Engage your Audience with Branded Content & Native ads

Engage your Audience with Branded Content

From the very beginning, branded content and native ads have been a major entity of the digital marketing world. Now, for the record, from the past couple of years, it has been very much evident that those organizations that do not understand the behavior of the customers well have failed to make any kind of impact.

Native ads and branded content are two of the most important aspects of Advertisement Marketing. Organizations use the help of these two aspects to get the attention of more loyal and vocal customers.

There is no doubt in the fact that branded contents and native ads are the future of digital advertising marketing. But before you clear your concept about how Branded Content and Native Ads are spreading their impacts, first you need to understand both these aspects properly.

Branded Content

Branded Content

Everyday people from all around the world get to see several types of advertisements that appear online. It can be said that most of the time people get overwhelmed by these advertisements and pieces of information.

But there are some cases where people get irritated due to loads of advertisements and use adblockers to restrain the ads from displaying on their devices. And this is not a piece of good news for the advertisers or for the brands.

Therefore, in this kind of situation, the brand has to undertake some other way to market its advertisements and connect to its targeted customers. This is where the brand content concept comes in.

Basically, a Branded Content Advertisement is a new way of advertising in which the content created is directly linked to the brand. Therefore by this, the customer can directly make a connection to the brand via the content.

Branded Content-Characteristics and Advantages

Now that you have a basic idea of what a branded content does, let us discuss some major characteristics and advantages of branded content. This can help you to get a better overview of the concept of branded content marketing.

Focus more on the brand value rather than its Products and Services

The best thing about Branded Content is that it grants the customer a detailed overview of the brand and speaks for the brand itself. This helps the customer to trust the brand more and to stay loyal to the brand.

That is why it can be said that rather than focusing more on the products and services, branded content tells more about the intangible qualities of the brand.

It generates a conversation nature around the brand 

The main aim of Branded Content is to establish an interactive session with the reader, rather than just focusing on sales and marketing. A branded content gives the user a solid structure of the brand image.

Therefore, the more the branded content talks about the notoriety of the brand, the more successful the content will be.

Adds more value for the customers

The major aim of the Branded Content is to attract attention from more users. The content that users will consume. That is why the narrative and tone of each Branded Content are very much different from other forms of content.

A branded content aims to add more value to the customers via several procedures like entertainment, sports and many more.

Connects to customer emotions 

Convincing customers by targeting their emotions is a very old tactic of marketing and is a very effective one too. Branded contents believe in doing the same thing.

Apart from flaunting about the company’s achievements and why it is better than others, branded content tries to focus on the pain points of the targeted customers. Further, they seek to connect to the customers on an intimate level.

More of a story than a content

This is another good thing about branded content. If you read any branded content you will feel like reading a storybook. Every topic of branded content contains an opening, a middle part, and a proper ending.

This makes branded content very much interactive in nature.

Can be represented in various formats 

Branded contents are very much flexible in nature. That means you can use any format to represent your content. It can either be videos or graphical animations or podcasts. These interactive formats help the brand to hold its customers for a longer period of time.

Contents can be co-created 

Branded content can be created in many ways, such as you can seek help from different professionals to make your content more attractive.

For example, if you own a brand and want to make creative branded content then you can take help from a movie director to make your content advertisement more entertaining.

Native Advertising 

Native Advertising

Now, that you have gained some knowledge about what branded marketing is, therefore let us take a look at what Native advertising is and how it is making a big difference in the world of digital marketing.

The concept of creating ads that completely camouflage into the content is called Native Advertising. That means that Native ads are so much appropriate with the content that the viewer or the reader feels that the advertisement is a part of the content.

The idea of native ads prevents the ad provider from getting blocked by several ad blockers. Moreover, the reader finds a comfort zone while reading the content. Some of the most popular examples of Native ads that we see every day are promoted search results and sponsored social media posts.

Both of these two formats give similar values to their users. Just because of the fact that customers usually get irritated by the common traditional forms of advertisements, most of the market giants from the entire world (many startups also) are trying to invest more in content marketing and creating native advertisements.

Now, you may ask here that we see several ads all over the internet but among them which ads are native ads and which are not!

Native ads-Identify them 

The main and the basic concept of Native ads is to place an ad in such a place inside the content so that the ad fits perfectly and natively into the content subject. If we consider the presentation, then the native ads do not differ much from the traditional ads.

But, you will find a major difference between the contents of the native ads and traditional ads. And that difference is what makes the Native ads so much more compelling than the older ones.

Now, let us see some types and examples of Native advertisements


The newly launched Google search engine named Google pioneered is a classic example of the new form of native advertising.


Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have also used the concept of the Native ad in their news feed in a carousel format.

Open Web

Some content discovery platforms like Taboola have also implemented a native ad in their business.

Native Ads- Advantages

Over the years it is very much evident that the concept of native ads is a perfect example of breaking stereotypes. Just as mentioned earlier, fortune 500 companies from all over the world are adopting this technique to grow their business and play at a much higher level.

Therefore, in order to understand the usefulness of native ads, let us take a look into some of the powerful benefits of native ads that are stealing all the show.

Native ads attract more viewers

From the very top, the basic aim of your advertisement is to attract a number of customers. If your ad fails to do so then there is no meaning to that advertisement. In the world of the digital marketing world, the most important thing that matters is performance metrics.

And native ads are masterpieces in providing you higher metric rates by attracting most the viewer’s attention.

But wait. There is more!!!!!!

If you are using the concept ads to promote your business then there is a high chance that your viewers and customers will do the marketing for you. And your business will be at the center of attraction.

Native Ads develops relevance 

You have to agree on the fact that no one can read the customer’s mind. Therefore, the more interactive content you produce the more you will get close to your customer. Gradually this will help you to develop a strong relationship with your targeted market.

The relationship you build with your customers will help you to gain more trust and loyalty. Not only that, you might get some repeated buyers or content buyers. That is why providing ads that contain relevant content encourages you to increase your shareability or if you hit the luck you might get viral too.

Native Ads empowers your targeted customers

The basic mindset of people tells us that when people look for something online, they generally search for the solution to their problem rather than looking for some new products or services.

Therefore, from the above statement, it can be concluded that people generally appreciate valuable content that holds the capability to solve their problem. The concept of a native ad is to provide some branded content to its customers so that they get to use some empowered content.

Major goals of Branded Contents and native ads

Now, you know it all. Therefore, you will also agree on the fact that the most important entities of digital marketing that are the Branded content and Native advertising are definitely going to change the future of digital marketing and will give new directions.

Therefore, for the sake of the young minds of the future, let us discuss two of the major goals of Branded Content and Native Ads.


The common goal that branded content and native ads shares between themselves is to attract more and more customers or viewers and make them fully engaged in particular content.

People these days want everything instantly. Therefore if you are still showing a 5-sec ad before displaying your full content, then you are on the wrong page. Native ads and branded goals are a great way to include ads in between the content.

This means that you are accomplishing two tasks at the same time. You are engaging your reader by providing empowered content and also serving your purpose by displaying your brand ad.


To hold your reader much longer on your page you must provide some quality content. Therefore, the more interactive your content will be the longer your reader will find your content interesting.

The most common problem with the traditional ads is that nobody finds interest in them and never responds to them. It is like having a one-night stand. Providing ads does not mean anything.

But on the other hand with the help of branded content and native ads, different brands can develop some creative content that will help them to retain their readers for a much longer period of time.

Both entities possess the ability to predict the mind of the customers by developing a behavioral pattern of their internet activities. Branded contents and native ads use features like demographics to focus more on the pain points of the customers.

Wrapping up….

After discussing the whole concept of brand marketing and native ads it can be concluded that no matter what business you own (either small or a giant), branded content and native ads are always going to give you a huge scale of results in terms of advertisement and marketing.

Therefore, if you have not used branded content and native ad for your business or if you just got to know about these two brothers aspects then change your marketing plans today and use them to engage your audience to your website.

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