Author name: Abhyank Srinet

Abhyank Srinet is a passionate digital entrepreneur who holds a master’s in management degree from ESCP Europe. He started his first company while he was still studying at ESCP and managed to scale it up by 400% in just 2 years. Being a B-School Alumni, he recognized the need for a one-stop solution for B-School to get in touch with schools and get their application queries resolved. This prompted him to create MiM-Essay, a one-of-a-kind portal with cutting edge profile evaluation and school selection algorithms, along with several avenues to stay informed about the latest B-School Updates.

Top 10 Innovative Startups in India to look out for in 2024

India’s youth demographic forms the nucleus for the Indian economy’s progressive and destined future. Many start-ups around the world have seen a phenomenal upswing, with India not being an exception. Entrepreneurs and their innovative start-up ideas create an environment where individuals are stimulated to innovate, create new products or services, and take risks. According to

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