5 Steps to Completely Upgrade Your Social Media Profile

Upgrade Your Social Media Profile

Social media profiles are efficient tools for advertising and promoting your business. Best practices show that an upgrade keeps the profiles fresh and attractive to internet users. Completing upgrades attracts more traffic and prevents viewers from navigating away from the website. It provides new content and breathtaking images that are appealing to the target demographic. But, what should you upgrade on the social media profile?

1. Update Your Image Consistently on All Platforms

Staying consistent with your images prevents confusion for internet users. The image represents your company on each platform you use. Choose an image that establishes name recognition and brands your business. Don’t change one image without updating each social media profile. Consistency also offers a more professional touch.

2. Use Appropriate Sizing for Images

Choose visually appealing images that are the right size. The image size determines how it looks on the social media platform. An image that is too big looks pixellated and unclear. Editing images to meet size requirements offers a clear image that looks professional. Each social media platform provides a list for appropriate image sizing for an aesthetically pleasing photo or image. For example, make sure your Twitter profile image measures 400 x 400 pixels.

3. Add Advertising Banners

Advertising banners are helpful for promoting your business on social media. The tools expand the company’s outreach and place their name in front of a vast audience. Your company uses banners without competing for attention as they are on display always.

The tools don’t have the same shortcomings as media ads viewed during limited time intervals only. Economical options, such as a free banner maker walks you through the creation process. Creatopy is an option worth trying, as the platform allows you to make a banner or create entire banner sets in one go.

4. Use SEO-Based Keywords

What do you want viewers to remember about your company? Do you want to become an authority over specific topics or niches? Choosing SEO-based keywords helps you decide what you want to say to viewers and what you want them to associate with your business name, services, or products. Researching popular keywords related to your company gives you a fresh start for new content. Add the related keyword in all content you post across all social media platforms.

5. Untag Your Company from Unflattering Images or Inappropriate Content

Vital business reputation management practices outline why it’s important to manage tags on social media. An inappropriate post or photo derails a company’s image in seconds. All it takes is for one image of an intoxicated manager at a party and the public gets the wrong impression about the company instantly.

Always use social media tools that require your approval before images appear on your profile. The tools give you a chance to decide if it is business appropriate first. Despite whether you find a personal photo humorous or not, it’s not worth damaging your company’s public image irrevocably.

Upgrading social media profiles helps you stand apart from your competition. It also gives your audience new material about niches and topics related to your company directly. The task requires image changes across all platforms you use for your business. Sizing the images according to the platform’s restrictions is also beneficial.

Adding banners to your profile offers a standalone advertising choice that stays in front of a globalized audience. Using SEO-based keywords makes your content more relevant to your business, and conducting reputation management protects you and your interest. To learn more about upgrading your social media profile, read more articles today.

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