7 Things to do When Renovating Your Company Office

7 things to do when renovating your company office

Office design trends change fast and as your office is, in a way, the face of your business, it’s important to keep up with them. Office renovation can make your company look more attractive to potential clients while increasing your employees’ productivity at the same time. An old-fashioned and cluttered office may not only be unpleasant to work in, but also impractical.

Don’t change the structure of the office

With the immense popularity of open spaces in office designs, you may be tempted to go for this solution. But if your office is in the building that wasn’t planned for such usage, you may end up generating unnecessary costs. It’s not simply the decision of tearing down the walls. You need to consider how much you’ll pay for relocating plumbing and electrical systems. Before starting any construction works, make sure that you carefully check the building’s plans and consult a professional to estimate the costs and workload.

Ask for opinions

Several people should be included in the decision-making process. First, if you’re renting the office, you need to get the landlord’s permission to perform any changes. You should also involve the shareholders in the planning process, as they will be the ones approving your spendings. Last but not least, you should let your employees voice their opinions on the renovation. They are the ones working in the office so they know what’s lacking and what would improve the workflow.

Plan the renovation

Don’t start the renovation before creating a solid plan of the intended changes. You need to know what and why you want to change. Don’t just go for what’s fashionable at the moment, as sometimes simpler solutions may be more practical and useful. Planning early will allow you to estimate the costs but also give you time to look for more cost-effective options. Remember to count contingency into your budget. Unexpected expenses are common during renovations, so it’s better to be prepared.

Create a schedule

A timeline for the renovation should be created and shared with the workers. You can’t conduct construction work all over the office space at once if you want your employees to work during that time. You’ll have to prepare temporary work stations and make sure they are suitable to the needs of the people who’ll use them. Make sure everyone knows beforehand which part of the office will be renovated at a given time, so as to avoid the unnecessary commotion.

Use existing features to save money

Just because you’re renovating your office doesn’t mean you have to change everything. If there are places in the office that don’t need refreshing, let them be. The same goes for office equipment, if it’s still serving its purpose, there’s no reason to throw it away. Consider all the pros and cons of the alterations you want to implement and discard those which aren’t necessary.

Maintain the workflow

Office renovation can be very distracting to your employees. Depending on the number of changes you want to implement in the office, the time it’ll take to complete it will vary. Therefore, it’s important to guarantee a place for your workers to continue working in during this period. If possible, try to schedule the construction works after the office hours to limit disruptions to a minimum. When such a solution isn’t viable, at least make sure the employees’ work stations will be secured against any dirt and dust coming from the renovated area.

Select an experienced constructor

If you want your renovation to go smoothly, you should hire an experienced specialist to conduct all the works. Look for local firms, as it may help bring down the prices and check if their previous renovations involved similar tasks as yours. If you need new windows for the Edmonton office, try to find a company experienced in windows replacement in Edmonton. If you just want to give your space a fresh look with a new colour, search for good painters in your area. Look for contractors with good reviews, and don’t just settle for the first one you find. Ask questions and compare the costs to make the best decision.

Office renovations are a big investment so it’s important to prepare them properly. Getting ready for unexpected situations will help you save money and time in the long run. Instead of just following trends, try to look for solutions that will fit your business best, as a well-designed working space can increase your workers’ productivity.

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