Influencers come in.

From roping in the very concept of celebrity endorsements and long-term ambassador roles to promote products digitally, to PR stunts and marketing gimmicks, marketers, over the years, have tried a plethora of techniques to fetch the best attention and ensure the maximum popularity of the products being sold. And Social Media influencers are perhaps that cherry on top which could make things all the more convenient, relatable and convincing in terms of closing a sale successfully. Here’s why!

1. Influencers are relatively more trustworthy

Influencers are relatively more trustworthy

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Do you know that 70% of teens are likely to trust influencers more than celebrities when it comes to product endorsements and promotions? Now that is what it is all about. It goes without saying that the very concept of Social Media is mostly consumed by teens and young adults across the globe.

Thus, in order to rule over Social Media, and ensure maximum search queries and client footfalls, Social Media marketers are mostlikely to be benefitted on embracing the concept of influencer marketing game. “Trust” in any business is perhaps the key driving factor, in terms of ensuring satisfactory Return on Investment.

2. Influencers are likely to be more compelling

Influencers are likely to be more compelling

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Apparently, 49% of consumers are said to depend on the recommendations and suggestions of influencers. This is a clear indication of the fact that influencer marketing is a much convincing way to introduce new products, and persuade all prospective buyers in a rather impactful manner. The fact influencers do not sell products and promote things with a direct approach, make things all the more genuine and transparent.

Talking of Social Media marketing, users across the globe are even more cautious and aware of all nitty-gritty of new products and services. Interestingly, according to a new study, it has been found the use of Social Media makes people more intelligent.

Thus, it would rather be a silly idea to befool them with too-good-to-be-true marketing gimmicks and exaggerated product promotions.  On the contrary, roping in an influencer to talk about the service or the product depicting your brand’s story and sending across a strong message might just prove to be more compelling and beneficial.

3. Using influencer marketing is a nice way to improve your SEO

Using influencer marketing is a nice way to improve your SEO

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You can actually leverage the potential of Social Media influencers in order to improve your SEO. Reportedly, more than 60% of businesses are planning to increase influencer marketing budget. We all know SEO or the concept of Search Engine Optimization is indeed a big thing when it comes to marketing, digital rankings and determining a search-friendly website for the products being sold.

Thus, alongside coming up with user-oriented and impactful contents, roping in an influencer to support your efforts and promote all social media contents might just help you to find a better ranking and position for your website, in terms of SEO. Since the role of Social Media influencers is directly linked with establishing a more personal relation and clearer communication, you can always have an advantage in this matter, as far as your SEO goals are concerned.

Moreover, since Domain Authority is one of the most important factors that determine SEO rankings, roping in Social Media influencers in order to ensure quality backlinks through blogs can prove to be a helpful technique to improve your DA in the long run.

4. Social Media influencers are preferred for their value-driven marketing skills

Social Media influencers are preferred for their value-driven marketing skills

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There’s marketing, then there’s value-driven marketing. For example, an e-learning website is less likely to be successful in its effort if all it would be interested in is sales in the long run. On the other hand, value-driven influencer marketing will focus more on providing students with consistent academic tips, ensuring assignment help and guidance. This, as a result, would make users develop an interest and keep visiting the page for suggestions and recommendations by their favorite bloggers, writers, essayists and the likes.

While selling a product is perhaps the primary objective of every business, value-driven marketing might just make a difference in terms of retaining consumers for long. The idea is to close a sale with a note of optimism and future prospects. This is perhaps the reason why the presence of Social Media influencers in today’s world has become so much important.

5. Social Media influencer marketing is pocket-friendly

Social Media influencer marketing is pocket-friendly

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Well, it goes without saying that the budget is certainly a greater concern than any other thing, when it comes to the company investing in product promotion. And affording a social media marketing strategy isn’t expensive.

According to the Bloglovin Global Influencer Survey 2016, micro influencers on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter charge $200 to $250 for branded posts. Thus, it might help your company save more marketing budget, which could have otherwise spent in bulk on TV commercials, radio broadcasts and outdoor brandings.

A Classic Example

Before wrapping it up, I would like to share a classic example of a very famous brand that has used the concept of Social Media influencers to ensure maximum digital exposure. The brand “Huggies” targeted new moms and came up with a video that displayed an emotional reunion of two sisters over a newborn.

The video had apparently made a huge impact on the viewers, as its social promotion and emotional connect made the content all the more viral. This, as a result, helped the brand reach a new zenith of success and popularity among people across the globe.

This is how social influencer marketing makes all the difference and helps brands step their foot forward, much beyond a mere promotion of products. It is more of an amalgamation of trust, emotion, social bonding and communication.

Now that the world is gradually embracing this new wave of change in digital marketing, you might like to explore further possibilities and harness the potential of influencer marketing for the best outcomes and revenue generation.

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