How I Doubled My Blog’s Traffic In A Few Weeks

The Internet world is a playground for all the major and minor players. Many times a minor player become a major one by devising a smart SEO strategy.

Blog- A powerful marketing and lead generation tool used by almost every high Domain authority site. It also contributes greatly towards your stronger presence on search engines. At the same time, a blog requires a constant stream of high-quality content.

A lot of hindrances come your way instead of your best efforts. Its normal happens to every blog holder. But it’s not something that can’t be resolved. My mentor gave me a few tips which I’d love to lend you all so that you can make your blog a success.

I myself applied the following tips to my blog and found them extremely useful.

1) Start by making a usable Content Calendar for the Month:

The major battle of the blog is coming up with the innovative ideas and engaging content that keep the audience interested all the time. Definitely, you cannot write about the same thing over and over again.

For the sake of regular posting don’t ever compromise over the quality content. Most of the promotional content use the same tone to get the attraction of audience which after a while become boring to bits.

Forming a proper calendar for the month can design your activities in a good manner and you know exactly what you’re going to do for the specific month. It may include the following things.

  • The date a specific blog would go live.
  • Assigned author to a specific topic
  • The type of content. Would it be a general discussion or informational thing?
  • The topic of the blogs to do this month
  • An assigned column to keep the track if the blog is written/published/link integrated

An assigned plan is always helpful.

2) Historical Content Optimization- Reviving old content for Future benefits:

Have you noticed this trend of remixes of songs? Why do all the remixes become successful? This is because they have an emotional attachment to the old people and also are used to interest the new generation into it. They target the whole new generation and the old one by remixes.

Same is the case with resurrecting the old content which contains the loyalty of old readers can be used to interest the new readers into it. Or it gives the opportunity to modify the weak posts that are sitting on your blog and aren’t getting you any benefit.

  • Identify the posts that can be revamped. Or identify the posts which reference can be given to the new blog post.
  • Look for the posts that have mid-ranking (posts that rank lower on the first page or on the second page of the search engine). They are a great chance to improve the blogs overall ranking.
  • Update the previously posted blogs with updated facts and figures, and improved the quality
  • Optimize the blog by using more call to action phrases that can gain you more conversions.
  • Publish the updated blog as new but use the same previous URL and promote it as usual. And be open about the updating of content and describe a valid reason why the content is updated.

3) Constantly keep the track of Incoming Traffic and Conversions:

Keeping a constant track of incoming traffic that leads to the conversions is quite important. And also to track which blog gained your blog benefit than the other. This can only happen by constantly monitoring and keeping a keen eye on the published content. Which requires high-quality internet. Xfinity Tv and internet plans are just impeccable provide quality and speed at the lowest possible rates.

Suggestion: Talk about the upcoming events or special events they gain the attention quite quickly. As when November is coming up start inducing black Friday sales and deals into the content to gain the desired traffic.

4) Topics are more important than Keywords:

Catchy topics are more important than the keywords used. Yes! Keywords though are important to track the traffic but catchy topics are as important as a keyword. In the last few years, people create a topic by keeping the keyword in the mind. But interesting topic should be it.

  • Create a content based on a specific topic rather than building content over a specific keyword.
  • Create content based on the long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are getting affected day by day because it mostly consists of queries of the audience searching.
  • Link the related content together. Like if you see an article from Forbes which is related to your topic then you can link it somewhere in your content. It is greatly beneficial for the blog to be linking with giants like Forbes etc.

5) Get your Social Platforms all sorted:

The effective platform is necessary to promote the blog. I used to post on my social media platforms and never kept track of it. But social media pages don’t need to be updated once in a while. Instead, they require proper attention and needs updating every day.

Those charts specifically recommend us all about the postings and social media activities.

All the above five tips if implemented right can gain you the traction in short time span. But it requires your undivided attention and soon you’ll start seeing the results you desire.

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