Is Content Marketing a Good Career?

content marketing

In 1996, Bill Gates stated “content is king” in one of his essays. After two years, it became the sensational tagline in the digital marketing industry.

No wonder, that quality content is driving the marketing strategies of various businesses. This proves the scope of a career in content marketing is really high to stand out in the crowd.

What makes content marketing worth it?

As a beginner, you need to learn many skills to master the field of content marketing. But it’s all worth your effort, if you have good writing skills then it’s an advantage to excel. The writing skills are considered as the topmost ability to win over in this engagement-driven industry.

The most important skills include,

  • Knowledge in social media and social media optimization
  • Understand search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Designing and creativity skills
  • Skills in Content and project management

Different Types of Content

In this digital world, businesses approach the digital marketing service providers to mainly reach people with their products and services through extraordinary content. However, companies accept content marketing is much needed for creating brand awareness.

1. Blogs

Blogs is the first form of content that is used for marketing purposes, but blog writing is very common these days. The informative blog content can reach a wide range of audiences and it creates remarkable insights for business growth.

Moreover, you are sharing useful content for your customers free of cost which builds customer loyalty over your brand.

If you are publishing blogs based on one interesting topic consistently, then you’ll become the top niche in that field. This helps customers to find your business through blog content, and there’s a high possibility of converting them into potential buyers.

2. Longform Content

As the names suggest, this content is lengthy and ranges between 5000 to 15000 words. It is created in separate URLs as different chapters because of its length. However, this lengthy blog helps to gain customer readership and increase brand loyalty for businesses.

As the readers will gain all the relevant information in one blog itself which reduces their time in searching for required topics.

3. eBooks

These Ebooks ate much similar to blogs but quite lengthy and detailed in general. These Ebooks are created to spread more information about their products or services to customers. Whereas e-books contain all the sources for single topics.

It’s quite overwhelming to write Ebooks for businesses, but the quality ebook can bring phenomenal growth for businesses. There are freelance writers or digital marketing agencies providing quality Ebooks to uplift sales.

Ebooks can be around 10 to 30 pages in length. However, the e-books should be able to provide the relevant solution as it is mentioned to deliver. If not then, the chances of converting visitors into potential customers are very low.

4. Infographics

Infographics is a graphic representation that indicates one business in an image. This step is created to make the digestible and informative infographic.

One can list information in bullet points accordingly. Whereas important information is represented in bullet points or charts. Backlinks are also inserted within the app evenly. However, infographics images go viral and reach lead magnets significantly.

5. White Papers

This type of Content has a solution for specific topics and gathers all the relevant information accurately. To become an industry niche, you can publish a white paper content.

The white paper content is a little lengthy and has the proper introduction followed by different other sections. If the white paper content is more lengthy, then it’s essential to provide the table of content to guide people into relevant topics.

6. Videos

Videos are short and crisp in connecting people with specific engaging, and fun content for the buyers. Viral videos can grab all the attention of customers’ business needs.

Videos and social media campaigns are part of content marketing strategies. You can publish these informative videos on YouTube and you can share this video in the posts you publish.

Videos can clearly explain the product values to customers effectively. It includes a call to action button which makes customers take action and process conversion.

7. Emails

Emails subscribers help the brand to share content for a specific recipient group. You can share content, brand information, and nurture the brand leads using email. There is a high chance to convert these subscribers into customers.

All these content marketing strategies help brands to drive significant results through blogs and infographics. This content can help businesses to drive more leads, increase traffic, and drive sales.

Here are some ways to kickstart your career in content marketing,

1. Blogging

You can build your blogging profile by writing and publishing content in your own blog. You can either write in a specific niche or target writing a different niche. You can use the blog for various purposes, like marketing your writing or building an online presence for brands.

You can impress readers with writing skills and earn their trust. Using WordPress, one can create blogs in minutes and publish their content. You can also share the blog content with thousands of readers using social media platforms.

Tip: Make sure to write original, creative, and professional content for achieving success.

2. Freelance opportunities

By creating a portfolio of your content, you can get freelance jobs and start earning at home. There is a wide range of opportunities for freelance writers, on various online platforms.

You can search for all types of jobs, and finally, pick the one which suits your writing style. In freelance writing, all you need is the right skill, proper training, and building connections with the audience.

This portfolio can help you to showcase your talent and build connections with more jobs. You can easily get hired in a full-time job position with the right skills in content marketing.

Tip: You must have the patience to experience a lot of rejections. But with time, one can build a successful career with good projects.

3. Internship

If you’re a fresher and want to know about the scope of a career in content marketing. Don’t worry, there are a plethora of opportunities available for freshers in companies. There are companies looking for fresh graduates, and the pay will increase with experience.

The working environment will also be nice for professionals, who get opportunities to learn more skills and keep evolving with improvements day by day. You have to build good relationships with editors, writers, and potential clients.

4. Guest blog

This is an excellent option to start with, you can build connections, and do marketing for your own content. There are several websites that boost writers to contribute guest articles and then it’s published in their blog entry.

By doing this, you can link your social media profiles to blogs you share. Which helps you to connect with professionals to a great extent.

5. Certificate courses

It’s always advisable to earn a Certification to improve your skills in a particular field. By doing a course, you can surely boost your knowledge and become experts in a short time. It also gives a boost to your resume or portfolio, while you apply for jobs.

The recruiters will hire you over the non certified professionals. The certificates give you the credibility to shine as a professional and have an edge over the competition.

As the digital marketing field is growing, it’s best to start your career in content marketing now. You can achieve your desired goals with dedication and hard work.

Content marketing is an interesting field with lucrative income, so kickstart your career today with no further delay.

Wrap up

The content marketing field is rapidly growing each day. With the records in the last few years, you have a wide range of job opportunities as a fresher.

As the demand for content marketers is only increasing day by day. You don’t have to fear the competition as there are many numbers of jobs available in various sectors.

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