How to Create a Smooth Ticketing Process?

If you want to have a boisterous customer support system that stands against all the odds and handles all your customers’ queries with high-end competency each time, the need for ticketing or comprehensive help desk software is pertinent.

How to Create a Smooth Ticketing Process?

Ticketing is the only way to make sure that your clients are getting time-bound solutions and your agents or employees are performing in a way that they should be. By keeping a record of everything happening on your help desk, ticketing software helps a company to trace down the functionality of your customer support system.

Though we can’t deny the need to have a ticketing system by our system when we seek a par excellence customer experience, owning a seamless ticketing process is not a piece of cake. In general, Help Desk Software comes with various inbuilt modules and integration.

Organizations, which aim high to resolve the customers’ issue at very first call, need to sort out the ticketing process beforehand. Here are some experts’ tips to smoothen out the entire ticketing process and bestow your customers with a par excellence service experience:

  • Automation is the key

In a world where everything likes you to power by the automation, you can’t afford to stick to the manual work process.  If you want that your agent response as soon as a customer rings the bell then you need to upgrade your manual ticketing process to an automatic one.

While monitoring the clients with emails, odds are high that your agents will miss out something or other. However, you can totally abate this possibility with the help of an automatic Ticketing System. Using this self-automation of ticketing system, you can easily generate a ticket via an email directly.

In addition to this, the automatic notification system will keep you updated with each stage of the ticket generation. Your agents will be get notified as soon as a ticket gets created and alert the customer support team to take the appropriate action. Henceforth, you will be able to react at the right time with the right solution.

  • The right sorting is what makes things simple and easy to carry-out

One of the easiest ways to sort out the ticketing process is to categories as per the relevant field.  You can easily achieve this with the ticket indexing feature of ticketing software.  The feature allows a business to name and store the tickets of the same category at a single place.  This category-wise sorting not only eliminates the unnecessary grouping of the tickets but also makes the ticket search a cake walk.

  • Make the ticket more noticeable

It is one of the most common issues that agents struggle hard to recognize a ticket at a single glimpse. You can make the process rapid and accurate by using an image or files with a particular ticket. If you place a screenshot of previous progress done over a particular ticket next to it, the next team will be able to know about the progress easily. The old traditional red dots or green dots make the things cumbersome at the end of the day.  At first, they are hardly clearly visible. Secondly, they fail to provide essential information about the ticket. A screenshot is a self-efficient tool to pass on the information about the ticket clearly and loudly.

  • Stick to one process only

When you work in a team, you have a set of minds thinking in a different direction. Now, imagine each agent is generating the ticket and placing it as per its own though-process. Isn’t scary?

Yes, it is. To eliminate this hazardous practice from your system, our suggestion is to make the ticketing process a scandalized one. Set some guidelines and motivate your team to stick to those guidelines without fail. When all the agents are processing the work, in the same manner, things will be sorted out on their own.  It will help your support team to start from the previous agent left.

  • Make sure the templates are filled properly

When handling hundreds of ticketing on daily basis, almost every help desk will have some issue. Some order will be failed while some tickets are facing difficult login. All these things, when accumulating in bulk, make the highly cumbersome.

However, you can simple abolish them by doing simple help desk customization with customized templates. Create a ticket-based template and make sure that your support team in filling up the templates with the right information, because informative templates sort out the things up to a great extent.

  • Never overlook the training part

If you really wish to have a streamline ticketing process, it is necessary that your support team should be well-versed about its features.   To hone the skills of your support team in the ticketing system, an informative and practical training session is the best way. Don’t hesitate to arrange a training session at a regular interval of time.

Nothing can be more blissful than a streamlined ticketing system. When you are struggling hard to achieve this, personalize your ticketing system as per your business, make the best use of the automation and set some specific ticket system guidelines. These simple steps will make your life easy than ever before.

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