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Honor 8x

The new Huawei Honor smartphones have snatched the title of the best Android smartphones in Arab mobile and smartphone markets this year! The reason why these phones have also earned the reputation of being the best cheap Honor phone that you can get your hands on today is because Huawei smartphones have always been designed for the “tech savvy” who keep up with technology trends, appreciate how it can make their life easier and users who care that their smartphones are both stylish and affordable.

Powerful in the True Meaning of the Word!

If you are looking for the prices of new smartphones are in UAE, then rest assured that the cheap Honor phones are the best deal you can possibly find! They are also the smarter and faster smartphone option that will take your worries about any lagging or poor performance away!

This is mainly because they are enabled with the latest Kirin chipset and the powerful AI processor that has an NPU built in. The NPU allows it to constantly track user behavior and adapt to your usage patterns providing you with a seamless user experience that matches your individual needs. Is simply is the best smartphone for over users, whether you are running multiple apps in the background or playing high-performance games!

Huawei Honor Stylish Smartphones Are Functional!

The all new Huawei Honor smartphone has a dual sim, an exceptionally chic design that is slim, bright and is available in a range of incredibly unique colours that have a reflective mirror effect.

This brand-new range of Honor phones will have you engrossed in everything you watch when you use the FullView Display screen with a ratio of 19:9! At Huawei, we consider your comfort a top priority, therefore Honor smartphones will fit perfectly in your hand providing a comfortable grip.

Experience the Honor Super Charge Effect!

The battery power in Huawei Honor smartphone, the best cheap phone in Dubai, has been tested through the fifth-generation smart battery saving technology. This makes the device run a whole day just on a single charge!  You are guaranteed to have safety at lightning speed through the power of the 3400 mAh large battery that is capable of charging up to 50% of its capacity in just 25 minutes!

Picture Perfect Smiles with Smart Lively Photos!

Forget all other mobile phones because Huawei smartphones price in UAE is unbeatable. It is also the smartphone that makes taking natural and lively pictures a piece of cake! It is simply the best camera phones out there as it’s paired with a rear dual-lens camera and FDAF fast focus.

Not only that, but you will be able to shoot smarter pictures because Huawei Honor phones recognize your facial contours. Yes, these smartphones can make you look more natural with the upgraded beauty algorithm and it can tell your gender through your facial features!

Huawei Honor smartphones have been built with over 30 years of experience in mobile communication to secure stronger signals and high-quality communication even in weaker signal areas such as remote highways, mountains and among dense skyscrapers.

The cherry on the cake comes when you find out that the latest Honor smartphone price in UAE is the kindest to your bank account! Go online mobile shopping at Honor Arabia Online Store in Dubai, UAE for the list of full specifications, a comprehensive photo gallery for the entire Huawei Honor series of smartphones and prices. You will also find a host of Honor accessories and wearables that will elevate your user experience to a whole new level!

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