7 SEO Tips Which Can Help to Boost Your Traffic

7 SEO Tips Which Can Help to Boost Your Traffic

Your ranking on search engines says a lot about your products and services – the higher you rank, the more customers you will be acquiring. From this, it automatically follows that in order to make more money, you need to gain outstanding SEO skills and apply them in an advantageous way for you.

Boosting your traffic is not something easy but it is definitely doable, at least as long as you keep your mind set and your vision clear. Your strategies should not solely rely on the upcoming tips, but they should nevertheless be a solid starting pillar. Therefore, to increase your visibility and have users return to your website constantly, here are seven best tips to follow.

1. Recognize the good and the bad links. Pay attention

This is how you recognize good links: they come from websites that cover your area of interest and include highly relevant content that can be used properly by the users. Usually, good backlinks own high DA (domain authority) and look great under Google standards. On the other hand, a bad link will have different intentions than bringing value to your content and will most likely derive from sources that are dubious or might raise questions. These bad links can have a negative impact on your work if you do not cut them off from the start, as Google does not appreciate dubious websites that run on poor advertisement.

What can you do? You can perform brief research on the websites you’d like to include within your posts and stick to those sources. Make sure you find reliable, valuable content that will bring your posts practicality and utility in the long run. Choose only the SEO-friendly, Google-approved sources to keep your website clean of any dubious mess.

To make sure that you are going for the right ones, here are four characteristics that valuable sources should possess: they must provide relevant content for both their page and your content page, they must have a powerful, consistent impact on its readers, they must be visible and transparent, and they must be able to increase traffic on your website quicker than ever.

2. Bad backlinks should not be part of your strategy

Next step is removing bad links from your website to make sure Google does not disapprove of your content. Your credibility should not be affected by these dubious links, so make sure you remove them asap. Stay away from paid backlinks, exchanges of links, or advertorials, as they never look good in Google’s eyes. Here is a quick list of steps you should consider in order to clean up – what I call – a bad backlink mess:

  • Analyze your backlinks thorough and find the ones that are not of high quality (all the un-organic potential backlinking).
  • Send your webmaster a request asking the removal of these backlinks.
  • Develop your own list of unwanted links and keep it close in case this process must repeat itself.

3. Create quality content – always!

The golden rule of SEO goes like this: you must always create quality content, no matter what! This is how you will boost your traffic the quickest and will be able to gather a trustworthy customer community with good intentions. Your content must be not only well-written but also strategically laid down “on paper,” such that it will benefit your audience and expand your outreach. There are multiple sources online that can help you come up with high-quality material, you just need to know where to look. If you run out of ideas or patience, there are multiple bodies of professional essay writers online that can help you out with writing while you devote your time to improve your work strategy.

4. Use smart keywords after research

Next thing to do is choose the right keywords for your content that people usually use on search engines. Optimizing these keywords is crucial for your overall SEO strategy so make sure that you analyze, research, and select the best keywords for you and your webpage. The smartest thing to do would be developing a wide list of keywords to choose from, then assess and analyze its search volume, and finally, choose the ones with the highest numbers of searches. You can make use of numerous online apps such as Google Keyword Planner to ensure that your keywords are the most attractive combination of words.

5. Be consistent and have valuable work

Writing high-quality content is not enough if you are not constant in your work and ensure that you post daily. Google likes frequently update pages so it will rank those pages whose activity is on fire higher than those whose activity is slow and poorly run. Being consistent is, therefore, the next golden rule of SEO – to have people navigate your page, you must update your content regularly and constantly – makes sense, right? Thus, define your goals, know your niche super well, find the focal point of your work, prepare your content calendar, pursue trending issues, and monitor your progress constantly!

6. Your site speed must be high!

If you really want to bring increased traffic to your webpage, you must ensure that your site speed is high and running! Why? People won’t wait around for your content to load because there is other content waiting to be read on other relevant websites (ehm, your competitors). To be at the top of the list and rank high in all Google required domains (including content quality and site speed), make sure you pay attention to these issues and make the best out of them. You can track your website’s speed by using various online tools, one of which is PageSpeed Insights.

7. Track your progress

Professional SEO must be tracked and measured and kept accountable for. Thus, start by analyzing how well you perform and then check with a professional to ensure you are on top of your game. The reason why you should constantly verify this fact is that Google algorithms constantly change so you must keep up with that. Also, SEO audits can also help you find the bad, obscure links you don’t want to be included in your content and also locate outdated content from your website.


By following these basic tips, you will be able to develop an SEO strategy that matters in the short run as well as in the long run. You will start seeing organic traffic naturally flowing to your webpage and will boost your profits in a hot second. Good luck!

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