10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Digital Marketers

Content Marketing Tips

51% of content consumption comes from organic search. It’s no doubt content marketing is crucial for digital marketers looking to build brand awareness and drive leads.

These 10 actionable content marketing tips will help you know how to generate content that users want to consume and not what you want them to consume.

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Are you aware that 69% of the most popular B2B companies have an established content marketing strategy? Yes, and 86% of B2B marketers used content marketing in 2024 to increase their brand reach.

According to Essaywritinglab, an assignment writing help provider, 56% of companies say that they want to increase their content creation budget.

What this means is that content is still kind and content marketing is here to stay. Besides, content marketing is growing at a lightning speed given that there are more than 600 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites.

Content marketing is a great channel that if you aren’t leveraging it, then you are missing out on a lot of leads and worse of all, you are giving your competitor a chance to shine over you.

But even though content marketing is becoming an important channel of creating brand awareness, 60% of consumers hate brands with poorly written content that is also not mobile-friendly.

So, how should digital marketers do content marketing the right way?

That’s exactly what we are going to cover in this article.

But before that…

Is Content Marketing Beneficial?

Let’s take a look at a few benefits of content marketing before we dive into the meat of this article.

  • Google loves content

Loves love it when you feed your target audience with high-quality and the giant search engine will reward you by ranking your site higher if you write great content.

Google wants users to have an excellent experience when using their platform and is obsessed with displaying content that answers users’ search queries. And as if that not’s all, Google drives 10 times more traffic to sites with great content than Facebook, according to ivory research.

This means that content marketing is beneficial when it comes to boosting organic search traffic.

  • Content marketing brings more sales

Having more traffic to your site means nothing is people aren’t purchasing your products. Well, don’t get put off, content marketing drives more sales.

Of course, customers may hesitate to buy your products when you haven’t built a connection. Consumers will consider several factors before deciding to make a purchase.

Ideally, people who come to your site are looking for a solution to their problem and if you can solve it (create brand awareness) they will likely buy from you.

You have to provide them with the information they are looking for, educate them in a way that they can relate and understand. All this is achieved through content marketing.

  • Content marketing increases brand awareness

Think about it: You create an informative article (let’s use ours as an example), then Google finds it informative, educative, and inspiring and ranks it at the top of search results.

Now when more than 50,000 users search for related content, using our target keyword “content marketing tips”, Google shows our article at the top. That means that we will have been known by all those people who click on our site.

  • Boost domain authority

Content marketing enables you to produce high-quality content regularly which is associated with the increase in domain authority.

  • Increase social traffic

No digital marketer can underrate the power of social media. And the more content you produce and the more social shares it gets the more traffic your site gets hence your brand gets known to many people.

Having said that, let’s get into the real meat of this article.

10 Actionable Content Marketing Tips For Digital Marketers.

  • Set Clear Content Marketing Goals

Content marketing is a powerful marketing channel but you will be shocked that 26% of digital marketers don’t have clear content marketing goals. And a half out of those with marketing goals is meeting them.

Once you have your business goal in mind, you also need to understand what you want to achieve by producing and promoting your content.

Are you looking to increase brand awareness? Drive sales? Or bring more traffic to your product pages?

Once you have developed clear content marketing goals it would be easier to produce content that works toward achieving those goals.

  • Produce Content That Users Want to Read

First things first, you need to research your target audience, understand their pain points, worries, and main concerns and then develop content that addresses their needs.

And this is regardless of your industry. Of course, customers will love you if you care about them and producing content that answers their questions is what will make them want to read more of your content every day. And this can only be achieved when you research your target customers.

Remember that your content must also be actionable.

Do you develop tools that make marketing easier? Are you able to create content that shows your target customers how to use your tools to make marketing a breeze?

  • Create Evergreen Content

Content is king. Equally, evergreen content is the pillar of content marketing. Evergreen content involves those article and blog posts that you create them once but will add value to your readers for a long period regardless of when you published it(it can be passed two years ago).

If you want your content evergreen, make sure everything you declare is accurate and use specific dates instead of using phrases like “last week”, “a few months ago”, etc.

  • Produce Content in Series

This is one of the powerful content marketing tips with huge benefits.

This is how it works:

Let’s say for instance you are creating content about “how to increase” and you want to feature a number of social media platforms in your content.

You can break your article into a series like:

First article: How to increase traffic with Facebook

Second article: How to increase traffic with Twitter

Third article: How to increase traffic with Instagram

…nd the list goes on.

Ideally, content series are articles that are supposed to be read together and it helps to build your audience over time.

With such type of content, you can expect people coming to your site regularly to see what content you are producing which means more traffic and low bounce rate.

The good thing about developing content marketing series is that you can turn it into an eBook in the future. You can then use the book as a marketing premium or sell it.

  • Develop a Content Promotion Strategy

How many blog posts are getting published every day?

With the tons of content being churned out every day, you just can’t publish your content and hope that it will make its way to the public.

One of your content marketing tips should be to develop a strategy, to drive people to your content.

Different platforms require different content promotion strategies. With some platforms, you will need to pay, with some; you will need to use influencer marketing, etc.

Just make sure you have a plan to bring people to your content.

  • Partner With Influencers

When you develop content that relates to influencers in your industry, you can add their advice in the form of a quote, link to their sites or tag them in social media as you share your posts there. Once you tag or quote them, let them know that.

Chances are that they will pay back the favor by either sharing your posts or linking to content you have published on your site.

  • Create Mobile-Responsive Content

80% of online users are reading content through their mobile phones. These days, more people are using their phones to access content on the internet than on the desktop.

And the good news is that Google through its mobile-first indexing is prioritizing mobile-friendly sites.

But your site cannot be mobile-friendly if users aren’t able to access your content on smaller screens.

So make sure your content is mobile-optimized by producing content users can read on smaller screens and also keep your images and videos smaller in size then break your content into headings and subheadings.

  • Make it Easy for Users to Share Your Content

This is one of the easiest content marketing tips to implement.

Have you ever landed on a site where, as you scroll down a blog post, you still see social sharing buttons either on the left or at the top?

That’s what is meant by making your content shareable.

When you do this, users don’t have to do anything further than to click a button and share your content with their friends and followers.

Add a floating social sharing button to your site. You could also ask your readers to share your content on social media by adding a call to action statement at the end of your article.

  • Promote Your Content on Social Media

Even though content marketing is considered more affordable than digital marketing, it is perhaps the most involving practice of all.

When you publish content, don’t think that people will find it. More people are discovering content on social media and unless you share it there, you will not see anyone reading it.

A good rule of thumb is to schedule your post sharing so that your social media posts go live at the time people are likely to be active on the internet.

Take advantage of the plethora of social scheduling tools out there to share your content on social media with ease.

  • Include Data and Statistics to Your Content

Your content is good if people are enjoying it. But good content isn’t without its spices and data is one of those spices that can make readers love your content.

Remember that people want factual things and if you say something that is bound to raise eyebrows, back it up with data to show its accurateness. Support your content with data and facts and give credits to the source of your facts.

Content Marketing Tips Bonus #1: Don’t Ignore Keyword Research

Well, more emphasis is put on writing quality content. That we can dispute. However, when it comes to content marketing, no one can underrate the power of Search Engine Optimization.

Of course, people are using certain terms and phrases to search for information on the internet. And Google ranks your content based on the popularity of the search terms you use.

But unless you know those terms searchers are typing on Google when searching for information, you cannot target them. That’s where keyword research becomes helpful.

If you can rank better for specific search terms, then your performance in the SERPs is incomparable.

Unfortunately, most digital marketers aren’t paying more attention to the keyword research process.

Many are doing keyword research but only a few a finding the best keywords to rank in search engines.

When you use the right keywords, you increase your chances of attracting a targeted audience which could increase sales in the long run.

So before you produce your content, find out:

  • What information people in your niche are looking for?
  • The questions they are asking.
  • Their likes and dislikes.
  • The information they read, etc.

Ideally, keyword research will help you to discover all this information so you can predict what a user wants when they land on your site and give them right that.

Bonus Tip #2: Pay A lot of Attention on Worthy Traffic Channels

While we keep on advising businesses to be on social media, we also ought to let you know that you don’t have to be everywhere on social media. That means that you don’t have to share your content everywhere.

For instance, it’s meaningless for an eCommerce owner who sells women’s shoes to share content on Medium.

Some social media platforms will be unconnected to the goals you want to achieve, so it’s good to pay attention to those that drive greater results.

To know what social channels you should pay attention to; take a look at the platforms your competitors are using. Do they spend money on certain platforms? If yes, then pay more close attention to those channels.

Note that even though your competitor is getting better results on certain social channels, you might not reap those results yourself. You need to keep on testing until you get the best channel for you.

Bonus Tip #3: Don’t Forget Guest Posting

Guest posing can help to generate authority links, drive traffic to your site, increase domain authority, and most important increase brand awareness.

This is how guest posting works: Your friend Steven introduces you to his friend Boniface, so you get to know Boniface and you are no longer strangers. Because Boniface is Steven’s friend, you will probably not question anything further because already someone you know knows him and perhaps they are already doing business together.

This is how guest posting works. You get to tap into a new channel of driving traffic to your site cheaply or even free.

Bonus Tip #4: Use Keyword-Rich Headlines

People who read your content are most likely landing there after seeing your headlines and clicking them. Even though the Click-through rate can’t be declared as a Google ranking factor, it does have an impact on your rankings.

Think about it: Google wants to provide an excellent experience to its users. The search engine makes sure searchers are served with relevant content when they execute a search

Now, what’s the essence of Google keeping your content up there if no one is clicking on your headlines? Of course, Google will notice that people aren’t clicking on your content and will replace yours with one that’s getting more clicks.

However, as you use keyword-rich headlines, don’t overdo it. Just make sure you are optimizing your headlines for user intent.

Also, keep your headlines short and sweet.

Bonus Tip #5: Create Long-Form Content

Longer content performs better and researchers have found out about it. A study by Quicksprout suggests that when they did an A/B testing on their landing pages, the longer content returned better results than the shorter ones.

Google loves longer content and the same is for readers. And when the search engine and users love your content, sales come automatically.

What makes long-form blog posts perform better is that people want comprehensive information and it is also possible to incorporate as many keywords as you want.

Bonus Tip #6: Don’t be Salesy

It’s simple; if you have a product or service you want people to buy or use, focus on educating them on how beneficial it can be, how it can change their lives for better or how it has helped other people.

Content is a selling machine, but don’t use it directly.

Think about how Ramit Sethi does in his company, “I Will Teach You To Be Rich”.

When you land on his site, you can’t find his courses. That means you will not be able to buy his courses without first reading his warning and valuable information about the courses.

And after he teaches you everything you need to know about his online courses, he will then offer them to you. That’s how he made $400k in one day alone.

Over to You!

Chances are that you will probably use a few of the content marketing tips we have shared in this article. If you can use all of them, do it.

Ideally, what’s important is to make your content more effective because even though content marketing works you have to make it work. And this can only be achieved when you experiment with different content marketing techniques.

Did you find out content marketing tips helpful to you?

If yes, share this article with your friends to help them do content marketing the right way.

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