5 Tips for Effective Copywriting

Effective Copywriting

Copywriting is the activity or occupation of writing the text of advertisements or publicity material. Although it takes time to get the hang of it, effective copywriting will enhance your marketing capabilities. The National Association of Colleges and Employers reported that 73% of employers search for people with strong writing skills to fulfill positions in their workplace.

In order to be an effective copywriter, one should keep in mind these five adjective tips:

1.) Throw in your personality.

Making your writing personal will stand out much more than a monotonous manuscript of boring blase blah. The purpose of your writing should make your reader want to become involved or impressed in your work. Adding a touch of your own personality provides a connection for your audience to relate to you, the copywriter.

Conversational language prevents your copywriting from sounding self-conscious or forced. Writing as if answering your next-door neighbor’s question about something allows you to respond in a personalized manner.

Studies show that customized emails convert better than mass communications, and most internet marketers recognize the comfortable, personal style is utilized by the most popular blogs.

Personalization does not mean to load your message with descriptive adjectives and adverbs to stand out. The best choices of words are helpful for conveying thoughts, feelings, or images, allowing the reader to hear or see or understand even more what you want to express.

2.) Give your audience what they want.

At most, your viewer will visit your webpage an approximation of ten to twenty seconds to find what they are looking for. By creatively outlining your information to keep them on the webpage longer, you will extend that time and make your web page as a more popular option in the search results of your keywords.

  • Write an introduction.

The introduction will allow your audience to gain trust in you as a copywriter.

  • Answer the question.

Following your introduction should be a repetition of the exact question they are searching, followed by the immediate answer in bold face font. This format will immediately answer their question while allowing them to ponder other relative questions.

  • Add a hook.

Your hook will allow you to reel the audience in for longer on your webpage. A great copywriter not only answers the main question for their audience, but answers subsequent and relative questions that they may have.

  • Split up long sentences.

Copywriters should refrain from writing long, bulky paragraphs. By limiting sections to

two to four sentences each, the post you are writing will be visually more pleasurable to read.

  • Your conclusion.

The concluding section or miniature paragraph of your copywriting should encourage the audience to take action. Taking action doesn’t necessarily require a peaceful protest somewhere, but to be encouraged to join your stance in what you have written about.

3.) Back up your claims.

Confidence is key when copywriting for your business. In order to effectively achieve a confident tone and build trust with your reader, you should support your argument with reliable information. Any benefits or personal claims that you provide should be backed with verified proof. Credible sources will convert any skeptical readers on your side.

Examples of supporting data to promote your argument could be:

  • Statistics (including charts or graphs)
  • Methodologies
  • Research
  • Testimonials
  • Professional, Published Studies
  • Personalized Success Stories

A blog by Splash Copywriters testifies that a supported argument by a social proof comforts your reader, stating “Social proof is something that adds a layer of comfort through conformity. In years gone by, this might be referring to the number of consumers who had purchased a particular item. McDonald’s in particular often reference the ‘billions and billions of people served’. Nowadays, we’re talking about testimonials, references, likes and retweets.”

4.) Use Grammarly and other “checking” software.

Your copywriting should be free of any grammatical errors or plagiarism. Grammarly is a free grammar checking software that will run your document to alert you of any spelling or grammatical errors.

If you depend on a source to help your argument, such as those previously listed, you should always hyperlink the source as a way for your audience to easily access where you obtained your information. This not only prevents plagiarism and establishes credibility in your argument but provides the readers a pathway to more information on the topic.

To insert a hyperlink, click the chain link button on Google Docs, or the Insert Link button on Microsoft Word.

Another great free software for copywriters is the American Marketing Institute Headline Analyzer. This tool scores your title’s EMV, or emotional marketing value of the audience that would be reading your article. Scores are based on a percentile of 0 to 100 percent to determine the article’s emotional value. Values nearing 30 percent are great for marketing sales pages or other landing pages, according to Backlinko.

5.) Benefits are more powerful than features

If your copywriting is related to sales marketing, it is important to note that the benefits your product provides are more important than its features. For example, it could be argued that a coffee machine has features unlike any other on the market. While this makes the product unique, what purpose makes those features beneficial in order for me to want to buy it immediately?

You can replace emphasizing features with benefits with examples such as:

  • “This coffee machine will allow you to stay in bed a few minutes longer or be out the door for work quicker thanks to the fastest brewing technology.”
  • “Cups of coffee will become more enjoyable for your family and guests thanks to the flavor-locking seal of our coffee machine’s brewing chamber. Coffee will resist going stale or flat much longer than other competitor’s coffee machines.”

I hope that these valuable effective copywriting tips serve you well in enhancing your copywriting skills whether for your own personal use or for the marketing of your business. Never feel discouraged if your copywriting prolongs itself to progress. I, too, learn many new things through each time I write.

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