8 Easiest Ways to Gain and Retain Your Instagram Followers

Since organic reach on Facebook and Twitter have significantly declined over the past few months, small and large businesses are flocking on Instagram. Customers too are naturally paying more attention to this platform now.

This is why website owners are trying to find out how to get followers on Instagram without following back. Instagram is known for its visually appealing content. Social media marketing company In Gurgaon or Delhi are making the best use of insta platform.

Gain and Retain your Instagram Followers

Why is Instagram a good platform for businesses?

Let us look at few features or qualities of Instagram that makes it an effective platform for business.

  • Organic Reach

The organic reach of Instagram is significantly higher than that of other social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

  • Defined target audience

Targeting the relative audience on Instagram is easier and achievable. The audience is defined and not spread out because of hashtags, geolocation, or the new explore option.

  • No AD Blocker

Though Facebook generates most of its revenue from advertisement, it can easily be evaded. Facebook isn’t restricted to an app platform. It runs on the browser as well. Users can easily block the ads with AD Blocker.

However, these AD Blockers are not compatible with Instagram. Hence the ads you pay for will reach your target.

  • Experimentation

Visually appealing pictures and videos has made ‘marketing through storytelling” an effective way to get attention. You can create new content and experiment with them to see which of them align better with your audience.

Though Instagram is a brilliant platform for marketing, followers tend to unfollow brand pages in the long run. So, how to get followers on Instagram without following? How to get new followers and retain them? Let’s check it out.

1) Create your own Instagram style

Creating your own Instagram style helps you create your own brand identity. The style of the pictures, posters, videos, and the colour palette you choose for your posts develops your brand image, where people associate your brand with a particular colour set.

instagram style

It becomes easier for people to remember, recognize and engage with your brand.

2) Maintain a schedule

Keeping your audience engaged is very important. So, keep them updated on your new products/services. Also posting testimonies from different customers and creating more events helps your audience to see more of your brand. Schedule your posts according to when your users are most active during the day and keep posting at least once a day to maintain regularity.

3) Interact with your audience

Make your audience feel relevant by making them a part of your team. Try to recruit new users from your page for an internship, indulge them in conversation by asking questions on your page and ask them what they want to see from your end.

3. Interact with your audience

Take feedback from your users and interact with them in comments or through direct messages.

4) Write descriptive content

Impressive pictures and design helps your brand to catch the attention. But brilliant writing helps your brand convert your audience into potential customers. Every brand needs effective storytelling. Through Instagram, you can tell the story of your brand. This increases brand trust and credibility.

5) Make use of Call to Action buttons

Assign a phone call or an email to your call action buttons on Instagram.

Make use of Call to Action buttons

These buttons will help your audience to connect with you and will be helpful in maintaining a good customer relationship management system.

6) Promote your Website

You can promote your website on Instagram and drive audience by mentioning your website in profile just below your bio. After each post, you can mention your website in the caption or simply write (link in the bio).  A website gets you closer to your audience and their choices regarding the kind of product and services they are looking for.

7) Create a self-explanatory Bio

The first thing new users do is to go through your profile. Therefore, it should be short, crisp and indulging for your audience.

Create a self-explanatory Bio

Through this, they would get an idea about the kind of services and products provided.

8) Follow similar brands and collaborate

Following pages that are similar to your brand’s services and products will help followers to find you. Instagram will suggest your page to users when they like another similar brand. This will help in getting better visibility of your brand as well as better customer targeting.

Collaborating with other brands will get you mentioned in their stories and posts, which will bring new users to your page. It is as simple a symbiotic relationship. Also, it is also suggested to collaborate with websites or businesses that have nothing to do with the products you sell.

Use the full potential of Instagram stories.

Instagram Stories has accumulated 250 million daily active users. This means that roughly 60% of Instagram’s 400+ million daily active users are accessing Instagram Stories. Instagram story feature is very effective when it comes to driving users to your website and app with the ‘swipe up’ feature. Also, a user is able to view your videos and pictures in full- screen mode giving your brand their complete attention.

 So, these were some ways telling you how to get followers on Instagram without following or in some cases by following. Companies providing Digital marketing services incorporate all these techniques to get the best for their clients in terms of business visibility or customer.

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