6 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Increase eCommerce Traffic

6 Simple Yet Effective Ways To Increase eCommerce Traffic

For any online business to make it big, traffic is a significant variable that cannot be ignored. If you want to make any sales in your eCommerce business, you must first know how to drive enough traffic to your site. Then, you can now find ways to convert it into actual sales.

But how do you get the necessary traffic that guarantees product sales and boosts your eCommerce business growth? Well, here are six unique and effective ways that will help you increase the traffic to your eCommerce business.

1.   Email Marketing

Email marketing is a no-brainer strategy. Creating an engaging customer email list is among the most popular and effective ways of getting more traffic to your online store.

In most cases, eCommerce store owners put all their efforts into finding new clients that they forget every other client. This should not happen. You should initiate email campaigns to target not only new customers, but also existing ones, and the lost customers who started the purchase process but didn’t complete it. This way, your email marketing strategy is complete.

Several applications can help you accomplish that goal more effectively. Some platforms allow creating tailored marketing campaigns that target the specific needs of individual customers. Others can help you scrape the email addresses of your prospects.

For example, you can use tools like a LinkedIn email extractor to extract email addresses from LinkedIn. The email extractor can help you get email addresses of potential customers. Then, you can draft and send them detailed information about your products and how they can help them achieve their goals.

2.   Use Quality Images on Your Site

The common saying “seeing is believing” correctly works in this situation. Quality images are an attraction to the eyes of your store visitors. If your store sells physical products, then the quality of the photos must be taken care of.

The right images not only attract the customers, but they also help them see the products as they are and have more confidence when buying. The photos you put on your site can either attract more traffic or repulse customers.

One way to ensure your images are of high-quality is to make the background of the image clearer and attractive. If you want to change the background, you should consider hiring a professional clipping path service company to help you remove the background from product images. Modifying the background of the photo makes the image more appealing to the eyes of the visitor.

Also, it’s good to ensure that your images are appropriately described using the right keywords. This will ensure that your business and products are easily found.

3.   Make Use of Content Marketing

Another incredible way to drive more traffic to your eCommerce store is ensuring that you are frequently posting relevant and valuable content. One way to do this is to continually post useful and informational content that is relevant to your niche or industry. Through this, you can establish credibility and be seen as an expert and authority in your niche.

Useful information will encourage more customers to visit your site even without purchasing anything. The continuous visiting of your website due to the content can easily translate to future sales.

Write varying content in the form of social media posts, videos, blog posts, and more. Also, ensure that the content is easily shareable to help optimize the reach potential.

The content marketing strategy is an essential ingredient in digital marketing campaigns. With great content, you will be able to attract more quality backlinks, which is necessary for your site. Backlinks are crucial to a site as search engines like Google will rank websites with many quality backlinks higher. The higher the ranking of your site, the more the traffic you’ll receive.

4.   Leverage on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When creating an eCommerce store, it is prudent to figure out how your target customers will see your products. You should always ensure that you put the right strategies in place to increase sales.

Search Engine Optimization

One effective way to ensure that both your content and products are visible on the Internet is to make your website SEO-friendly. When you use the right SEO tools, it positively affects how your eCommerce store positions in various search engines. The better you rank, the higher is your potential of getting new leads coming to your site.

5.   Identify Influencers you can Work With

Influencer marketing strategy is whereby you use famous people to make your brand known. Influencers are people who have a massive influence on potential customers and can make people want to purchase certain products, use a particular product, or act in a certain way.

With the right influencers, it is easy to make your brand or product known through the influencer’s pages. For example, if you are a new online store dealing with football training gear, you can look for famous people in sports who can act as your influencers to reach your target audience.

The influencers can reach a vast number of footballers and football lovers online. If these people could talk about your product, you will most probably get more traffic to your site.

6.   Make Use of Facebook Ads

In the online business arena, social media platforms are among the best sources of traffic. If you want more traffic to your eCommerce store, then it is essential to make use of this vast marketplace. The most effective ways to attract traffic here include the use of Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads offer cheaper costs-per-click than their Google search counterparts. They also display advertisements for almost any industry. This is an excellent way to attract massive low-cost leads to your eCommerce store.

The best thing about this method is that you don’t have to know how to do it. You can easily hire an expert in this area who has more expertise in the process.

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