Perfect Low budget PPC Tricks and Tips

You might have already heard good things about PPC and how it not only increases conversion rates but also drives traffic to your website and generates sales for the company. However, if you are running a digital marketing campaign with a limited budget, it can be hard for you to run your paid search.

The notion that only companies with large PPC budget can get positive results is not true. It is possible and not entirely difficult to run a PPC campaign on a limited budget with success. For example, with certain bidding variations, you can get better results.

digital marketing
digital marketing

Here is a list of some of the best tips on PPC that will not only work for a tight budget but will also yield great results:

First Things First

With a tight budget for a PPC campaign, you first need to know what to expect to keep yourself focused. You need to determine the number of clicks you’re likely to get for the specified budget. For example, for a budget of 2000 dollars a month, you can get 800 clicks a month if the cost of a click is 2.50 dollars. It means that you are getting 26 clicks a day by spending 66 dollars a day.

After the daily budget has been estimated, the next thing to do is to prioritize your goals. Some of the basic goals for a company can be:

  • Brand awareness
  • Leads
  • Sales

Start with the Core Issue

The worst thing you can do with a tight PPC budget is to try to promote everything you offer. It is bad because when you are promoting various products or services, your budget stretches so much that you lose traction.

Ideally, you need to find something that is not only popular in the market but also has a great profit margin. For you to find that ask yourself the following:

  • Which of your service/products is the most popular?
  • Which of them gains the most conversions?
  • Which of them offers the best profit margin?

If you’re lucky, you’ll find one or two products that meet all three of the above demands; if not you find something that offers a combination of what sells good and gets good profit.

digital marketing
digital marketing

Improve CTR

If you want to save money, you need to write better Ads. The CTR is increased when you write a better ad copy which ultimately increases Quality Score. Higher Quality Score means your ad is more relevant to the search; therefore, you will need to pay less for that ad position. Marketing experts say that the best way to run a successful and low budget campaign is by writing great ad copy.

You can do the following things to write a great ad copy:

  • Write in your ad copy what the customer wants. Think the way a customer thinks and find out what he wants to do with your product or service. Writing what the customer wants to achieve in your ad copy will make you stand out from your competitors.
  • Using countdown timers in your ads can increase conversions by 3% because of the customers’ fear of losing out on the offer.
  • Personalized ads perform better; therefore, you should use “You” in your ads more often.
  • Even if you are a national or even global company you need to seem local in your ads. It can be done by having a local number which has known to perform twice as better compared to “800” number.

Use Ad Extensions

In order to increase the performance of your ads, you can start integrating ad extensions with them. It not only increases the click-through rates CTR but also raises the Quality Scores of the ads. Some of the extensions you can use for your ads are: location extension, call extension, app extension, “offers” extension, etc.

Geo-location Settings

Among the most overlooked features of Google AdWords are geo-location settings. Either people fail to optimize the settings in their marketing campaigns or they often don’t know about this feature.

Geo-location settings help you to custom select regions where your ads are displayed. When fixing the geolocation settings, you need to confirm that the settings are adjusted according to your operational business hours; it is especially important for companies that use physical storage facilities for goods and products.

Conversion Tracking

PPC gives you a great advantage that you can track the exact number of clicks to conversions and sales. You can set up conversion tracking to get an accurate return on investment (ROI).

Following are some of the tools you can use for conversion tracking:

  • Google Analytics goal/event tracking
  • AdWords build in tracking
  • Any other web analytics tracking software

Once you have the data from the conversion tracking, you can use it to make good decisions about your digital marketing campaign. Such insights from conversion tracking inspire decisions that produce better results. For example, you might be getting clicks but no conversions because of some issues such as broken links, misleading navigation, etc. Using the analytics from conversion

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