Social Media Tactics for Your Business You May Be Missing

Social Media Tactics

In today’s world, there is a bigger chance that you have bought something from social media platforms or out of social media marketing campaigns. However, when it comes to selling or promoting products on social media, the rules are very different. Social media marketing requires a more focused and vibrant approach to tap the full potential of your brand. It is also worth noting that different social media platforms require a unique marketing approach as they attract a different kind of people and personalities.

Below are some of the best social media strategies to implement in your business marketing strategy:

Survey your audiences

The most important part of every marketing strategy is to know your audience. Surveying your audience gives you valuable information about what your customers could be struggling with and what motivates them to let you know how you can help them. With that information, you can be able to create content that resonates with your audience and solves their problems. The purpose of conducting surveys is to help to identify essential information to accommodate your content according to the needs of your audience.

Take advantage of social videos

Short videos of between three and ninety seconds have become popular with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram platforms. The goal is to create a captivating video that can be repurposed for use across all platforms. You can take advantage of the readily available video editing tools to easily and quickly create a social video. The videos should be useful and entertaining even when the sound is off.

Leverage on locations and check-ins

If your business has a physical location, you should encourage them to check-in wherever possible. Using locations and check-ins is the easiest way to ask your customers to promote your business at no cost. It is the same as word-of-mouth marketing only that it is happening online. Whenever customers check-in on Instagram or Facebook, they are telling their friends about your business. With Facebook, whenever customers check-in, they are asked to review the business the following day, which also promotes your business.

Use influencer marketing

Today, the impact of social media is huge and unmatched, hence this makes social media marketing as one of the best platforms for promoting a business. One of the most impactful parts of social media marketing is influencer marketing, it doesn’t have to entail celebrities and public figures. An influencer can be a client, a partner, a customer, or even an employee talking about your products, service, or business, but he/she should have a huge following. The influencers can be fans of your business or sometimes can be paid to promote your business. You should also encourage your employees to share your new content on their social media platforms.

Be consistent with your marketing content

Although it is still possible to create viral content, you are likely to put more efforts to get your content seen. You should have a core platform such as a podcast, a blog, or a video show. You should ensure that all your marketing contents are hosted on a medium you own like a website. You should also focus on one or two social media platforms and do your marketing well as opposed to being on every social media platform. Once you define the platforms you will use, you should then commit to posting regularly.

Take advantage of all available social tools

Despite social platforms offering a wide range of tools, most marketers use only a few that they consider important. With social media marketing, you should adopt a method of filling out your profile. Your brand’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages should be filled out. The platforms offer various tools to let your customers and viewers get as much information as possible from you. You should also regularly check for new features to explore as social media platforms introduce new features regularly. Facebook tools like the about tab section let you add links while the story section lets you give more information about your company in an entertaining storytelling format.

Display your branded hashtags

Initially, people had to memorize the hashtags, but the recent trends are making it easy for businesses to link hashtags and other accounts to your bio. Instagram has made it easy to link hashtags to bio allowing businesses to use the space to promote branded hashtags and location-specific accounts. Including location-specific hash-tags allows followers to follow the progress and explore other pages.

Take advantage of targeted ads

Facebook has made it easy for sellers and brands to target specific people with their ads. You will need to add the Facebook Pixel to your website and set up ads to enable Facebook to target your website visitors automatically. If you have recently bought something online, you may have noticed that you are recently receiving ads of the same or a related product. Facebook can use audience data to target interest groups based on their shopping habits. You might have also noticed that if you click on a shoe ad on Facebook, another one will show up.

Respond to all social media conversations about your business

It will all be useless if you run a social media campaign and do not respond to all your audiences satisfactorily. Responding to comments allows you to monitor every conversation about your business. For example, if you do not respond to a customer who had a bad experience with your business or products, you will not only make the customer dislike your business even further, but the customer can influence others against your business. Responding to queries also lets you build a relationship with your customers, even those interested in buying the product in the future.

Run contests and giveaways program

The best way to create awareness on social media platforms is to run contests for your brand regularly. The contests can be of your existing customers or any potential customers. However, it is worth noting that low-barrier contests are usually the most successful campaigns as they attract the highest engagement.


When it comes to social media marketing, you should always be innovative with your strategies. You should also always respond to good and bad reviews as that will make customers trust you and like your business. You should also keep yourself updated on the latest trends.

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