How Dental Marketing Efforts Turns into Benefits for Your Dentistry

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Competition within the dental and oral hygiene industry is on the rise. Dental Practices could once get away with little to no marketing due to low local competition. Nowadays, however, most people have the luxury of choosing from several different dentists in the same area.

Computers, smartphones, and tablets also dominate today’s world. We all try to save time by turning to the internet for instant access to information. This search for data also informs patients, who often prefer to read reviews online before settling on a Dental Practice to visit.

Dental marketing is a must for both new and established Dental Practices. Getting noticed online is important if you want to expand the horizons of your Practice.


Dental marketing via online channels can help promote growth and steer a practice toward success. Building a recognisable online brand gives your Practice a voice on the internet, allowing you to reach more patients with your services.

Whether you push paid advertising for search, online classifieds, or social media, digital marketing offers many advantages. The physical limitations of traditional media don’t shackle it, and so it can adapt quickly to changing trends and patient habits. It opens a world of opportunities for your Practice, regardless of your budget. Your online advertising options include:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search engine marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Content marketing and link building
  • Paid advertising for search and social media
  • Mobile marketing and app development
  • Media buying
  • Link building

Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing Techniques

Aside from the media they use as advertising platforms, digital marketing,and traditional marketing differ from each other in many ways.

One significant difference is cost. Print-ad campaigns, airtime on the radio, or even fliers all cost considerable amounts of money to start. On the other hand, digital marketing doesn’t require as substantial an investment. Well-built online marketing campaigns can reach thousands, or even millions, of users on a shoe-string budget, especially if the campaign manages to achieve viral status.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital advertising makes it easy to target specific demographics. This ability allows digital advertisers to market directly to audiences who are more likely to receive a campaign positively. Tools also exist to track advertising impact, allowing you to determine strategies that work so you can streamline your marketing efforts.

Additionally, search-based digital marketing puts your Practice in front of a captive audience. Traditional marketing reaches individuals who might not have any interest in Dental Services at that moment. With search-based digital marketing, the customer intent is clear when they type their search term into the search engine. A dental marketing expert can help you focus your advertising campaign on these precise search terms.

The Advantages of Digital Marketing for Dentists

Digital marketing offers many advantages to dentists looking to grow their businesses. Here are some surprising statistics highlighting the many advantages of digital marketing:

  • 40 per cent of all mobile users are directly looking for a local business or service
  • 61 per cent of all readers will use a service or buy a product based on an online recommendation alone
  • Roughly half of all 18 to 49-year-old individuals get all their information online
  • Small businesses with a blog receive 126 per cent more lead growth than those without
  • 18 per cent of all businesses searched locally lead to a sale within just one day

The points above apply to all businesses in general, however. The specific benefits digital marketing offers to Principal Dentists and their Dental Practices can be much more compelling.

In a study of 532 dental professionals, 83 per cent considered social media marketing far more effective than traditional advertising. Research shows that dentists with social media exposure find themselves interacting with patients at least once a daydue to their online presence. Social media marketing works on a similar principle to word-of-mouth advertising. Your interaction with your customers serves as a digital billboard for your dentistry.

Increased website traffic and a recognisable brand online can transform any business. Video marketing gives your customers the easiest introduction to your Practice possible. A few well-placed videos on YouTube, Facebook,andTwitter can significantly increase patient interest in your services.

Positive reviews left by patients who find satisfaction in your services can also help draw in more business. Principal Dentists can leverage the loyalty of long-time patients to leave the initial reviews. This can start a cascade effect as new patients come in, enjoy the quality of care you provide, leave positive reviews of your services, and draw even more new patients in.

Get the Right Help

With sound advice from a digital marketing expert, you can develop effective strategies for marketing your Dental Practice online. An experienced marketer can guide you through the process of online advertising or offer more direct support by running your campaigns for you.

When looking for a digital marketer to work with, try to look for firms that have plenty of experience working with dental clients. A firm that specialises in marketing Dental Practices online would be an even better choice.

Aside from experience, specialist dental marketing firms can build and run campaigns that fall in line with regulations for medical codes of conduct. This allows them to market your Practice effectively without running afoul of regulatory bodies that might limit some advertising behaviours. They are also familiar with using dedicated platforms for publishing medical and dental services as effective marketing tools.

Regardless of how you choose to implement a digital marketing campaign, however, simply doing so is a step in the right direction. With patience and perseverance, your Practice can grow as your online reach expands.

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