Can New Windows Improve Your Home Value?

Are you looking for ways to reduce your monthly housing costs or feel your heating/cooling bills are out of control? Maybe you’re thinking of selling your house and are looking at ways to maximize resale value. You’ve considered replacing your old windows but are afraid to do the work yourself or that hiring someone to do the replacements comes with too high of a price tag.

Well, our team has contacted Ecoline, Calgary windows and doors experts, and together we have prepared this post for you to learn the main benefits your home gets from new windows. Interested? Keep reading!

Know when it’s time to replace your windows 

You’ve been thinking about getting new windows, but you’re not sure it’s worth the investment. Many things can signal it’s time. To keep it easy, we’ve compiled a quick list for you. If your windows show any of these signs, it’s time for a replacement:

  • Decay, rust, or mould on or around your frames
  • Recurring drafts or an audible breeze
  • Loud outdoor noise / poor noise insulation
  • Spike in energy bills
  • Condensation in-between windowpanes
  • Consistent condensation and/or frost on the exterior of the panes
  • Single panes
  • Operational issues – you have trouble opening, closing, or locking your windows
  • Outdated appearance

Maximize your energy efficiency

Your windows aren’t doing their job anymore, and you’ve decided that yes, it is time to replace them. That’s the right decision. Windows can offer big savings when it comes to reducing your monthly bills. The first step is to look at window design and energy efficiency. The following 3 features are signs of the most efficient window design:

  • triple-paned
  • filled with an inert gas such as argon or krypton
  • low-emissivity coatings with insulated frames

These features provide increased airtightness, reduced condensation, and better insulation.

It’s also important to keep in mind that not all windows are created equal. Energy Star certified windows and doors are 15-55% more energy efficient than other models. They are performance tested against industry standards and verified by third-party accredited agencies. Not only are the Energy Star units top-rated, but the Canadian government also recognizes them for tax rebates.

Increase your home’s curb appeal while adding value 

If energy efficiency savings and tax incentives aren’t convincing enough, don’t worry – there is added value in other places. New windows increase the curb appeal of your home and can help freshen up an outdated look. More importantly, they will also increase the resale value. The National Bank of Canada stated that new windows could create up to a 75% return on investment depending on the windows selected. The Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) ranks replacing windows 3rd place in maintaining the worth of your home. Topped only by updating roofing and heating/cooling systems as the most essential renovations. The AIC asserts that new buyers value the upkeep of home essentials more than flashy extras.

Keep your home safe

It’s also not just about dollars and cents. Other benefits come along with new windows, including increased security. One feature, such as multi-point locks with steel hardware, allows you to have airflow when you want it but remains secure from forced entry. Another option is to include security glazing to prevent break-ins.

Security glazing acts as both a noise barrier, as well as increasing glass strength. Units can also connect to your security system for further protection. This can be an added help when you are rushing to get out of the house. Your system will immediately let you know what was left open while keeping your home protected from surprise rainfall and any other damage from a forgotten open window.

New windows – how much do they cost?

Getting new windows can really do a lot to increase your home value and bring additional comfort to your space. But you might be wondering, how much would it cost you to make a replacement? Well, no tricks here. A lot. If you are after a quality product with a correct installation – be ready to fork out. In this industry, you literally get what you pay for. But just consider this as a long-term investment since window replacement is usually a once-in-a-lifetime job.

To get an understanding of approximate price tags, check the table below with the price ranges for different popular window types and their location within your house. Keep in mind, however, that this is just an approximate cost. For a more precise quote, contact your local installers.

LocationCasement windowAwning windowSliding windowSingle-Hung windowsPicture Window
Basement$535 – $1,022$471 – $1114$394 – $1057n\a$315 – $1518
Bathroom$446 – $1,032$432 – $943$394 – $1033$95 – $1500$388 – $1242
Bedroom$444 – $1193$893 – $909$437 – $1521$587 – $2115$226 – $2324
Bonus room$676 – $1134$494 – $944$820 – $1248$634 – $1374$420 – $2305
Dining room$550 – $1348$843 – $1429$669 – $1957$529 – $1466$316 – $2072
Family room$605 – $1999$621 – $1157$490 – $1131$569 – $1155$354 – $2661
Foyer$858 – $1999n\a$465 – $778$500 – $854$338 – $1552
Front$583 – $1014$483 – $1414$785 – $968$510 – $925$359 – $2933
Garagen\a$703 – $902$391 – $1085$588 – $732$334 – $1536
Kitchen$329 – $1356$419 – $1471$394 – $1595$445 – $1595$202 – $2179
Living room$484 – $1614$485 – $1384$433 – $2327$429 – $1614$226 – $2898
Master bedroom$545 – $1304$588 – $1120$452 – $1810n\a$335 – $2370
Nook$549 – $1149$734 – $920$658 – $1142$473 – $1186$337 – $2440

Source: Ecoline Windows Calgary

Make sure the job is done right!

So, you went through all the effort to educate yourself on buying the right windows and maximizing their value and security. Now is the time you can save on installation, right? Wrong! Don’t miss this crucial step. If your window installation is incorrect, you could miss out on savings or worse – you could lose money!

Not only can professionals ensure your windows are installed to specification, but they can also help recommend the best solution for where you live. When hiring a window company, make sure to check:

  • Whether they are experts in adhering to building codes and CSA guidelines for routine replacements. This can be important when adding a new opening to your home and preparing any required municipal applications.
  • Whether they have a proven track record. You don’t want to spend all this time and money and be left with a bigger problem than when you started.
  • Warranty. It is a super important part since every product might have some problems over time, so your potential window company should offer at least 20 years of warranty for all kinds of window and hardware issues. Ensure to read the contract attentively before you sign.
  • Window itself. All the products must be Energy Star-rated, and NAFS-11 tested. This guarantees you get the best units that are energy-efficient and safe.

Take Away

Replacing your windows can be a big investment of time and money, especially if you don’t plan it properly and end up with costly errors. Timing it right, maximizing your energy efficiency, adding value, and keeping your home secure are all benefits with the right windows. You only want to replace your windows once, so make sure it’s right the first time so you can sit back and enjoy.

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